November 3, 2010

Gradkowski or Campbell???? The Burning Question!

After hearing Tom Cable in his press conference on Monday so confident that Bruce Gradkowski is our quarterback for the team once he is healthy, I can completely understand his stance.

He made the change when Campbell wasn't playing to the expectations of the team. So I ask myself, as a football junkie and someone who understands the game, why would Cable answer that question with so much confidence for a hurt quarterback, when this team has put up back to back 500 yard games, the most points in team history with 59, and almost blanking the Sea Chickens 33-3 at home.

My simple answer - The Playbook.

Its obvious that Gradkowski has more of the coaches ear because he understands the expectations of  Cable more. He has been in this system for 3 years now, and knows what Cable and Davis expect from the quarterback position. Campbell, doesn't. Its evident in the play calling and execution of the plays and the consistency they play with. Tough thing though is I am not on the field to see what is going on during practice, so we don't see the progressions like Cable and the staff do.

After digging through the teams throwing attempts trying to find the answer I may have found it.

The Vertical Offense.

 Gradkowski has thrown more balls beyond 20 yards versus Campbell, who came from a west coast system of dinking and dunking and has the arm  but not the mindset to get the ball down the field. That is until recently.

Simply put, Campbell doesn't understand the entire concept of stretching the field vertically which will open up more lanes for the running game to smash through to the second level, because opposing teams can not keep 8 in the box.

I know for a fact that this type of West Coast Offense frustrated the hell out of Davis during the Gruden era, because you can tell based on the fact that Gruden was traded to the Bucs for a draft pick, even with his success.

Ahhhh These were the days!

Some input from the Raider Nation:


"Well deserved. 27-47, 514 yards, 4 TD's & 0 INT's last 2 weeks. Lets hope he can continue this great play vs KC."

Inside the Oakland Raiders-

"Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
I trust Cable/Hue/Hackett to choose the correct starting QB. I also trust Cable to stick to his tagline about Grads so that the topic does not blow up in the media. Smart."

"inonewordraider Says:
Grads didn’t even get snaps in last weeks practice so Campbell should go this week, if he continues to play like the last two games ride him, Grads is the kind of guy that could step in at moments notice and Campbell has the higher ceiling and let’s not stop him from possibly reaching it"


CCRaiderNation Oakland Raiders News
Jason Campbell. He has proven himself after the lull. Bruce is a perfect backup. Bruce is a player J Cam is the QB

BuckTaylor64 Andy Buckley-Taylor
Campbell, has more tools. He reads the defense better. Greater accuracy. Better game brain, 5 different offense schemes in 5 yrs.

Moss1212 Curtis(Yung Swag)

I Say Campbell,Go With The Hot Hand.He's Playin Turnover Free Football.If He's Playin Bad,Throw Gradkowski In At Halftime.

 Thanks for the great insights, Raider Nation. Always look forward to hearing back from you. Don't forget to leave a comment or two.

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  1. I think it's like the Vick situation was in Philly. You can't look at what Campbell has done and just that it doesn't matter. I'm not sure what Bruce Gradkowski has proven except he can make things happen off the bench. Well that would be the the backups job right? Jason Campbell has the leadership as well as the physical tools to take this team to the top. I honestly believe in Cable and Jackson. I know they see it but they don't want the media all over it. Bottom line - Bruce was just keeping Campbells seat warm

  2. I actually though Grads should have got the nod previously but you have to go with the hot hand and right now that's with Campbell.

  3. Campbell has better physical tools and is more durable. As much as I like Grad, he would been the man last year but only lasted 3+ games. Same thing this year, he is always 1 hit from being out for several games. Campbell has been playing well, so ride the hot hand for as long as possible.