September 28, 2012

Is It In You?

Friday....... Early AM........ Plane ride to the Donkey City to face off with one of the most hated rivals in the Division.......... so I ask...... Do you have it in you?

Huffy, do you have it in you to play more press coverage? To make the solid tackle? To not get caught in the pick route? To play with passion and intensity for 60 minutes? To make a difference? Is it in you?

Seymour, is it in you to be the leader you were brought here to be? To pressure the shit out of Peyton Manning? To put him on his ass? To be an effective team mate and guide that D-Line to victory? Is it in you?

Kelly, is it in you to play your ass off on every down and stay the fuck onside? To protect your defensive backfield by containing the run? Is it in you?

Rolando, is it in you to play smart and be the king of the second level as you were brought here to be? To play from sideline to sideline and to stay in your fits? To put the hurt on the Denver running game and any wide outs that come accross the middle? Is it in you?

O-Line, is it in you to OWN the line of scrimmage? To make holes big enough for a mack truck to drive through and allow your running game to be explosive? To keep Palmer on his feet and not allow any sacks? To play with the same heart and intensity you did against the Steelers?

Palmer, is it in you to play with poise and stand in the pocket and deliver the ball on time to your receivers? Is it in you to play with heart and passion and make good sound decisions? To play effective football for 60 minutes? To protect the ball in our possession for the duration of the game? Is it in you?

D-MAC, is it in you to put your foot in the ground and run North and South with thundering power and no regard for your opponent? To pound that bullshit Donkey defense into submission? To slash and gash that secondary on your way to a 150 yard game? To put that rock in the end zone and show who we are? Do you have it in you?

Coaching staff, do you have it in you to call a smart game? A game plan to puts us in the best position to succeed, but not so vanilla that you take any momentum out of the players? To allow our skilled players to get the ball with enough time to make big plays? To call a smart mix of plays on offense and a strong relentless game on defense with hidden blitz packages and good solid rotation on the line?

I'll make this simple.... we are going up against one of the best. He got there because he understands how to break a teams will. He is relentless. He is dominant. He is smart and poised. He knows that he is not to let his foot off of the gas until the final bell rings. He will tear you apart and keep his foot on your throat as you bleed to death. Going into this bye week, I and the Raider Nation will accept nothing less than 2-2. Just because we beat a good team in the Steelers does not mean that everything is fine. That's bullshit to think that. We expect greatness every week. Not one week on and one week off. EVERY WEEK!  That's what it takes to be champions. That's what it takes to be great.


Do something about it! Whoop that ass on Sunday! Prove the Raider Nation right! 

Chaotic View

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