September 30, 2012

Is It In You Part 2?


Chaotic View

September 28, 2012

Is It In You?

Friday....... Early AM........ Plane ride to the Donkey City to face off with one of the most hated rivals in the Division.......... so I ask...... Do you have it in you?

Huffy, do you have it in you to play more press coverage? To make the solid tackle? To not get caught in the pick route? To play with passion and intensity for 60 minutes? To make a difference? Is it in you?

Seymour, is it in you to be the leader you were brought here to be? To pressure the shit out of Peyton Manning? To put him on his ass? To be an effective team mate and guide that D-Line to victory? Is it in you?

Kelly, is it in you to play your ass off on every down and stay the fuck onside? To protect your defensive backfield by containing the run? Is it in you?

Rolando, is it in you to play smart and be the king of the second level as you were brought here to be? To play from sideline to sideline and to stay in your fits? To put the hurt on the Denver running game and any wide outs that come accross the middle? Is it in you?

O-Line, is it in you to OWN the line of scrimmage? To make holes big enough for a mack truck to drive through and allow your running game to be explosive? To keep Palmer on his feet and not allow any sacks? To play with the same heart and intensity you did against the Steelers?

Palmer, is it in you to play with poise and stand in the pocket and deliver the ball on time to your receivers? Is it in you to play with heart and passion and make good sound decisions? To play effective football for 60 minutes? To protect the ball in our possession for the duration of the game? Is it in you?

D-MAC, is it in you to put your foot in the ground and run North and South with thundering power and no regard for your opponent? To pound that bullshit Donkey defense into submission? To slash and gash that secondary on your way to a 150 yard game? To put that rock in the end zone and show who we are? Do you have it in you?

Coaching staff, do you have it in you to call a smart game? A game plan to puts us in the best position to succeed, but not so vanilla that you take any momentum out of the players? To allow our skilled players to get the ball with enough time to make big plays? To call a smart mix of plays on offense and a strong relentless game on defense with hidden blitz packages and good solid rotation on the line?

I'll make this simple.... we are going up against one of the best. He got there because he understands how to break a teams will. He is relentless. He is dominant. He is smart and poised. He knows that he is not to let his foot off of the gas until the final bell rings. He will tear you apart and keep his foot on your throat as you bleed to death. Going into this bye week, I and the Raider Nation will accept nothing less than 2-2. Just because we beat a good team in the Steelers does not mean that everything is fine. That's bullshit to think that. We expect greatness every week. Not one week on and one week off. EVERY WEEK!  That's what it takes to be champions. That's what it takes to be great.


Do something about it! Whoop that ass on Sunday! Prove the Raider Nation right! 

Chaotic View

September 23, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am impressed. On a day that boys became men, our team pulled out an improbable win against one of the best teams in the NFL. We beat the Steelers.

Carson Palmer showed why all of the pundits who say the trade was not worth it  can stick their foot in their mouth and shut the fuck up. How about 23-33 for 209 and 3 TD's you bunch of haters? Kiss his ass and move on to Tim Tebow. Carson showed why his leadership will take this team to the promise land.

How about McFadden? 18 for 113 and a 64 yard TD! He ran hard. He ran tough. He ran with authority. He ran with a purpose. Great job learning on the fly.

The biggest key, the O-Line. They kept Palmer on his feet against a tough scheme from the Steelers. You know Dick Lebeau was going to mix it up on the blitz scheme, but our players moved together and held strong to control the line of scrimmage.

There was a somber moment when an illegal helmet to helmet hit to DHB in the chin brought out the stretcher and took the wind out of our sails for a moment. Please Nation, pray for him and send him a tweet to show him you are thinking of him ......

A special moment pre game for Al Davis and the Nation, Marcus Allen officially ended the feud. Thank you Marcus. Always a Raider!

And just as Al would always hope, Jano, his prized possession, did what Al brought him to Oakland to do..... Put it between the cross bars!

Thank you to the players for answering my call. Thank you for answering the call of the Raider Nation! You came out and fought to come back down 10 into the 4th quarter and never took your eyes off the prize.

It was a war but you made plays. You got the ball on turnovers. You showed the Heart of a Champion. I and the Raider Nation are proud of you!

On to Denver!

Chaotic View

September 22, 2012

My Message To The Players......


0-2..... I am still stung from this shitty record you have put on our Nation. Where is the accountability from each of you? I've seen the tape. I've seen the scheme. I know what you are trying to do. Please tell me why is it that you guys get lazy and take plays off? Last time I checked, Randy Moss isn't on the team?

This game, which I have played, and unfortunately due to injury can no longer play, is intense. You had better bring your fucking A game on Sundays. So if you are getting paid a huge salary to play a "GAME" why the fuck don't you bring your best when you are out there on the field? Does it feel good to lose? All of the videos I have seen of interviews this last week are excuse after excuse. Like a bunch of pussy ass grown men making excuse after excuse of why you got beat on a block. Why you didn't break a tackle.Why you DIDN'T make a tackle.

Play the fucking game the way it was meant to be played. Your don't stop until the whistle blows. You don't stop with your foot on the throat on your opponent until that clock goes to ZERO! That means intensity every play. That means playing with fundamentals. Trusting the player next to you. Trusting the scheme and DOING YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!

You have 2 games to fix this wrong that YOU each have created. 2 games and I will tell you, those stands will empty. Sure, us faithful will still root hard to see you finally come around, but there are some that go to see quality. Quality is expected. It's your job to provide that quality of play. Play with no regard for yourself, that's how you don't get hurt. Play with leverage. Play with heart. Hit that motherfucker across the line harder than he hits you and pound his ass into submission. Get your heads out of your ass and Play like a FUCKING RAIDER!!!!! It's no excuse that its Pittsburgh coming into town. Superbowl teams don't fear any opponent. They play their game and beat the shit out of them and move on to the next week. We are bigger and faster than these assholes. Play like it. No more excuses.

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September 16, 2012

Video's Of Dissapointment.... The Asswhoopin In Miami

Dennis Allen (Excuses)

Carson Palmer (More Excuses)

It's Better To Reign In Hell!!!!

I was working out yesterday morning, listening to some System Of  A Down, and I just so happened to glance at a book in the bookshelf right in front of me. "It's Better to Reign In Hell, Inside the Raider Nation" by Jim Miller and Kelly Mayhew. I had this sudden feeling come over me reminding me of something. 

Fuck Your Team! Pardon the language, all of you who are squeemish and do not think it belongs in any type of journalism, but this is my blog and I will speak how I want. Thats right, I said it, Fuck Your Team! This is the Raider Nation baby. I would rather Reign In Hell as a die hard Raider fan than to bow down and be a bitch ass fan of your sorry ass team. It may hurt to lose and yes, it has been some time since we have been to the promise land, but tomorrow will come and to the next team up, I feel sorry for you. In this case, today for Miami.

So to the Raider Nation, I say, renew your oath...... Today wherever you are........ Represent with pride and poise. Represent knowing that today is our day..... Represent knowing that we have the pride of our team that Al Davis always talked about. Let these idiots in the media talk all of the shit they want. Let these fans who think their team is better than ours talk that crap. I would rather Reign in Hell in Silver and Black than to be in Heaven in Choker Blue and Gold. 

Let's go make some noise! It's time to roll! 



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September 11, 2012

The Morning After Pill..................

I am at a loss for words.

I found myself sitting through the pain of what I saw last night like someone waiting in front of a firing squad awaiting their death. It was slow, agonizing and terrifying to think this is what we have become.

But you know what, I am not going to give our competition the benefit of the doubt to think that we as the Raider Nation will not go out without getting in our punches. I am not going to lay down and go down without a fight. Its time to come out swinging. We know what we have to fix.

I am not sure if the majority of you saw what I saw, but in the 4th quarter, even when the entire stadium was deflated and our team was on the brink of utterly abandoning ship, there was one bright spot that stung me like that asshole bee did last summer in my arm, this Killer Defense we have. Did you know that Phylis Rivers only threw for one touchdown? And he may have had a good night in way of completions, throwing 24/33 for 231 yards, but it was not a career night. We also held their offense to 32 yards rushing. If that doesn't make you optimistic, I don't know what will.

Grant it, that big loaf Kelly gave them the touchdown, single handedly, by giving them two first downs on that TD drive, but as I told you guys on Chaotic View, the Raiders have some new fire power backing up that line of ours in Miles Burris and Philip Wheeler. These two combined with Rolando McClain for 15 Solo Tackles and 7 assisted tackles. I think we have become something to be reckoned with, and what was really exciting for me is that they didn't give up. All the way through the last snaps of the game, they kept the pressure on the Chokers and forced Phylis to throw the ball.

To the bad, I had a hunch before the game the something was going to happen top Jon Condo. I have been telling my inner circle for a while now that the guy plays with reckless abandon on all of the special team plays. He is normally the first Raider on the ball down field, and he likes to go low on the blockers to get through to attack the ball. Last night was something that you don't see happen too often, where he was hit in the head by a fellow team mate with the knee, but it goes to show that there are critical positions that need to be addressed every year and as a back up (Goethel) you have to be ready to come in and do your job, which he did not.

Now, I am not going to put it all on Goethel, because he was not completely responsible for the bullshit we saw on special teams. That unit sucks all together and I think that we need to light a fire under the ass of Steve Hoffman, the Special Teams Coach. It is not too early to send his ass packing if something doesn't happen and soon. 

Offensively, we did not throw any interceptions. That's a good thing. Streater had a good game, aside from the fumble he gave up trying to do too much. We moved the ball up and down the field, but missed passes and some missed routes were the glaring issue I saw that can be fixed with time.

Overall, we need some serious work with the trip into Miami. Having the chance to win the game with 54 seconds to go was a positive, as bad as we did play, but it still counts as a loss none the less.

My Game grades-

Offense - B
Defense - B+
Special Teams - F

Your thoughts?

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