November 21, 2010

2nd Qtr..... Raiders @ Squeelers


14 plays, 85 yards and 8 minutes on the field is not gonna do it. We have to show more resolve to control this offense, because we can not play from behind on these boys and think we are going to have a chance. We have to do a better job, settle down and get into the flow of the game. The adrenaline is gone now. Time to play based on what we practiced all week. The defense needs some rest. Lets see how the offense can help!

You can thrown out the return on special teams. If Hiram Eugene wasn't held, that return and would have been crushed as soon as he caught the ball. That hold was to protect the returner, no doubt.

So the Squeelers start the drive on the 23 and lose 2 on the stretch run play to the left. 2nd down and 12, and Ben really forced the ball into a small space, because he had time. We need to get people up the gut on him and get him out of the pocket. Where are you Seymour? Oh there you are. HAHAHAHA. The next play that went to Miller in the flat, Seymour put someone on their ass and the Squeelers got pissy. A little scrum broke out and the high energy Lamar Houston started pushing his weight around. Hope he can use that energy to get some sacks. How about that bro? Johnaton Scott is out, on a depleted O-line. 2st down and a 4 yd gain and they gave it back on 2nd down, with a nice tackle by Kameron Wimbley with that containment on the outside. Great play. 3rd down, and the Raiders had a great attempt for an interception by Chris Johnson, just out of his reach, but holding the Squeelers to a 4th down on the incomplete pass. 

Steelers begin at the 43 and on their opening play, Tommy Kelly finally gets push up the middle and bats down the ball. Great play. 2nd down and the double reverse play gets the Squeelers 19 yards. too much pursuit can hurt. An illegal block helped him too. We're starting to get out of rythem now, with Kelly jumping offsides. Lets get to Ben once and the flood gates will open up. So 1st and 5, holding on the Mendenhall rush will get the offense moving backwards and get us to a 1st and 15. HENDERSON with the big penetration on the screen attempt. That disrupted the play so much it forced Ben to throw the incompletion. 2nd down and Chris Johnson again playing blind to the receiver allowing a 20 yard completion play and a huge first down. 1st down, and way too much time for Ben, allowing him to throw to the endzone. We need to BLITZ THE BALL MORE!!!!!! 2nd down and a closing hole allowed 5 yards by Mendenhall. We need a stop here to give us a chance here before the end of the half. Huge mistake puts us down 14-3. This defense is tired and I'm sorry, but Jason Campbell needs to step it up here by the end of the half, or his head will be called for.

Bad spot to start on the 36 for this defense. 1st down, and a completion for 8. 2nd down and Mendenhall almost lst the ball, but Shaunassey tackled him and he went down after catching his fumble in mid air. After the 2 minute break, a 5 yard quick play to Hines Ward keeps the clock running and the drive moving too, as Huff gets the tackle. Ben to Sanders for the touchdown and Ben gets the crap knocked out of him. Had what he had coming to him, with his glass jaw. Seymour slapped the shit out of him, and I believe his fines will be paid for by the attorney's of those girls that Rotheslisberger molested.


So great return and the offense opens it up on the 25. Langston Walker forgot to do his job and we lose 9 yards deep on our end of the field. What was he looking at? 2nd down, were forced to rush the ball and Darren is met at the line for no gain, tackled by 6 Squeelers. Third down with a 4 man blitz and an attempt to get the ball to Zach Miller just out of his grasp. Time to punt, and not a good sign.

1st down on our 2nd possession of the qtr and Darren McFadden gets 1 yard on the left side. 2nd down, and couldn't get the ball into Ford. 3rd down, and no luck against this defense. Shane is getting a lot of work.

A few observations about this offense, seems to be the Raiders MO through this winning streak. We come in at Half and make some changes to the scheme and get some resurgence in the 3rd quarter, but we need to go in at half with some sense of offensive momentum. Cant rely on a big comeback against this team and need to start making some progress in moving the ball. We should have 1-2 more possessions of the ball this quarter, so we need to make them count.

Si illegal block in the back gets us the ball on the 10. Draw to Mike Bush gets us 3 on 1st down. Would like to see some quick slants. I said quick and what does Campbell do? He goes back on a 7 step drop and gets his hand slapped for the sack fumble. With 3:10 to go, and the Raiders reeling on Defense, the Squeelers call a time out. No sense of urgency on offense. Huge pass interference call on Ike Taylor may have been the answer we needed. An automatic first down will keep us moving, but we need to do it on the field by completing passes and running the damn ball. Huge fumble by Louis Murphy trying to do too much and lost the ball like an idiot on a strip. It would have been the catch we needed, with Campbell getting out of pressure and doing a great job moving his feet in the pocket, but Murphy not having the presence of mind to cover up the ball and trying to do too damn much exposed him to the fumble and a huge turnover. 

At this point, the next drive starts with a sack and Campbell is a wounded duck.

Grads time.

Chaotic View

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