November 21, 2010

3rd Qtr. Raiders @ Squeelers


Offense leads the way after kicking the ball to open up the 2nd half. I see Gradkowski warming up, which could be a good thing, because we need that energy boost.

Opening up on the 26 yard line, here comes Campbell. He has been sacked 3 times and 6 hurries. Opening pass for 9 yards to JLH on a curl route. Picking up the first with Reece on a 3 yard pickup up the gut. Play action but leading Murphy too far to the outside and an incomplete pass. 2nd down pitch and Darren McFadden went down and didn't deliver the blow for some reason. What was that? Why was he scared? Campbell falls on his face and gives James Harrison a gimme sack. Great job!

The first attempt by Miller to get a return for once this game and Miller gets 5 on the return. Raiders start inside the 35.

Do I even need to write about this offense? A screen pass to Marcel Reece and an interception? What an idiot Campbell is for not being able to complete a 6 yard pass.

1st down and Darren McFadden gets the ball for 4 yards, pushing his average to 1.1 per carry. Wooo Hoooo. 2nd down and Campbell bounces the ball to him, 5 yards short of his hands. Cable looks at Campbell like, "What are you doing you idiot?" 3rd and 6 and a pick 6. Bullshit call on Harrison, Campbell officially sucks! False start moves us back 5 yards. so 1st and 15 from the 18 and James Farrior jumped across the line prior to the snap. That'll get us back the 5 we just lost. This game is getting out of hand. 1st and 10, and a holding call moves us back 10. This is like a ping pong game. So first and 20, and Troy Palamalu gets into the backfield and slows down McFadden, who gets back to the line of scrimmage. 2nd and 20, and Campbell overthrew Jacoby Ford by 10 feet and is driven into the ground. 3rd down and a dump off to McFadden is lost and almost threw another interception.

HERE COMES BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 20, the moves to avoid the sack and the pass gets the ball to JLH for a 6 yard pickup. Thats what we needed! A spark. 2nd down, quick pass to Bush gets a yard. Quick pass to Zack Miller gets the 1st DOWN!!!!!!!  Motion on 1st. Empty backfield and a false start. Need these boys to calm down. Grads is there now. Lets get this going. 1st and 15, offsides which will be declined. Brandon Myers for the first down going for 12. Nice play.  Another first down to Jacoby Ford. Moving the ball. 1st down and the rush opens up because of the pass. Bush gets 24 yards. Play action and Grads knew where to go with the ball. That was due to a lack of practice. Incpomplete but its ok. 2nd down and 10, all day to throw the ball, because of the run game now a threat and an incomplete. Great pocket awareness though. You can sense it. 3rd and 10, and a shotgun set, Grads made a anticipation throw and Jacoby Ford didn't look up to see the blitz coming.


Starting the half on the 28, the Squeelers get to play without the pressure of Big Rich Seymour. Hopefully being ejected was only for this game. If another comes, this could be a big loss for us.

So hand tackles and Mendenhall got a yard prior to the holding call. 1st and 20 isn't that big of a deal for the Squeelers thus far, but lets hope that changes. So on the screen attempt, incomplete. good pressure from Kelly. Mike Mitchell, a quiet day so far today made a great play to bring down the screen. Squeelers lose another O-linenman. 3rd and 26 and Mouldey Moore gets a nice gain, but another Squeeler O-lineman went down. They're falling like flies. Oakland refused the penalty for holding and will get the ball back.

Well, after the interception, The Squeelers get a nice run that gets called back after a holding. After the call, Lamar Houston gets a nice tackle for a short gain. He then comes up big on the next play and makes a big sack against Ben for a loss of 5. 3rd down and saw some nice stunts by the d line to get the O-lineman out of their sets. Ben bought some time and tried to get the ball to Mike Wallace, but he turned his head too early and forgot to catch the ball.

AP Photo

So the fights keep coming. Bodies flying everywhere and penalty flags being thrown all over the place. A nice pickup by the Tight End and a penalty for clearing up the pile on the Squeelers gets a referres suck chant from the crowd. Mike Huff stops that drive sequence with a catch and rip from the hands of the intended receiver in the end zone. Punt time!

Last play of the Qtr and a short game.

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