November 17, 2010

Middle of the Pack?

Are the Raiders a middle of the pack team who is getting enough respect from the National Media? I don't think so. With our strength of schedule, to be 5-4 at this point and tied for first place in the Division, more people should be looking at what's right with our team then with what is wrong.

They have still not "earned" first place, according to the boys on the NFL Network and "San Diego is the team to beat because they have the all star quarterback". Well, I guess you can expect that pessimistic view point if you have played in mediocrity for so long, but come on. We have won 5 games this year so far, right? Lets take a look from the statistical side at what we have done so far and how we stack up against the teams in the "middle" of the pack.

NFL Rankings through Week 10
Teams that are being compared (Record of 5-4)


Points Scored

NFL Leader - New England 258

Tennessee - 241
Oakland - 235 
KC - 212
Jacksonville - 196
Miami - 172
Seattle - 166

Points Allowed

NFL Leader - Green Bay 143

Tennessee - 179
Oakland - 188
Miami - 192
KC - 194
Seattle - 199
Jacksonville - 250

Touchdowns Scored

NFL Leader - New England 32

Tennessee - 27
KC - 25
Oakland - 24 
Jacksonville - 22
Miami - 15
Seattle - 17

Home Record

NFL Leader - Atlanta 5-0
Courtesy ESPN
KC - 4-0
Oakland - 4-1
Jacksonville - 3-2  
Miami - 1-3
Seattle - 3-1
Tennessee - 2-2

Road Record

NFL Leader - NY Jets 5-0
Courtesy ESPN
Miami - 4-1
Tennessee - 3-2
Jacksonville - 2-2
Seattle - 2-3
Oakland - 1-3
KC - 1-4

Record Last 5 Games

NFL Leader Tie Between 7 teams Oakland, Atlanta, New England, NY Jets, Indy, Philly, NY Giants.

Courtesy ESPN
Oakland - 4-1
Jacksonville - 3-2
Miami - 3-2
Seattle - 3-2
Tennessee - 3-2
KC - 2-3

What do you get from those numbers? Well I can tell you what, if we would stop screwin around in the red zone, particularly against Houston, Arizona and SF, we would be running the TD department statline. But only being 8 TD's off the pace is not bad at all, considering we didn't score 24 TD's all of last year.

The other glaring issue that I see is being able to win on the road. 1-3 is not a good sign come playoff time. We need to figure out a way to get that stat turned around, because I can guarantee that we will be on the road come playoff time and there has only been one team to go on the road and have enough success to make it to the Super Bowl and win it, and that was the "One For The Thumb" team of SB 40.

Not all is bad in Raider Land people. 4-1 in the last 5. 4-1 in Oaktown. A 40 burger down from the best Defense as far as points allowed, and right up there with 235 points scored says a lot about what this team has become in the first 9 weeks of the season.

So that being said, I think there should be a little more media spotlight on the team. I do believe that when we beat the Squeelers this weekend, the press will show up. That would be a legitimate playoff match up right there and for us to go to Pittsburgh and beat this team would be the boost for the season that will propel us to a guaranteed playoff birth. YES THAT'S RIGHT, YOU HEARD IT HERE!!!! A guaranteed PLAYOFF BIRTH!!!!!! It will not be a gimme game though. Don't get me wrong at all. Pittsburgh will be pissed coming off a loss to the Cheatriots and they are already having flashbacks of last year when they lost to us which started their losing streak in December, after the promise made by their coach that they were gonna torch the league.

So Get Cho Popcorn Ready. Practice for the Squeelers starts tomorrow. I am sure there is going to be a lot to cover with the return of some of our key components This has the makings of an exciting week to be a Raider Fan!! 

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Chaotic View


  1. "They have still not "earned" first place, according to the boys on the NFL Network and "San Diego is the team to beat because they have the all star quarterback." <---Let's reevaluate this statement after December 5th! ;-)

  2. Strength of schedule? We have 6 games against the worst division in the AFC and 3 games against the worst division in the NFC. You want the media to pay more attention to a team with wins against Denver, KC and St Louis and losses to Ariz and SF? I am glad our record is what it is, and I hope I am wrong, but we will be fortunate to hold on to second in the AFC West behind SD who plays great on both sides of the ball consistently and has suspect special teams. That said: RAIII DERRRRRSS!

  3. WTF marc are you a FN dolt fan? Raider Nation lives..NUFF SAID!!

  4. Jason Campbell has been winning and as long as he does'nt make stupid mistakes we have a chance
    to possibly make the play offs this season. I
    just hope that he can continue to improve in his game. Bruce Almighty has been sitting for some time and would be flat if he came in now in my opinion so we should stay with Campbell unless he chokes like he did against the 49 er's