November 30, 2011

Time To Get Violated!!!!!! Spotlight On The Raider Nation Superfan THE VIOLATOR

Raider Nation, I want to take this time to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction. He is considered one of the super fans of super fans of the Raider Nation. His face, unforgettable. His voice booms through crowds. His eyes will scare your great grand parents in their grave. He is Wayne Mabry, AKA The Violator. 

I had the chance to sit down recently with Wayne and talk a little bit about his life, the Raiders and some of the things that Wayne holds near and dear to him. Check this out.

Chaotic View: "Who is The Violator?"

Violator: "I am a DIE-HARD Raider Fan and have been supporting the team for 40 yrs. You can typically find me roaming the South Parking lot near the RV Parking before and after the game as well as in Section 117 where I sits front row to catch all of the action. "

Chaotic View: "Do you travel with the team and show your support around the Nation?"

Violator: "I love to travel to other stadiums and represent for the Raider Nation and I have done so for all of the years of my fan hood. I bleed Silver and Black. "COME GET SOME ON YOU""

"Come Get Some On You!"
Chaotic View: "What is COME GET SOME ON YOU? Is that a phrase you have?"

Violator: "That is my most infamous message to the world "COME GET SOME ON YOU", which means spend some time with US in the RAIDER NATION and truly see our HEARTS."

(Note, if you ever meet Wayne in person and take a picture with him, you will hear this phrase as he points that Receivers Glove at the camera and opens those eyes nice and wide)

Chaotic View: "Do you have any others?"

Violator: "Yeah. The second would be to BELIEVE in yourself and share your LIGHT with others that you MAY enhance someones life."

Powerful words coming from what some around the NFL would consider to be a Menace huh?

Chaotic View: "So Wayne, what are some of the common questions you get from Fans in other stadiums or even from the Raider Nation?"

Violator: "The most common questions? Does the organization pay for my tickets? Am I on payroll to do what I do? How long it takes to put on my gear?"

Well, to set the record straight, Wayne drives at 3 AM Game Day Sunday to attend the Home Games and will drive the 7 hours home that night after the game is over, He is a Season Ticket Holder and purchases them himself and it takes him approx. 1.5 hours to transform himself into The Violator.

The Violator, Unmasked

Chaotic View: "So Who is The man behind the Mask? Who is Wayne Mabry?"

Violator: "I am a family man. I have 5 children. I am a humble, God fearing man and earn my living as a hard working union carpenter. Eventually, I would like to sell the Carpenter tool bags that I have been using since 1978, retire at the end of 2012, buy a luxury RV and travel to all the Raider games across the country like John Madden."

Chaotic View: "That's an awesome goal. Tell me about your most memorable memories as a Raider Fan."

Violator: "My most unforgettable memories as a fan are going to my FIRST Raiders game, painting up for the first time, purchasing 4 front row seats in the PIRATES pavilion, my first TV interview, getting voted into the HALL OF FAME IN 2000, getting to meet so many of the old players I watched as a kid, and now just watching the RAIDER NATION grow worldwide!!!!!!!!"

Chaotic View: "Really? The Hall Of Fame? Wow. How did that happen?"

Violator: "VISA contacted me because I didn't enter the contest the previous year,and sent me the paperwork for the following year's contest. I got inducted in 2000 and man was that great!!!!! Being inducted into the HALL OF FAME is the most incredible high for any football player and or fan, so I'm truly honored to say that for my dedication to my beloved RAIDERS, it's a blessing that I could never have imagined happening."

Chaotic View: "What does the Violator do around the community?"

Violator: "As an Ambassador of the Raiders, I attend a few charity events per year and just meet and greet fans, take photos, and give gifts on occasion."

Chaotic View: "So Wayne, What do you think of the Raider Nation? The Loyalty of the Fan Base? The Mystique of the Raiders?"

Violator: "Having a strong fan base to me is testimony to carrying one's self in a manner that let's people see that you're down to earth. I feel that one way to prove your loyalty is to go ALL OUT so you can see the results of that."

Chaotic View: "That's a great message. Is there anything you would like to say to the Raider Nation as we enter what seems to be the first Playoff Run we have had since 2002?"

Violator: "The message I would give to the RAIDER NATION is to keep believing in our DESTINY and let's give the team all of our ENERGY so no MOUNTAIN will be too high to climb!"
Chaotic View: "Any last words for the Raider Nation?"

Violator: "Yeah actually, there is. I want everyone to know that my website is my true passion. It is a full site featuring sports apparel. You can see the beginning of what I intend to share with the world. I hope to do business with all of you soon.GOD BLESS!"

(Click The Image Below to Go to MODO-Sports)

Wayne proves that Raider Fans come from all walks of life. Whether they be Doctors, Lawyers, Operations Managers, Carpenters, Owners of their own businesses or whatever other profession there is, I am sure we are represented in it. Just so happens that some of us like to play Halloween everyday of the year, and from one Super Fan to another, that's alright with me!

Make sure you guys visit Wayne on his site, support him on his Social Media endeavours on Facebook by clicking the picture below:

 and also on his newly established Twitter Account @Violator57.


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November 28, 2011

Nuggets Raiders Over Bears.......

First of all, I wanted to say I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Family and friends make the Holidays and this year should be no exception. I am grateful to each and every one of the Raider Nation for your support not only to me but to the Raiders. We are having a tremendous year and I know it will continue as we close this year up and head into the playoffs.

Back to business..... Wanted to run down the game a little against the Bears and shine a little light on the pros and cons of the game with you as I saw it.....

The Good-

sebastian-janikowski-chicago-bears-VS-oakland-raiders.jpgSebastian Janokowski- How about 19 of the 25 Raiders points? He is showing a confidence that I have always hoped he would. He is no longer timid, he is no longer hesitant and he as well as the next person on my list are the only consistent members of this team right now.

Shane Lechler- Can you say first ballot Hall of Fame? For as much flack as the NFL Hall Of Fame voters have taken for Ray Guy not being inducted, they had better get ready for when Shane retires as there  is no way in hell that Lechler is not selected as first ballot inductee, hands down. His foot alone changed the entire game for us yesterday, as it has on many other occasions. He kept Hester in check and he just keeps breaking records. Specifically with his 80 yard punt, a new team record.

Copyright bob carr

Carson Palmer- Aside from one throw that I can tell you he wants back, Carson was able to accumulate 301 yards and only one pick against a very opportunistic Bears defense that has 16 interceptions this year. Although our woes continued in the red zone, a lot of that has to do with penalties and Carson not yet having the time to get his hands around the play book completely just yet. He can't audible in the red zone, other then to check to the run. Its very obvious and very telling in all of the red zone drives that have stalled since he has been here. Given some time though, this will change. 

Copyright bob carr
Defense-  People will most likely give the Bears a hall pass because of the loss of Jay Cutler, but this is the big boy league. It's next man up as far as we are concerned, so I don't give the Bears anything. We beat that team because of one over all stat that sticks out, that was Turnovers. 3 to be exact. Key interceptions allowed us to control the ball on Offense for 30 minutes in this game. The defense held Matt Forte to 52 yards rushing and Marion Barber didn't do hardly any better with 62 yards. In passing, we held the Bears to 254 yards in the air. All in all, the Defense showed up today!

Did I mention that Kamerion Wimbley and Aaron Curry played like beasts? Nice interception Wimbley!

The Bad-

Penalties- Yesterday was good as far as the penalties were concerned, but the biggest problem about the penalties we had yesterday were not in regards to quantity, but to the location they took place. 2 HUGE penalties took 14 points off the board alone. We were penalized in the 3rd Qtr on the 9 yard line for holding, resulting in a FG (Veldheer) and we were penalized on the 9 yard line in the 4th Qtr on a scoring play for holding by Wiz which resulted in a FG. Inopportune time took away from really good offensive playing by the entire team.

Time Management- On more than one occasion, the Raiders shot themselves in the foot when it came down to clock management. There was one play that stood out above all. It was a called completed catch for 18 yards that would have kept a critical drive alive. The ruling on the field was a a completed pass to DHB, and rather then the Raiders get on the ball, they called a time out and replay found a video angle that gave Lovie Smith enough evidence that the DHB had actually stepped out of bounds and after one play, we were forced to punt. Something has to be done to clean this up. Time outs are going to be critical in games in our future and this kind of poor clock management needs to stop.

The Raiders.........

Lost 10 of 12 since start of 05 when throwing for 300+ yards. Wins were Pitt 09 and Sea 10
Lechler's 49.2 net avg was 7th highest of his career. 53 vs Denver in 07 is highest.
Our 6 INTs last 2 games most in 2 game stretch since 06 when they had 2 vs Ari and 4 vs Pitt in their only wins.
Lost 14 of 16 games when avg under 3 yards per carry before win yesterday. Beat KC in 09 and Pitt in 06
12th in league with 18 INT's.
Tied for fewest dropped passes in league this season with 10. League average is 17.
Excel on 1st down defense. 11 sacks tied for league high; 8.59 avg yards to go on 2nd down is highest in league.

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Post Game Videos......... Raiders Defeat Bears 25-20

Kamerion Wimbley

Tommy Kelly

Michael Huff

DHB and Jacoby Ford

Michael Bush

Marcel Reece

Sebastian Janokowski

Carson Palmer

Lito Sheppard

Tyvon Branch

Louis Murphy

All Videos courtesy of CSNBayArea

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November 20, 2011

Post Game Video's.... Raiders @ Viqueens

Desmond Bryant and Jared Veldheer

Marcel Reece

Tommy Kelly

Mike Bush

Coach Jackson

All Videos Courtesy CSNBayArea

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November 16, 2011

Nuggets for Raiders Vs. Vikings

These are just stats of things that could weigh into the game.....

The Raiders lead NFL with 54 plays of at least 20 yards. League average is 36. Big Play Vertical offense opens up so many different options, including check downs on screens and just audible into a run set.

Carson Palmer has 17 completions of at least 20 yards in 76 attempts. Jason Campbell had 17 in 165. Goes show that with Carson, Hue Jackson may trust him to send the ball more down the field and is not looking for a game manager. Could also be that the running game is forcing more one on one coverage on the edges and Carson is finding that mismatch. Our speed vs a one on one coverage..... I take our speed all day!

Palmer is 7-for-16 for 237 yds, 3 TDs and 1 INT for 104.2 rating on passes 21+ yards in air. I think Al Davis would be so in love if he was still around.

9 of Denarius Moore's 23 receptions have gone for at least 20 yards. Remember, he missed quite a few in the game against the Broncos, where he could have had the same type of game as he did against the Chokers. Says a lot for the confidence Carson has in him as well as his skill set. Being able to get separation an using his speed to get down the field in a hurry.
The Raiders offense is fourth in rushing yards per game, Vikings fifth. Vikings tied for second per carry (5.2), Raiders tied for fourth (5.0).
The Raiders have 17 runs of at least 20 yards this season, most in NFL and more than 2X league average of 7. This stat is important to note because we have not really had a healthy offensive line all year, not to mention that there was a lot of speculation going into the season of the rotation on O-Line. Hue Jackson told everyone that our O-Line was going to be good. I don't think anyone in the Raider Nation doubted that, but all of those on the outside thought otherwise. Losing Cable was not such a big loss after all.

The Vikings defense sixth against the run at an average of 93.9 yards per game. They are fifth in terms of per carry at an average of 3.7. I don't think this stat shows well, because they have played teams that are poor at the run. Teams like San Diego, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Detroit and Arizona have a league average of 26, 26, 27, 22 and 24 carries per game respectively. The Raiders present a whole different approach to the running game and I don't think they will be able to stop our run game. 

Darren McFadden is ninth in rushing (614 yards). Michael Bush is 29th (490). They are averaging 5 yards a pop.This says one of two things, either the Raiders have stuck to the Run first option of game play and that is our identity, or the rest of the league is so pass happy that our stats are blown up because of it. Look for things to change as McFadden sits and Bush gets more of the load. He will work his way up the ranks quickly. When McFadden comes back, we are going to be explosive and more runs like the one he had on the edge against the Jets will happen, especially because of Carson Palmer.

Michael Bush held to negative yards on 6.4% of rushes, lowest of any back with 100+ carries. Matt Forte highest at 15.7%. I think that this stat says a lot of Bush's running style. He runs North and South, not side to side. n between the tackles will keep this average low in comparison to someone lie Matt Forte and even Darren McFadden for that matter.


Kamerion Wimbley tied for 7th in league with 21 QB knockdowns/hurries to go with his 6 sacks. He is playing like a beast on the edge as a down linemen. His impact needs to be consistent though from the edge, to allow those interior linemen to clog up the running lanes, close the passing lanes and create more interior pressures leading to more INT's. Look for a big game against the Vikings, Miami and Kansas City with a more traditional pocket passing offense. 

Seymour 18 QB knockdowns, hurries and sacks, 1 behind Bears Henry Melton for most among DTs. Just goes to show that the edge rush can help these interior guys out. Not to mention that Seymour is just a beast.

The Raiders defense is 25th against the run at an average of 132.4 yards per game, tied for 31st (last) at an average of 5.2 yards per carry. Hopefully this trend can be contained better as I don't believe we have seen those types of teams that like to run the ball except for Denver. This stat is misleading, but our defense has been our Achilles heel this entire season and needs o get better for our playoff run.
Game 9 coverage stats: Routt 3-5 69 yards TD; Sheppard 3-7 28 yards. Against the Chokers, I would say that is pretty good. Vincent Jackson is averaging yards per game. If Stanford and DVD will learn to attack the ball when it is passed against them, that stat would be even better. The touchdown the Chokers threw against Stanford clearly showed that he used bad technique and didn't attack the ball, thus allowing the receiver to get the ball at the highest point and control it on the way down.
Overall, I think we are doing good in some spots and others need work. If we can play consistently and more players do their job and trust each other, I think the sky is the limit for this team going forward.

Leave me your thoughts below in the comment section.

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November 14, 2011

Its The Holiday Season!

Whats going on Raider Nation and NFL Fans?

With the looming holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to take a minute to direct you all to a new affiliate to Chaotic View that will benefit each and every one of you.

I know, many will think this is premature, but as true dedicated fans that I know you all are, if you are like I am during the holidays out at the last minute gathering last minute gifts, then this stop should be one on your list.

The site - NFL FANATICS!

Quality and performance are two of the biggest attributes I look for in new gear, and I wouldn't send you somewhere you wouldn't feel comfortable getting the same. From Reebok to Mitchell and Ness, these guys have it all.

In my closet right now, I have 8 jersies of my favorite past Raider greats. From Howie Long, March Allen, Jack Tatum and Bo Jackson. I am sure that many of you have just as many if not more, but there is so much more to it. I have a ton of hats, sweaters and shirts that also show my pride for the team I have followed for the majority of my life.
So, take a look or pass this link along and make sure the close ones in your family and circle of friends are aware of it so they know exactly what you want for Christmas or even your Birthday.

Or if youre like me, order something for yourself!

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November 11, 2011

Post Game Vids.......

Keeping the First Place Vibes goin!

Michael Bush

Hue Jackson

Carson Palmer

Matt Giordano

Taiwan Jones

Denarius Moore

Tyvon Branch

All Videos Courtesy CSNBayArea

Chaotic View

First Place Baby!


Our Oakland Raiders are in first place of the AFC West and how sweet it is. Stellar play on the offensive line, by Carson Palmer and Michael Bush along with our entire Defense took a hard won victory from the Chargers in classic Raider Fashion! Being a Bully!

The biggest stat of the day, in my opinion, was Michael Bushs' 30 carries for 157 yards, gashing the chargers as he ran through tremendous holes opened up by a newly formed offensive line. With Samson Satele out this week from an injury sustained in the Denver Game, rookie Stefen Wisniewski stepped in with StephonHeyer to shore up that center of the offensive line and parted the blue sea of Charger jerseys. He ran with finesse when needed and lowered the boom at other times. He also added another 3 catches for 85 yards on screen passes, which caught the gaping Chargers defense off guard and kept long drives going for the opportunistic Raiders Offense.

Quarterback Carson Palmer #3 of the Oakland RaidersCarson Palmer was also key to this victory. Following up on his first 300 yard performance against Denver, Carson came out blazing, building on the chemistry with rookie Denarius Moore and throwing 14-20 and 299 yards with 2 touchdowns and one pick that should not have happened had Bush picked up the blitzing line backer in the 4th quarter. Carson read that play perfectly in a repeat opportunity similar to the play that Jacoby Ford caught against Denver for the touchdown against the sideline of the Black Hole end zone in the O.Co. Palmer also continued to keep the defense on their toes, distributing the ball to 6 different receivers in the game.

Not to forget, the defense came up huge in this game for us, with Kamerion Wimbley getting 4 sacks, another from Tommy Kelly and yet another from Desmond Bryant. He was pressured all night and could not find his groove with his banged up wide receiver corp, and miscommunication seemed to be the effect of the tough Bully play of the front 7. That was clearly obvious in the interception that Matt Giordano had in the end zone against Vincent Jackson, who did not appear to even anticipate the throw coming his way.

Team Stat Comparison

   1st Downs                            2020
Passing 1st downs
Rushing 1st downs
1st downs from Penalties
3rd down efficiency
4th down efficiency
Total Plays6368
Total Yards489314
Yards per pass
Rushing Attempts
Yards per rush
Red Zone (Made-Att)1-31-2
Fumbles lost
Interceptions thrown
Defensive / Special Teams TDs00
As you can see, the Raiders dominated in many categories and many more wont be shown by stats. True to form, the Raiders are on their way to Being The Bully we have been promised by Hue Jackson, and the Carson Palmer trade, as I have always said, was the best move of the year so far.

Leave me your comments and feedback below after reading. Let me know who you thought stood out more the others. Who was your MVP? Who was your most improved player or group?

Exciting news coming to Chaotic View in the next blog. Stay tuned!

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November 8, 2011

Not Dwelling.....

                      So much is being made of the loss to the Denver Broncos and rightfully so. I mean the Raiders were expected to hand Denver a loss as sure as the sun was going to rise in the morning. Well, as they say, any given Sunday.....It happened..... Moving On.

I am not here to dwell too much on the negative that came out of the game with Denver, but I am here to talk about what we did right.... as small as the right was.....

Carson Palmer - Sure, he threw 3 interceptions, but did everyone forget he went 19/35 for 332 yards? Did everyone forget to look at the fact that he is gaining trust from his wide receiver core? Jacoby Ford with a TD, Marcel Reece with a TD and Michael Bush with a TD. Carson completed to 8 different receivers in the Denver game. He had 14 passing first downs. He made good throws and had the zip on the ball that so many said he didn't have anymore after his elbow injury a few years ago. Sky is the limit with this guy, and I see his stock going higher and higher and may soon even be close in comparison to the Rich Gannon era of offense. Sorry Jason Campbell, as good as you did in managing the offense, I can't remember the last 300 yard passing day you had.

Michael Bush - Oh how big of a task it is to fill in the shoes of Darren McFadden this year. For the most part, what I have always noticed about Michael Bush when he would go in to give Darren a break during a long drive, he would always run into the back of his offensive lineman and wouldnt get his downhill speed going, constantly going down on first contact. In addition to that, he never lowered the shoulder to finish out runs like McFadden has become so notorious for in recent past. Well this week was a night and day difference for Michael. He was able to get through the line of scrimmage to the second level consistently and ran for a total of 96 yards on 19 carries. It may not seem like a lot to some, because we are so used to being spoiled by Darren, but 96 yards for Michael Bush is a big deal to me because it is not only the distance that he ran for, but the punishment that he handed out when finishing the runs that is making the diifference for me. If he can get the same thing going against a Charger defense that is hanging on from multiple injuries to their defensive line, then we will have the ball control that we need to control the clock and keep Philip Rivers off the field and win the game.

Now, I am not going to act as if there are not any negative things that we need to do a better job at, but talking about them just reminds me of the bad feelings I get when watching the games and does not do any good, nor does it make you want to read more. But, just for s*its and giggles, they are:

  • Aggressive play calling. Play to win, not to lose.
  • Better pass protection. Give Carson more time to make his progressions is going to be key to not turning the ball over.
  • Improved special teams gap assignment play.
  • Improved linebacker and defensive line play. CONTROL THE RUN!
All in all, if we can continue building this bully and playing smart controled football, success will go our way again.

Dont forget, we are tied for first place still in the Division and determine our own future going forward.

FYI. Exciting news coming to Chaotic View soon. We are bulding our affiliations and will be making this blog more interactive for you. More to come.

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