November 14, 2010

Wrapping Up The Season......The Forecast

This is it. No more rest, no more figuring out who you are. You should understand the play book fully. You should understand your role on the team, and you should know where you should be on every play on and off the field. 

This is our time to make a run for the playoffs.

Here is my summary of the final 7 games of our season.

Nov. 21 Pittsburgh Steelers
@Heinz Field

Who would have ever imagined this Steeler team being 6-2 at this time of the season?. I mean come on, after dealing with having to make a decision between starting a Sophomore Quarterback and longtime backup Charlie Batch because of the stupidity of Ben Roethlisberger and his careless acts during the off season, this would have been a tough one to forsee. Well, they started quick and have not looked back. 

Heinz Field has proven to be a tough place to play for most teams, except for the Raiders. Our team has beaten the Squealers 3 of the last 5 dating back to 2002 and have an over record of 10-8 lifetime Vs. Pitt. 
With our running game currently ranked 2nd in the league, keeping that dimension moving forward and not forcing Jason Campbell to use his arm to win for us, we can steal a win here and take our record to 6-4. I think this team is poised to make this run with a week to prepare and scout the Steelers.

Nov. 28 Miami Dolphins
In Oakland

This is a team with a lot of talent, but not the record to show for it. One reason they are in the cellar, is because they play in a real tough division with New England and the Jets. Still no excuse for them not to play up to the anticipated Playoff Caliber level they have been in the recent past, but I think this team rode the wave of notoriety on the Wild Cat and have now lost their identity.

Chad Henne has been benched in place of Chad Pennington and who knows why except for a change of pace. 

I don't see too much of a challenge out of Miami, because of that sense of identity that they don't have, and their currently ranked 16th in rush defense and their passing offense ranked 14th, our strength and weakness respectively, which can play right into our hands.
Look for running, running and more running. If we pack the house again Raider Nation, we stomp on this team and win easily. 


Dec. 5 San Diego Chokers
@ Qualcomm

This team is currently ranked # 1 in offensive yards per game, 1st in pass yards and #2 in yards allowed on total team defense, but the record speaks more of a cellar team. Those stats didn't matter the first time we played them, and they shouldn't matter for this game either. This is a rival. A bully, who kept us in check for 7 years. Well, guess what boys, time for you to bow down in the AFC West to the up and coming superior team. Time for you to be the glutton of punishment, as we will not accept that title any longer.

Your rookie running back and heir apparent to LT, joke. Your all star quarterback, can't win the game himself and needs to learn to shut his mouth. Your Special Teams, just like a door knob, everyone gets a turn. Your defense.....nothing bad to say, but real inconsistent.

Simply put, and this isn't because I am a Raider Fan to the bone or anything like that, but in all reality, the Raiders after this ball game should be 8-4. No questions asked! Sorry Super Chokers, you'll have to wait another year to try for revenge. We sweep you this year.

Dec. 12 Jacksonville Jaguars
@EverBank Field

Who is going to decide to show up this game. If the Raiders live up to my expectations and win the 3 games out of the bye, this game could set up to be a winnable game, but it could also set up to be a failure.

A lot could ride on this game, but it is really hard to predict the outcome, because the Raiders and Jags are even when it comes to their playing up to their competitions level. I have seen the Jags go into their Division Rivals ball court and stomp them as if they were the division leaders. Indy , Houston and Tennessee all respect this team, but because we only play them once every 3-4 years, it could serve up to be one of those games like the Niner Game, where the Raiders go into Jacksonville and under estimate their opponent and lose a close game.

Showing you I am not completely unrealistic, I don't see the success of this team putting us over the edge to elite just yet and the Raiders return back to Earth in defeat and a 8-5 record.

Dec. 19 Denver Donkeys
In Oakland

Man are these guys going to be pissed. They can look at the game where we clobbered them as the game that set them up for the bottom of the barrel in the AFC West for this year and could come in with a head of steam with no one but our boys to take it out on. Well, like the Chokers have done to us, I don't think it matters. Its like boys amongst men. There is no way these boys come into our house and think they are going to ruin our playoff run. They will play hard, as they did in the first 1 minute of the last game, but they fear us and we won't break more then a sweat in this game, pulling the starters for the 2nd team mid way into the 3rd quarter. Sorry Donks

Oh Yeah, Another Sweep!

Dec. 26 Indianapolis Colts
In Oakland

Well, what can you say about this team. Based on my record, I think the Raiders could again go either way on this game. All depending on whether or not the Raider Nation shows up to this game could be the determining factor as to whether or not this team actually makes any noise in the AFC this year. The road to the Super Bowl is not an easy one to traverse.  It will go through either New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis or the Wild Card hopeful Tennessee or Houston. None will be an easy match up, as we have seen the AFC South is a real good Division. 2 of their teams have spanked us this year so far, but if we are men and can show up as men, this is a winnable game for us.
Shut down the pass and this victory is ours. That's the key to beating Indy, frustrating Peyton Manning and making him move out of the pocket and this game can become one sided and they have absolutely no running game to speak of. Beware of the upset in this game, but for now I will hand this one to Indy.


Jan. 2 Kansas City Chiefs
@Arrow Head

Boy is this one going to be a tough way to end the season. Thus far, the Chiefs are 4-0 at home, but as I stated in an earlier blog, they played teams with a losing record. HAHAHA, did I just say that confidently. They played teams with a losing record. Well, guess what boys, this is not a team with a losing record and we have your number. By this point, we will be 5-0 in the division and looking to sweep the AFC West. Yeah sure its a tough place to play in a sea of red, but you know, the Raiders have played through a lot of adversity this year and have faced it well. There were times when people counted us out. There were times when we counted ourselves out. Remember Kansas City, we are the masters of our own destiny at this point of the season, and there is no way that you are stopping us from getting all of our creditability back and making ourselves someone to contend with again in the NFL.

You will lose to us for the second time this year, and it may be close and yes you're going to kick, scream and scratch us on our way out, but this game is ours on our way to a week one playoff birth.See you next season chumps!!!


And an AFC West Sweep!!!!

What do you think? 10-6? Do you think I am overly optimistic? Leave me your thoughts......

Chaotic View



  2. If we play like we are capable of, we defintly can go 10-6. The division is ours to take! PRIDE & POISE!

  3. I think 12-4 is more like it. Raiders!!!Raiders!!!Raiders!!!Raiders!!!Raiders!!!Raiders!!!

  4. I too think we can sweep our division. Beat Pittsburgh and miami as well as Jacksonvile. I think the only game we lose for the rest of the season would be to Payton Manning and the Colts. Raiders will win the AFC west and make the playoffs.

  5. If we come out and play defense like we have been Payton doesn't have a chance. We have a young "D" that is playing great and are very fast!! RAIDER NATION!!!

  6. I think the Pittsburg game is the most important game of the season! if we can beat them(again) at Hienz field it will put our confidance at another level and we should finish 11-5 at least! if we lose that game we are gonna have to regroup and buckle down for a tough stretch run. lets do this Raiders!