November 7, 2010

It Wasn't Pretty, But It Was A Win!

Oakland Raiders 23 - Kansas City Chiefs 20

It was definitely not pretty. From the weather, to the production on both sides of the ball through out the game, inconsistency was the name of the game.

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The rain was coming down as the game started. The field tarp was pulled just before game time to allow for warm ups, the stands filled and then the skies opened up. The stands of Black turned to a sea of yellow and clear plastic rain covers. But the point, there were bodies there in the seats and it was an amazing sight to see once again!

A couple of quick points of interests. Our run D has been on fire. Kansas City running backs have been averaging 200+ yards a week for a few weeks not, and we held both of those boys to under 60 yards each.

Matt Cassel was pressured regularly and you can tell how uncomfortable he was when he was forced out of the pocket. Very sporadic when he had to move around.

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Darren McFadden showed signs of the Wildhog offense he ran for the razor backs, and it failed miserably! I really wish he didn't throw this pass!

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Jacoby Ford is the Man! If you don't follow him on Twitter, get on the band waggon.... @jford12. What a beast!

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Sea Bass is Money. Sure we could have won in Arizona, but this game had so much more riding on it and the game winning kick meant much more here! Great job Sea Bass!!!!!

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I wanted to take this chance to run you through the final stats of the game. Nothing pretty, but it got us our 3rd victory in a row, and handed the Kansas City Chiefs their 4th loss of the year and eliminated the 7 year monkey we have carried on our backs dating back to the year 2003, of not being able to beat the Chiefs at home!


Jason Campbell
19-33 239 1 TD 1 INT

Matt Cassel
20-35 216 2 TD's 1INT


Darren McFadden
17 Carries 89 Yards 0 TD's
Michael Bush
5 carries 17 yards 0 TD's

 Jamal Charles
10 carries 53 yards
Thomas Jones
19 carries 32 yards


Jacoby Ford
6 Rec. 148 Yds.
Johnnie Lee Higgins
3 Rec. 26 Yds.

Dwayne Bowe
5 Rec. 53 Yds.
Tony Moeaki
6 Rec. 63 Yds.

First Downs
Oak -17
KC - 21

Third Downs
KC - 3/15 20%
Oak - 3/12 25%

Net Rush Yds.
KC - 104
Oak - 112

Pass Yds.
KC - 200
Oak - 209

KC - 12 for 100
Oak - 15 for 140

Time of Possession
KC - 31:10
Oak - 29:43


Enjoy the Bye Week! Get Healthy!!!

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Leave me your comments on the game and if you were there, upload pictures to my facebook site

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  1. Lovin' this Blog! I will be at game against Denver in Dec. sitting in the Black Hole.. will give you lots of pics!