November 21, 2010

Opening Qtr...... Raiders @ Squeelers


Raiders open up kicking the ball. I loved the effort to start with the kickoff team swarming to the ball and ripping at it for the turnover.

Getting after the QB is gonna be the name of the game. With the exception of the first play, that defensive line completely controlled that Squeeler offense.

Heath Miller with a 5 yard gain, Mendenhall for no gain and a 1 yd gain by Ben.....Punt...

Second drive started with a flea flicker? Are you kidding me. This line has too much speed and penetrates that crap. Some nerve. Second down and trying to run the ball on us? Whats your deal? Oh wait, nothing is working. LOL. Great pursuit to the ball by the line and backers. Third down and I saw something that they could hurt us with. Spreading the field. Safety was late getting to the ball and it could hurt us later on.

Thus far, great pursuit to the ball by the line and the secondary is closing those gaps. Great defensive play getting the ball back for us on the second straight 3 and out. We keep this up, its gonna be a great day!

3rd possession, and I am a bit upset with the tackling. How is it that we cant get that runner down for no gain. We had him. Trying to arm tackle. Love the pursuit to the ball on the pass to Miller in the flat on 2nd down. 4 Raiders to the ball for a 3 yard gain is awesome! Another penalty for clipping should get us out 3rd 3 and out on defense. Back to 2nd down, and our DB Chris Johnson who decides he wats to look at the reciever rather then te ball. Bad choice on the 1st down. Great penetration on 1st to get to Ben by Bryant. Forced the early throw. Cameron Wimbley with the big pursuit on the backend on 2nd down. He and Lamar Houston on the stop. Don't like the zone call on 3rd. We should have brought the extra rusher rather then give Ben that much time. Need to tighten up. You can see the offense gaing momentum, which could have been stopped. A first down run for 9. Rolando McClain missed the whole and spotted Mendenhall another first down and 6 more yards. Nice play by Shaunassey on 1st. He was blocked low and still got up and made the play. Then 2nd down and you can see Ward in motion behind the formation, but no one picks him up. Costly. Way to tighten it up by Groves, containing the edge and stuffing the run on the last play of the Qtr.


Loved the opening gain by McFadden. Way to pound that ball and establish the run to begin with. We own the line of scrimmage. Now that play by Woodley should have gotten him thrown out of the game.....HAHAHAHAHA. Nice gain by Murphy and extra yards compliments of Lamar Woodley. How about that separation by Johnnie Lee Higgins to get that slant into the zone. Moving the ball baby! A beautiful call to go for the pump fake and get the defense out of position. Another freebie. Great How about Murphy getting pushed out of bounds and touching the ball and getting a penalty. Oh well. Nice delay draw to McFadden. Would like to see him break one tackle as the game progresses. Great attempt going to Miller. He was open, but we have to lead him better into the flat. Regardless of the fact that we didn't get the 1st down, we still made our mark. Great pickup of the extra rusher and I thought Campbell made a great choice to go to the dump off man.

So what did I get out of this opening drive? The offensive line is picking up the blitz, the receivers have shown up and the effort on offense is going to win us this game if we posses that ball this way the whole game.  

So our second possession, I noticed why the Squeelers are so good against the run. Their safeties play the run well. That dude flew from 10 yards away and met McFadden at the line. Second down and the pass was good but the blitz got to Jason. We have to pick up his blind side. How about Jacoby Ford with the big catch to save the drive! More dirty play from the Squeelers, Ryan Clark. He didn't need to hit the defenseless receiver. I am glad the league is starting to crack down on the cheap plays this team tries to make against their competition. Shows their still angry over the Assassin and the Raiders Defense of the 70's that beat them up bad all of the time. Moving on, 2st down and Troy is obviously spying Darren McFadden. Need to watch out for that moving forward. Loss of 5. 2nd down, you can see Campbell worried about that rush as quick as he tried to get rid of the ball. Be more patient Jason, you would have been ok to hold off. Didn't like the decision to go deep to JLH. Too much loft on the ball and not enough separation from the 2 defenders around the ball.....We need to fix that.

Special Teams....

I haven't mentioned them in a while, but man they are really doing the job on the coverage team and Ive noticed some deep penetration so far on the punts by the Squeelers. Don't be surprised if we block one or two this game, the way things are going.

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  1. Campbell needs to go back to the drawing board--but other than that, this is definitely a comeback year for Oakland! Great play by play analysis! You should be on the ESPN Blog! xo K