December 28, 2010


Its all but done. One game to finish the season and we go back to the drawing board.

Before we go there, I wanted to take a look at Sundays loss to Indy and reflect on a real life scenario that I went through as a kid.

For the guys out there, if you were the younger brother (like I was) or maybe you were the older brother, you can remember a time in your past where you had or were a bully brother and would fight with the smaller one. You would sit on them, slap the back of their head, hit them and run and all the while laugh about it when they would come back and fight you.

I remember many times I would go after my older brother with such anger, that this was the time I was gonna show him that I wasn't someone he could pick on anymore. As I would hit him, he would always pull out the longer arms trick and push himself just far away enough from me that I would punch towards his stomach but only hit air. Such an ass*ole.

This past Sunday was no different. 

We hit them with everything we had,

A LEFT.....

A RIGHT......
but the big bully brother Indianapolis Colts would just push out their arms and we were swinging at air. I felt that way the whole game. So did Tom Cable, apparently....

The moment of truth that will stick in my head through the offseason was when Peyton Manning broke out on the bootleg to the left. He ran for 20 some yards and slid to keep the clock running. As he got up, he had the stupid grin on his face like, "HAHA little kid, you can chase me but you'll never catch me."

As much as you would like to believe it, we had nothing to play for in this game and I hated watching it for 2 reasons. Because the team already knew we were out of the playoffs before the damn game even began, and because we allowed this year to end without us even controlling our own destiny.

The whole offseason, through the draft, mini camps, training camps and everything else that happens, I will always remember this stupid look on his face as he ran for his life.......

Time to make vacation plans...... Maybe the 2nd teamers show up on Sunday against the Chiefs and we go 8-8...... MAYBE.......
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December 22, 2010

Do We Deserve The Playoffs?????

Its a fair question, don't you think? 

We lose by 3 to Arizona in the beginning of the season. A victory that would have given us the proverbial "2 Game Winning Streak" we were all so looking forward to and a game out of a tie for the Division lead right now at this moment.......

We Lose to the winless San Fran 40 Whiners, a team that was on the brink of winning yes, but were playing against the "Raiders", an up and coming team who claimed a win before the game was even played ...........

Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders fumbles the ball when he was hit by Taylor Mays #23 of the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on October 17, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Murphy recovered his own fumble on the play.

We get trampled against the Texans, Titans, Pittsburgh and Miami......

So again I ask you, what makes you think we deserve the playoffs?

Is it because Darren McFadden has won the Ground Player of the Week 3 times this year and has gone over 1,000 yards?

Is it because we are currently ranked 16th in the ESPN Power Rankings? Who cares right?

Is it because we are ranked 8th in the League in Total Offense, 2nd in Rushing Offense, or 11th in total defense? Those are just stats right?

It took Tom Cable at halftime, lighting what was said to be an immense fire under the ass of the team, for them to remember that our playoff lives were at stake. Tommy Kelly said this of the rant : “Get off your ass and play. Take advantage of what you got. You know this team. They’re going to give you an opportunity to put them away. Put them away. Step on their throat. He just kept saying it over and over again. Step on their throat.’’

Why? Why should a coach of professionals have to do this? If they really cared, why isn't this just the mentality every day, practice or a game? WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE TOLD THAT WE NEED TO WIN?????

What do you think would be the score at halftime if we were playing this way against the Colts? 17-17? With 3 turnovers? If you think that, you're a fool and you don't know football. We would be down between 21 and 24 points with no chance in the 2nd half. Not this team. We are built to play, but with a lead. We are a run first team and without a lead, we get pass happy and games take a turn for the worst.

Look Raider Nation, this is about more then just the colors. Its about the pride and becoming men amongst men. Its about carrying the message of the Raiders across the Nation and the world. Its about playing Raider f-ing football!!!!!!!!!

Al Davis once said, "We don't take what the defense gives us, we take what we want!" Well I will say this Raider Nation....... come Sunday, we had better take it and take it early and often. Peyton Manning is coming into town and the Colts are starting to get on a roll. We had better remember our identity and not roll over in the games like the ones I mentioned earlier, against the top tier teams.

AWM 2402211 Oakland Raiders Hard Hat Quantity of 1

Come with your lunch pail and hard hat, cause its gonna get ugly. Time to put in work!!!!

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December 13, 2010

Post Game Videos ........ Raiders @ Jags

Tom Cable

Ricky Brown

Marcel Reese

Jason Campbell

Lamarr Houston

Stanford "I CANT COVER" Routt

All videos  provided by CSNBayArea

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The Good, The Bad...........

The Good

Darren McFadden had a career day for the Raiders in the loss. The third-year running back ran for 123 yards on 16 carries for two touchdowns on runs of 51 and 36 yards. On the receiving end, he had three catches for 87 yards and his lone receiving touchdown was a 67 yard catch and run that opened the scoring in the first quarter.

Jason Campbell turned in a perfect first half, with a 158.3 passer rating. He completed 78.6 percent of his passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns in helping the Raiders build a 10-point lead.

There was a Darrius Heyward-Bey sighting as he caught a pass early in the second quarter, his first reception since Halloween. He went five games between receptions, though he missed one of those with a hamstring injury. Heyward-Bey wasn't through for the day. He added a 24-yard reception late in the second quarter that set up the Raiders' second touchdown.

Raiders second-year safety Mike Mitchell intercepted Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard late in the second quarter for the first pick of his NFL career. He is the sixth Raiders defensive back with an interception this season.

We only lost by 7, to a Division leader.

We are not out of the playoffs, just yet!

The Bad

SD Won, which was only good if we did too!

The Raiders squandered a 10-point lead and wasted a 476-yard offensive showing, including 209 total yards and three touchdowns by running back Darren McFadden, in a 38-31 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Michael Huff allowed two passes for touchdowns. Three of David Garrard's 11 completions went for TDs.

Running defense: The Raiders succeeded in limiting the effectiveness of Maurice Jones-Drew (101 yards) until he scored the game-deciding touchdown on a 30-yard run. They also allowed backup Rashad Jennings 109 yards on only five carries, including a 74-yard TD run.

Jacoby Ford fumbled a third-quarter kickoff that the Jaguars recovered and scored a lead-changing TD.

Kyle Boller came in and connected with tight end Zach Miller on a 20-yard strike. Just four plays later he would throw an interception, ending his day.

Deji Karim's 65-yard kickoff return set up the Jaguars' game-deciding touchdown, seconds after the Raiders tied the game.

What they said
Player Quotes

"It's good to make plays out there and help the team," he said. "We're capable of making plays and we showed that (Sunday). We're also out there blocking, helping Darren (McFadden). When he gets to that second level, we're blocking defensive backs so he can get to the end zone. We're just doing our job."

“The turnover on the kickoff return was big,” said head coach Tom Cable

“Just too many big plays defensively,” Cable told reporters after the game. “We gave up too many to get some offensively. And I thought the turnover on the kickoff return was big. So those two things were really the difference in the game. We played our tails off, just too many big plays.”

"I got (a stinger) at the same time he slammed my head to the ground," he said. "I had a headache at the same time and a stinger down my left shoulder. I was laying there and everything was dizzy. I didn't think it was a concussion."

“I don’t even know where the guy came from,” Ford was quoted. “I just hit the hole and the ball just kind of came out. I’m probably not going to let that one go for awhile because that was a big momentum swing in the game . . . that’s hard to swallow and it’s on me.”

"Hats off to Jason," receiver Louis Murphy said. "He's a warrior. He plays when he's hurt and can't move, and always fighting. I knew he would come back in the game."

"He's pretty tough to be coming back from that and playing as well as he did when he came back in," Miller said

“I felt that was the worst third quarter of my career,” Huff said. “I shouldn’t have given up those two touchdowns.”
"Anytime you give up that many big plays and points," Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour said, "you put your offense in a tough spot. We had way more than enough points to win this game, and we have to hang that on our hats."
"That makes it tougher because you're expecting to win (Sunday), and then with what's going on with Kansas City, you're like, 'OK, we'll be a step closer,' " Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said of the Chiefs being without starting quarterback Matt Cassel. "There's still hope. ... The thing was, we were in position to kind of take control of it. So, now you're getting to the point where you need different things to happen for you to get in."
Well, here it is. Final games and our playoff hopes ride on the competition. We can still make it, but we are at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking up.
Kansas City: at St. Louis, vs. Tennessee, vs. Raiders
San Diego: vs. 49ers (Thursday), at Cincinnati, at Denver
Raiders: vs. Denver, vs. Indianapolis, at Kansas City

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December 11, 2010

An Angel In Disguise........

Tis' the season to be Jolly, Fa La La La La La.......La La La La.........

See, even the Raider Nation can be festive. 

So what brings me to this blog on a Saturday before game day, trying to spread holiday cheer? How about a Christmas Party, Raider Nation Style?

Sound interesting yet? Well, if not, What about the likes of 2 time SB Champion Rod Martin and 3 times SB Champion Cliff Branch signing autographs? How about a special guest appearance from Jeremy Brigham, Drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 5th round (127th overall) of the 1998 NFL Draft and played 4 years? What about the likes of the Raider Nation faithful, Violator, Raider Claus and  Raider Predator amongst many many more to take all of the pictures you could want for that Raider Memorabilia Wall in your game room or Garage? 

Owner Joe Martinez and Rod Martin

Alright, enough of the hype. Now down to the nitty gritty. The details.....

From 12 PM to 4 PM (NOW BASICALLY)

58 Bar & Grill 8825 Washington Blvd, Pico Rivera 90660
There will be a Memorabilia raffle, Mexican buffet, drink specials.
Raider DJ spinning on the 1's and 2's ( Do they even do that anymore? ), but more important to all of that, Raider Claus will be accepting toys for donation to less fortunate children.
A little bit about what motivates Joe Martinez, Owner of 58 Bar and Grill to host such an event for the Raider Nation.........

"The Silver And Black Angel Foundation was set up to unite the Raider Nation in the spirit of charity and really show the world what we are about. We wanna give everyone an outlet to give and know where there money goes. 100% goes out to the community. We started with a focus of Cancer awareness but realized so many people need help and couldn't say no to other causes. We fed over 300 people in LA and gave out clothing too." said Joe. "My dad passed from cancer almost 3 yrs ago but before he did, the Raiders gave us field passes and made his dream cone true. This is why we do what we do. I am very thankful that the Raider Nation sees what we are doing because we keep growing with all the love and support from our Raider Family."

So if you need something to do today and would love to take part, get your ass down to Pico and say hello. Tell em CHAOS sent you!!!

Thanks and see you tomorrow! Game time 10 AM. WIN OR GO HOME!!!!

As Always, Just A

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December 8, 2010


VICTORY IS OURS !!!!!!!!!! 28-13 !!!!!!!

Sunday December 5th was a day that I will not soon forget. Our Raiders traveled with a sense of pride and poise into San Diego, to play the bully that has plagued the Raider Nation on the playground for the last 7 years. Week 5 was called a fluke, it was said that if it wasn't for special teams, we would not have beaten the Chokers. Well I ask you this Charger Fans, what do you call that ASS WHOOPIN you took Sunday? A Fluke? Injuries? Or did you just flat out get your asses handed to you in your house, before 68,183 fans, half Choker Fans, Half Raider Nation?

Think about this, the Chargers had won four straight coming into Sunday's game, while our Raiders didn't even show up in their last two against Pittsburgh and Miami. Huge momentum builder going into the final 4 as these guys were being called the hottest team in Football.

So how did we do it? We POUNDED THAT ROCK! Behind Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, the Raiders amassed 251 yards rushing on 52 carries. All Jason Campbell had to do was hand the ball off, limit his mistakes on the opportunities to throw and find the open man. 

No respect was given to the team, and was alluded to by Nnamdi after the game when he said, "We made a point after seeing all that stuff, everyone choosing the Chargers, we had to show them something". "And the fact that we were able to get the win with all that against us, no one believing in us, that's big for us."

Not only were we able to run the ball for 251 yards, but we controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, with the defense getting 4 sacks and over 16 hits on Philip "Cry me a" Rivers. "We hadn't played the type of ball we wanted to the last two weeks, and we knew we were better than what we put out on the field," Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour said. "Physically, we're capable and we have the talent to beat anybody, but we have to show that on Sundays week in and week out." We also dominated the time of possession 38:39 to 21:21, a testament to stopping the run and keeping the routes of the wide receivers in front of the secondary defender, so Rivers couldn't burn us deep.

Tom Cables press conference on Monday was upbeat and animated, as he discussed the teams big win against San Diego and the direction of the team. "This is what we're capable of when we do things the right way," coach Tom Cable said. "A tremendous football game by the Raiders. Getting back to our identity, getting back to what we do best, and that's play hard on defense, battle them in the kicking game and run the football."

This win set a few new milestones for new followers of the Silver and Black. It was the first time since 2002 that we broke the five-win barrier and are 4-0 in the division for the first time since 2001. This is the first season sweep of the Chargers since 2001 and, for good measure, this crushed San Diego's quest to set an NFL record with 19 consecutive victories in a month (December).

With the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Denver Broncos and Josh McDaniels subsequent 86'ing from the team, we have a semi-hard road to climb with games against Jacksonville, Indy, Denver and KC to make up the 2 game separation from us to 1st place in the West, but it is not impossible if we believe.

By The Way, This week I am a Chargers Fan!!!!!!! BEAT THE CHIEFS!!

  As always, Just a

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December 2, 2010

BLACK OUT PARTY hosted by BLACK SUNDAY BRAND clothing line......Saturday in San Diego

What's going on Raider Nation? If you haven't heard yet, but will be down in San Diego this weekend, you may want to take a trip over to the Harley Davidson Store in National City for a Raider Nation Black Out Party!!! The South Bay Raiders Booster Club of San Diego has planned one Hell of an event on Saturday from 10:30am-5pm

Food and admission is free although they ask that you bring a non-perishable food item (ie canned goods) to donate to needy families for the holidays.
Come join the Hazmat Boyz, RaiderNation IV Life Car Club, Raiders Fan Convention, Hi Roller Raider, OG Raiders Fan Club San Diego, Gorilla Rilla, Violator, South Bay Raiders Booster Club, Otis Sistrunk, Ben Davidson, The Raider Cast, Bakersfield Raider Nation, Toozak, Steven Barbarian Philhart, The Black Hole and More.... for Music, Video......Photo Shoot, Car Show and special guests!

Just added- Kid Frost..........

South Bay Raiders Booster Club-San Diego will have a booth at this event providing autographs from OTIS SISTRUNK and BEN DAVIDSON, so if you can let everyone know that the cost of an autograph is just  any new unwrapped toy. They are trying to collect as many toys as possible to support Toys for Tots. You will be able to purchase an autograph but they would rather you bring a toy in exchange for an autograph.

This will help those kids who without your help may not receive anything this Christmas.

The Event is hosted by Black Sunday Clothing line and sponsored by The Raiders Fan Convention, Raidernation IV Life Car Club, Hi Roller Raider, OG Raiders Fan Club San Diego, Bakersfield Raider Nation, and The Black Hole.
Sweetwater Harley is located at:

3201 Hoover Ave.
National City CA, 91950

Here are the details with event times:

Admission, food and parking are free (There will be alcohol available for $$)

There is an Auto and Motorcycle show

11:00am- photo/video shoot

11:30am- Taco caterer arrives

1:00pm- Raider Legend signings begin

2:30pm- Performances by Cirkulo, Kid Frost, then The Hazmat Boyz

3:45pm- Raffle off 300$, 2 nfl jerseys and a black sunday gift pack

So if youre gonna be in town for the game, or just to enjoy a great time with the Raider Nation, head on down and support a great cause......

As Always, Just a

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November 28, 2010

Post Game Recap Videos....... Week 11 Vs. Fins

All videos compliments of CSNBayArea.

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Final Fish @ Raiders


1st play of the quarter and a run nets nothing. 2nd down gets a 4 yard gain, with Rolando McClain getting him down. 3rd and 4 and Henne is sacked by Desmond Bryant and the 3rd sack of the day! Nice play by him and Tommy Kelly.

A first down pitch gets Brown a 5 yard pickup. As I pposted on FB and Twitter, we win here and hold them to a punt, we win this game! 1st down after a nice run by Brown, and Nnamdi just missed the tackle on Brown for a 5 yard pick up. Good hit by Nnamdi, hurt Brown. 2nd down and a sideline route gets Miami 7 yards. 1st and 10 from the 46, pitch to WIlliams for no gain. 2nd down and no pressure on Henne gave him all day and a first down for 25 yards and a first down. First down and Williams gets them to the 19. Raiders stand Williams up for no gain on 2nd down. 3rd and 3 and Miami converts on the run by Brown to the right. Over pursuit gets Brown a lane and another 1st down is what were facing. Mike Huff made a nice attempt to get the ball loose on the Brown 1st down run. We need to think turn over. 3rd down and 3, big tackle by McClain for a yard gain, holding Miami to a FG attempt. Put it perfectly through the uprights.

After the turnover on downs, the D holds Williams to no gain on 1st down. To pour Salt on the wound, a 45 yard TD run by Williams, after Huff runs into the umpire and takes a bad angle to the ball, puts the nail in the Coffin. Game done. Recaps in a while!


Grads comes back onto the field and the drive starts at the 20 yard line. Nice play action and an under thrown ball to Jacoby Ford and he makes an amazing stealing catch away from Chris Clemons, falls, loses his breath and still hangs on! 52 yards. McFadden with the big catch and run and a tripping penalty by Miami for a big 15 yard pickup. To the 14 yard line, a reverse to Heyward-Bey, gains 2. He should have turned the ball back to the middle. 2nd and 8 from the 12, and Ford almost made a nice catch to the corner. Left hand couldn't come out, otherwise that's a catch. 3rd and 8 to Reece and you can see the miscommunication on the play. Reece was going on the angle pattern, where as Grads expected the go. Sebass gets the points back for us, that could put us ahead after out next possession.

Incompletion to McFadden couldn't have gone any worse. 2nd down to Murphy and a late hit by Al Harris nets no penalty. Bad call! Still a first down, Grads held the ball too long and threw a duck to the right. Suspect of his shoulder. His mechanics are not looking good as he is throwing off his back foot. He does not look confident behind center. 3rd and 4 from the 46, and an errant throw over Fords head forces a 4th down attempt. Gradkowski throws into double coverage and get a lucky offsetting flag call on the play, but could have netted the Raiders a first down. 2nd fourth chance, and the incompletion to Johnnie Lee Higgins gets us the turn over on downs.

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3rd Qtr. Fish @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Today's game blogs will be dedicated to him!


Opening kickoff belongs to the Fins, who get the ball out to the 28 on the return. 1st down Ronnie Brown hides behind his offensive line and gets 5 yards. 2nd down, Ronnie Brown again and he gained 7 yards between the guards.1st down, and the sun may have an effect on this quarter as Devon Bess missed an 8 yard pass looking into the sun. 2nd down and a completion to Cobbs who gets away from hand tackles and making a 2 yard gain. 3rd down and 7 and Miami seems slow coming in and out of their huddle and call another time out. After the time out, Walter McFadden allows Moore to catch a 57 yard hook pattern for a touchdown. This could be a costly mistake my Walter McFadden!!!

2nd possession after the punt and Ricky WIlliams gains 12 yards on the right side. 1st and 10, wildcat and the hand off to Williams after a pick up of 3 yards.2nd down and another wild cat play to Williams who goes for 1 yard. 3rd and 6, from the 29, and a false start gets Miami a 3rd and 11. With Tyler Thigpen in the game, a QB draw is called, but Mike Huff stops that one at the 25, to force the field goal attempt, which goes right down the middle.

Next possession, Thigpen makes his way into the game and Miami gets nothing on 1st down. 2nd down gets them the same result, with a loss of 2. 3rd down and 11, and another timeout by Miami. After the timeout, Miami lines up in the jumbo set, and run a 3 receiver route, with Walter McFadden getting a holding penalty and gives Miami a first down. First down, and Queinton Groves is talking some smack, lets see if he backs it up. Reverse to Moore gets Miami to the 5, but a holding flag brings the play back to the 34 yard line. 2nd down, handoff to the left on a 3 yard carry. 3rd and 15 from the 31, the crowd gets loud and the Raiders hold Miami to another field goal attempt with a miss on the 51 yard attempt.

Run defense sets the tone on 1st and 2nd down and on 3rd down a quick slant puts that hard work to bed. Walter McFadden allows the big catch to extend the drive. Someone needs a benching.

On the return, Jacoby gets 17 yards and fumbles at the last minute. Good thing it went out of bounds. 1st down and no gain to McFadden to the left. Impossible to control the clock if we have no running game. 2nd and 10 and Grads almost throws an interception when he should have thrown that ball away to the side lines. 3rd down and Grads over leads his receiver Jacoby Ford to the side lines for the incompletion.

1st and 10, Louis Murphy becomes the defender and avoids the hit at the same time. That would have been another pick. 2nd and 10, Darren McFadden gets hit behind the line of scrimmage for a 2 yard loss. 3rd and 12, a quick dump off to McFadden for 8 and another punt.

Raiders get a nice screen on 1st down. Great block down field by Gallery sprang that nice gain. McFadden gets 6 yards up the middle with a nice hold opening up. McFadden laying down the wood and picking up the first down on the hard run to the left. Possible momentum? Well, then the worst thing that could happen, happens.....Jacoby Ford was wide open and Gradkowski completely missed him. Completely.

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2nd Qtr..... Fins @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Todays game blogs will be dedicated to him!


Picking up from the 1st Qtr, Miami runs the Wild Cat with a gain of 7. 2nd down and 4, another Wild Cat and the Raiders had it contained but Brown still got the 1st down.  1st and 10 and Williams gets 5. The defense needs to find their balance here, as we do not want to go down by another touchdown. Play action and nice rush by Lamar Houston to cause the rushed throw for an incompletion. 3rd and 5, Raiders show blitz and Routt again on the soft coverage allowing a 19 yard gain. On the wildcat, Ronnie Brown gets a yard. On the 13th play of the drive, play action and Henne throws the pick to Rolando McClain on the 1 yard line. Nice interception, going sky high to get that one.

2nd possession of the quarter, Miami starts on the 46 yard line. Play action with all day to throw and a short pass to the flat to Williams that goes incomplete, coverage by Wimbley. 2nd down and Henne goes deep to Moore, targeting Stanford Routt, who never turned his head to look for the ball. 3rd down and a huge sack by Michael Huff who absolutely clobbered Chad Henne. I am surprised they did not call helmet to helmet contact.  

After the fumble, Miami goes back to the run for a 2 yard run to Brown. 2nd down and Stanford Routt and Kameron Wimbley play tight coverage on Cobbs preventing the completion. 3rd and 8, and Branch comes up with the big sack on Henne, forcing the fg attempt. Can Carpenter short and to the left on the 52 yard attempt, with the Raiders dodging a bullet. 

Starting on the 20, Miami gets called for the false start.  Tommy Kelly on the subsequent play comes off the block and tackles Williams for no gain. 2nd and 15, 3 WR set, and Henne threw the ball to whom it seems like was going to Nnamdi, but they called holding on him. He clearly grabbed the WR's outside shoulder. Huge penalty. on 1st down, another false start gets Miami to another 1st and 15. So back to the 15, and McClain finds a hole and blows up the play for a 1 yard gain. 2nd and 14, and a pitch to Williams who gained 8 yards. 3rd down and 6, and the Raiders force Miami to use another timeout. After the time out, Miami comes out in the Shotgun set and throws to Devon Bess for a first down and a pickup of 17. Another pass against Nnamdi. 1st and 10, and another pass against Stanford Routt for a pickup of 23. Henne took a nice hit from McClain. After the 2 minute warning, a deep pass attempt with Henne having all day, threw an incomplete to the goal line. 2nd a dn 10, with a big ht by Stevie Brown to dislodge the ball from Marlon Moore for the incompletion. 3rd and 10, Miami 50% so far, and Walter McFadden allows Devon Bess to make a make an easy 18 yard completion. 1st and 10 from the 19 yard line, Henne had all day and threw it to the pylon in the corner of the end zone, incomplete. 2nd down, 10th play of the drive and Henne threw the ball out of bounds to Devon Bess, who fell on the 5 yard line. 3rd down, heading to the black hole, and the Raiders give up another pass completion to Devon Bess for 11 yards. 1st and goal, wild cat from the 7, and the draw to Ricky Williams gets a loss of a yard. 2nd down, from the 9 and Henne throws to Fesano to the 5 with 6 Raiders tackling him.  3rd and goal, and great coverage by Branch to hold Miami to a field goal attempt. perfect timing and great use of hands right at the goal line to hang on.


Taking over at the 11 yard line, Grads gets the ball to Zach Miller for a 5 yard pickup in the flat. 2nd down and Darren McFadden gets a gain of 3 into the middle of the defensive line. 3rd and 2 and a nice play to get the ball to Darren McFadden on the flat one on one with a CB, picks up 20. With Miami trying to implement the Wild Cat, the original architect of the play, Darren McFadden gets into the Wild Hog formation, but a time out is called by Miami, who was not ready for the play call.After the time out, Grads with the pick trying to get the ball to Marcel Reece on the wheel route, but under threw him tremendously. Lingering shoulder issue? Who knows. Bad ball? Definitely!

Johnnie Lee Higgins with the tight rope run back on the return to the 26 yard line.

1st down and Bruce hits Ford for 5. 2nd down and the Wild Hog with McFadden giving the ball to Reece, who fumbles and a TD saving tackle by Jacoby Ford.

1st and 10 from the 42 and a reverse to Jacoby Ford who must have forgotten this is football and got smashed on the tackle. Thank God he hung on to the ball. 1st and 10 from the Miami 45, and Bush gets 2 yards up the middle. After the injury to Mario Henderson, Grads gets pressured and forced to throw the ball too quick, and an incompletion. 3rd down and Grads hangs on with pressure in his face and throws a beautiful 44yard TD pass to Jacoby Ford, who tight roped the side lines and outran the pursuit. Great catch, great throw.

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1st Qtr. Fish @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Todays game blogs will be dedicated to him!

How about an opening play TD by Jacoby Ford for the 101 yard kickoff return? Great blocks and awesome jukes and jives to escape 4 tacklers and Jacoby Ford takes it to the house!


Screw up by the officials on the first play by the Raiders special team. The ball went inside the pylon, but Miami got the ball on the 40.

After an opening play completion against Nnamdi, Miami finds out they will have a hard time running the ball today, with a gain of 1 yard by Ronnie Brown. Wild Cat on 2nd gets nothing! Raiders were all over it. 3rd down and an incompletion with Stanford Routt on the tight coverage. Miami converts on the 49 yard field goal.

An 8 yard game on the wild cat call for first down, with Ricky Williams to the left. Tackle by Nnamdi. 2nd down and a gain of 3 by Brown, tackle by Huff, who came up and stuffed that running lane. Miami is challenging Nnamdi today with the 2nd pass completion against him to Devon Bess. Ricky Williams is going to find it hard to run today, especially on the Wild cat against this line. Limited gain on 1st. 2nd down and a screen pass to Williams with a 3 yard gain. Tackle by a closing McClain. From the 37, great pressure on Henne, but the pass got away quick to Fasano who was hit hard by Mike Mitchell. Dolphins to go on 4th. Goal line defense and Miami picked up 2 on the 2nd effort. Great play action froze the defense with Mike Huff getting burned for the TD of 30 yards.

On the 12, Ronnie Brown for 3 yards. 2nd down and a nice strip on Williams by Shaunassey. Miami recovers, but the ball was on the floor forever. Missed opportunity. 3rd down and a big conversion with he Raiders blitzing, and Stanford Routt on the loose coverage. 1st down, big tackle by Seymour for a loss of 1 on Ronnie Brown. 2nd down delayed draw and Williams gets 8. Heavy rush with the Raiders expecting pass allowed him to move untouched for 5 yards. 3rd down and Ronnie Brown gets another 8 yards and the first down.

Leaders -


6-7 100 Yards


R. Williams 3-16 yds
Brown 7-15 yds

Bess 2 for 36 yds.
Hobbs 1 for 29


On the opening possession, quick pass to Reece gets 2 to the left flat. No one accounts for Cameron Wake on 2nd down and McFadden never had a chance to do anything. False start on Jacoby Ford gets us backed up to 3rd and 13. 3rd down gets us to the 20 yard line and a punt back to Miami.

After a nice return from Ford, Murphy has a nice pickup of 29 to get the Raiders offense moving in the right direction! Field looks sloppy with Grads slipping on his drop back. 1st down and McFadden loses 3, with the Raiders trying to push the run to the outside, with the Dolphins not giving ground. 2nd down and another run to the outside with no room again. The Raiders need to pound the ball up the middle. 3rd and 16, and good coverage on a screen attempt gets nothing. Time to punt.

Leaders -
B. Gradkowski
3-4 37 yds
D Mc Fadden 3 for -8 yds
Murphy 1 for 29 yds.

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November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving On Their Minds!!

Tom Cables Press Conference from Monday

Some additional player videos covering topics from the loss to Shittsburgh, how they are progressing and theThanksgiving.

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