November 28, 2010

Final Fish @ Raiders


1st play of the quarter and a run nets nothing. 2nd down gets a 4 yard gain, with Rolando McClain getting him down. 3rd and 4 and Henne is sacked by Desmond Bryant and the 3rd sack of the day! Nice play by him and Tommy Kelly.

A first down pitch gets Brown a 5 yard pickup. As I pposted on FB and Twitter, we win here and hold them to a punt, we win this game! 1st down after a nice run by Brown, and Nnamdi just missed the tackle on Brown for a 5 yard pick up. Good hit by Nnamdi, hurt Brown. 2nd down and a sideline route gets Miami 7 yards. 1st and 10 from the 46, pitch to WIlliams for no gain. 2nd down and no pressure on Henne gave him all day and a first down for 25 yards and a first down. First down and Williams gets them to the 19. Raiders stand Williams up for no gain on 2nd down. 3rd and 3 and Miami converts on the run by Brown to the right. Over pursuit gets Brown a lane and another 1st down is what were facing. Mike Huff made a nice attempt to get the ball loose on the Brown 1st down run. We need to think turn over. 3rd down and 3, big tackle by McClain for a yard gain, holding Miami to a FG attempt. Put it perfectly through the uprights.

After the turnover on downs, the D holds Williams to no gain on 1st down. To pour Salt on the wound, a 45 yard TD run by Williams, after Huff runs into the umpire and takes a bad angle to the ball, puts the nail in the Coffin. Game done. Recaps in a while!


Grads comes back onto the field and the drive starts at the 20 yard line. Nice play action and an under thrown ball to Jacoby Ford and he makes an amazing stealing catch away from Chris Clemons, falls, loses his breath and still hangs on! 52 yards. McFadden with the big catch and run and a tripping penalty by Miami for a big 15 yard pickup. To the 14 yard line, a reverse to Heyward-Bey, gains 2. He should have turned the ball back to the middle. 2nd and 8 from the 12, and Ford almost made a nice catch to the corner. Left hand couldn't come out, otherwise that's a catch. 3rd and 8 to Reece and you can see the miscommunication on the play. Reece was going on the angle pattern, where as Grads expected the go. Sebass gets the points back for us, that could put us ahead after out next possession.

Incompletion to McFadden couldn't have gone any worse. 2nd down to Murphy and a late hit by Al Harris nets no penalty. Bad call! Still a first down, Grads held the ball too long and threw a duck to the right. Suspect of his shoulder. His mechanics are not looking good as he is throwing off his back foot. He does not look confident behind center. 3rd and 4 from the 46, and an errant throw over Fords head forces a 4th down attempt. Gradkowski throws into double coverage and get a lucky offsetting flag call on the play, but could have netted the Raiders a first down. 2nd fourth chance, and the incompletion to Johnnie Lee Higgins gets us the turn over on downs.

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