November 28, 2010

Post Game Recap Videos....... Week 11 Vs. Fins

All videos compliments of CSNBayArea.

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Final Fish @ Raiders


1st play of the quarter and a run nets nothing. 2nd down gets a 4 yard gain, with Rolando McClain getting him down. 3rd and 4 and Henne is sacked by Desmond Bryant and the 3rd sack of the day! Nice play by him and Tommy Kelly.

A first down pitch gets Brown a 5 yard pickup. As I pposted on FB and Twitter, we win here and hold them to a punt, we win this game! 1st down after a nice run by Brown, and Nnamdi just missed the tackle on Brown for a 5 yard pick up. Good hit by Nnamdi, hurt Brown. 2nd down and a sideline route gets Miami 7 yards. 1st and 10 from the 46, pitch to WIlliams for no gain. 2nd down and no pressure on Henne gave him all day and a first down for 25 yards and a first down. First down and Williams gets them to the 19. Raiders stand Williams up for no gain on 2nd down. 3rd and 3 and Miami converts on the run by Brown to the right. Over pursuit gets Brown a lane and another 1st down is what were facing. Mike Huff made a nice attempt to get the ball loose on the Brown 1st down run. We need to think turn over. 3rd down and 3, big tackle by McClain for a yard gain, holding Miami to a FG attempt. Put it perfectly through the uprights.

After the turnover on downs, the D holds Williams to no gain on 1st down. To pour Salt on the wound, a 45 yard TD run by Williams, after Huff runs into the umpire and takes a bad angle to the ball, puts the nail in the Coffin. Game done. Recaps in a while!


Grads comes back onto the field and the drive starts at the 20 yard line. Nice play action and an under thrown ball to Jacoby Ford and he makes an amazing stealing catch away from Chris Clemons, falls, loses his breath and still hangs on! 52 yards. McFadden with the big catch and run and a tripping penalty by Miami for a big 15 yard pickup. To the 14 yard line, a reverse to Heyward-Bey, gains 2. He should have turned the ball back to the middle. 2nd and 8 from the 12, and Ford almost made a nice catch to the corner. Left hand couldn't come out, otherwise that's a catch. 3rd and 8 to Reece and you can see the miscommunication on the play. Reece was going on the angle pattern, where as Grads expected the go. Sebass gets the points back for us, that could put us ahead after out next possession.

Incompletion to McFadden couldn't have gone any worse. 2nd down to Murphy and a late hit by Al Harris nets no penalty. Bad call! Still a first down, Grads held the ball too long and threw a duck to the right. Suspect of his shoulder. His mechanics are not looking good as he is throwing off his back foot. He does not look confident behind center. 3rd and 4 from the 46, and an errant throw over Fords head forces a 4th down attempt. Gradkowski throws into double coverage and get a lucky offsetting flag call on the play, but could have netted the Raiders a first down. 2nd fourth chance, and the incompletion to Johnnie Lee Higgins gets us the turn over on downs.

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3rd Qtr. Fish @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Today's game blogs will be dedicated to him!


Opening kickoff belongs to the Fins, who get the ball out to the 28 on the return. 1st down Ronnie Brown hides behind his offensive line and gets 5 yards. 2nd down, Ronnie Brown again and he gained 7 yards between the guards.1st down, and the sun may have an effect on this quarter as Devon Bess missed an 8 yard pass looking into the sun. 2nd down and a completion to Cobbs who gets away from hand tackles and making a 2 yard gain. 3rd down and 7 and Miami seems slow coming in and out of their huddle and call another time out. After the time out, Walter McFadden allows Moore to catch a 57 yard hook pattern for a touchdown. This could be a costly mistake my Walter McFadden!!!

2nd possession after the punt and Ricky WIlliams gains 12 yards on the right side. 1st and 10, wildcat and the hand off to Williams after a pick up of 3 yards.2nd down and another wild cat play to Williams who goes for 1 yard. 3rd and 6, from the 29, and a false start gets Miami a 3rd and 11. With Tyler Thigpen in the game, a QB draw is called, but Mike Huff stops that one at the 25, to force the field goal attempt, which goes right down the middle.

Next possession, Thigpen makes his way into the game and Miami gets nothing on 1st down. 2nd down gets them the same result, with a loss of 2. 3rd down and 11, and another timeout by Miami. After the timeout, Miami lines up in the jumbo set, and run a 3 receiver route, with Walter McFadden getting a holding penalty and gives Miami a first down. First down, and Queinton Groves is talking some smack, lets see if he backs it up. Reverse to Moore gets Miami to the 5, but a holding flag brings the play back to the 34 yard line. 2nd down, handoff to the left on a 3 yard carry. 3rd and 15 from the 31, the crowd gets loud and the Raiders hold Miami to another field goal attempt with a miss on the 51 yard attempt.

Run defense sets the tone on 1st and 2nd down and on 3rd down a quick slant puts that hard work to bed. Walter McFadden allows the big catch to extend the drive. Someone needs a benching.

On the return, Jacoby gets 17 yards and fumbles at the last minute. Good thing it went out of bounds. 1st down and no gain to McFadden to the left. Impossible to control the clock if we have no running game. 2nd and 10 and Grads almost throws an interception when he should have thrown that ball away to the side lines. 3rd down and Grads over leads his receiver Jacoby Ford to the side lines for the incompletion.

1st and 10, Louis Murphy becomes the defender and avoids the hit at the same time. That would have been another pick. 2nd and 10, Darren McFadden gets hit behind the line of scrimmage for a 2 yard loss. 3rd and 12, a quick dump off to McFadden for 8 and another punt.

Raiders get a nice screen on 1st down. Great block down field by Gallery sprang that nice gain. McFadden gets 6 yards up the middle with a nice hold opening up. McFadden laying down the wood and picking up the first down on the hard run to the left. Possible momentum? Well, then the worst thing that could happen, happens.....Jacoby Ford was wide open and Gradkowski completely missed him. Completely.

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2nd Qtr..... Fins @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Todays game blogs will be dedicated to him!


Picking up from the 1st Qtr, Miami runs the Wild Cat with a gain of 7. 2nd down and 4, another Wild Cat and the Raiders had it contained but Brown still got the 1st down.  1st and 10 and Williams gets 5. The defense needs to find their balance here, as we do not want to go down by another touchdown. Play action and nice rush by Lamar Houston to cause the rushed throw for an incompletion. 3rd and 5, Raiders show blitz and Routt again on the soft coverage allowing a 19 yard gain. On the wildcat, Ronnie Brown gets a yard. On the 13th play of the drive, play action and Henne throws the pick to Rolando McClain on the 1 yard line. Nice interception, going sky high to get that one.

2nd possession of the quarter, Miami starts on the 46 yard line. Play action with all day to throw and a short pass to the flat to Williams that goes incomplete, coverage by Wimbley. 2nd down and Henne goes deep to Moore, targeting Stanford Routt, who never turned his head to look for the ball. 3rd down and a huge sack by Michael Huff who absolutely clobbered Chad Henne. I am surprised they did not call helmet to helmet contact.  

After the fumble, Miami goes back to the run for a 2 yard run to Brown. 2nd down and Stanford Routt and Kameron Wimbley play tight coverage on Cobbs preventing the completion. 3rd and 8, and Branch comes up with the big sack on Henne, forcing the fg attempt. Can Carpenter short and to the left on the 52 yard attempt, with the Raiders dodging a bullet. 

Starting on the 20, Miami gets called for the false start.  Tommy Kelly on the subsequent play comes off the block and tackles Williams for no gain. 2nd and 15, 3 WR set, and Henne threw the ball to whom it seems like was going to Nnamdi, but they called holding on him. He clearly grabbed the WR's outside shoulder. Huge penalty. on 1st down, another false start gets Miami to another 1st and 15. So back to the 15, and McClain finds a hole and blows up the play for a 1 yard gain. 2nd and 14, and a pitch to Williams who gained 8 yards. 3rd down and 6, and the Raiders force Miami to use another timeout. After the time out, Miami comes out in the Shotgun set and throws to Devon Bess for a first down and a pickup of 17. Another pass against Nnamdi. 1st and 10, and another pass against Stanford Routt for a pickup of 23. Henne took a nice hit from McClain. After the 2 minute warning, a deep pass attempt with Henne having all day, threw an incomplete to the goal line. 2nd a dn 10, with a big ht by Stevie Brown to dislodge the ball from Marlon Moore for the incompletion. 3rd and 10, Miami 50% so far, and Walter McFadden allows Devon Bess to make a make an easy 18 yard completion. 1st and 10 from the 19 yard line, Henne had all day and threw it to the pylon in the corner of the end zone, incomplete. 2nd down, 10th play of the drive and Henne threw the ball out of bounds to Devon Bess, who fell on the 5 yard line. 3rd down, heading to the black hole, and the Raiders give up another pass completion to Devon Bess for 11 yards. 1st and goal, wild cat from the 7, and the draw to Ricky Williams gets a loss of a yard. 2nd down, from the 9 and Henne throws to Fesano to the 5 with 6 Raiders tackling him.  3rd and goal, and great coverage by Branch to hold Miami to a field goal attempt. perfect timing and great use of hands right at the goal line to hang on.


Taking over at the 11 yard line, Grads gets the ball to Zach Miller for a 5 yard pickup in the flat. 2nd down and Darren McFadden gets a gain of 3 into the middle of the defensive line. 3rd and 2 and a nice play to get the ball to Darren McFadden on the flat one on one with a CB, picks up 20. With Miami trying to implement the Wild Cat, the original architect of the play, Darren McFadden gets into the Wild Hog formation, but a time out is called by Miami, who was not ready for the play call.After the time out, Grads with the pick trying to get the ball to Marcel Reece on the wheel route, but under threw him tremendously. Lingering shoulder issue? Who knows. Bad ball? Definitely!

Johnnie Lee Higgins with the tight rope run back on the return to the 26 yard line.

1st down and Bruce hits Ford for 5. 2nd down and the Wild Hog with McFadden giving the ball to Reece, who fumbles and a TD saving tackle by Jacoby Ford.

1st and 10 from the 42 and a reverse to Jacoby Ford who must have forgotten this is football and got smashed on the tackle. Thank God he hung on to the ball. 1st and 10 from the Miami 45, and Bush gets 2 yards up the middle. After the injury to Mario Henderson, Grads gets pressured and forced to throw the ball too quick, and an incompletion. 3rd down and Grads hangs on with pressure in his face and throws a beautiful 44yard TD pass to Jacoby Ford, who tight roped the side lines and outran the pursuit. Great catch, great throw.

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1st Qtr. Fish @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Todays game blogs will be dedicated to him!

How about an opening play TD by Jacoby Ford for the 101 yard kickoff return? Great blocks and awesome jukes and jives to escape 4 tacklers and Jacoby Ford takes it to the house!


Screw up by the officials on the first play by the Raiders special team. The ball went inside the pylon, but Miami got the ball on the 40.

After an opening play completion against Nnamdi, Miami finds out they will have a hard time running the ball today, with a gain of 1 yard by Ronnie Brown. Wild Cat on 2nd gets nothing! Raiders were all over it. 3rd down and an incompletion with Stanford Routt on the tight coverage. Miami converts on the 49 yard field goal.

An 8 yard game on the wild cat call for first down, with Ricky Williams to the left. Tackle by Nnamdi. 2nd down and a gain of 3 by Brown, tackle by Huff, who came up and stuffed that running lane. Miami is challenging Nnamdi today with the 2nd pass completion against him to Devon Bess. Ricky Williams is going to find it hard to run today, especially on the Wild cat against this line. Limited gain on 1st. 2nd down and a screen pass to Williams with a 3 yard gain. Tackle by a closing McClain. From the 37, great pressure on Henne, but the pass got away quick to Fasano who was hit hard by Mike Mitchell. Dolphins to go on 4th. Goal line defense and Miami picked up 2 on the 2nd effort. Great play action froze the defense with Mike Huff getting burned for the TD of 30 yards.

On the 12, Ronnie Brown for 3 yards. 2nd down and a nice strip on Williams by Shaunassey. Miami recovers, but the ball was on the floor forever. Missed opportunity. 3rd down and a big conversion with he Raiders blitzing, and Stanford Routt on the loose coverage. 1st down, big tackle by Seymour for a loss of 1 on Ronnie Brown. 2nd down delayed draw and Williams gets 8. Heavy rush with the Raiders expecting pass allowed him to move untouched for 5 yards. 3rd down and Ronnie Brown gets another 8 yards and the first down.

Leaders -


6-7 100 Yards


R. Williams 3-16 yds
Brown 7-15 yds

Bess 2 for 36 yds.
Hobbs 1 for 29


On the opening possession, quick pass to Reece gets 2 to the left flat. No one accounts for Cameron Wake on 2nd down and McFadden never had a chance to do anything. False start on Jacoby Ford gets us backed up to 3rd and 13. 3rd down gets us to the 20 yard line and a punt back to Miami.

After a nice return from Ford, Murphy has a nice pickup of 29 to get the Raiders offense moving in the right direction! Field looks sloppy with Grads slipping on his drop back. 1st down and McFadden loses 3, with the Raiders trying to push the run to the outside, with the Dolphins not giving ground. 2nd down and another run to the outside with no room again. The Raiders need to pound the ball up the middle. 3rd and 16, and good coverage on a screen attempt gets nothing. Time to punt.

Leaders -
B. Gradkowski
3-4 37 yds
D Mc Fadden 3 for -8 yds
Murphy 1 for 29 yds.

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November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving On Their Minds!!

Tom Cables Press Conference from Monday

Some additional player videos covering topics from the loss to Shittsburgh, how they are progressing and theThanksgiving.

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November 22, 2010

Who Do We Blame?

I am sure by now you've read the quotes from players and fans on the domination of our beloved Raiders yesterday at the hands of the Squeelers. Talk and rhetoric about how our team imploded and how they are not ready to be an elite team.Well, I am saying, not so fast.

I read a comment recently from a fan who said, "All teams are capable of winning on Sunday. They are professional organizations with top tear talent and can play with the best of them." I happen to believe that statement, regardless of which team it is.

Take the Rams for example. OK team of players and talent. Just lacking one key ingredient to be a competitor. You add the one missing piece in at QB, and now look at them. In one year, that team has pulled an about face. Good job to them. Bravo!

Well, I see the same thing here in Oakland. Yeah, they have had some of the pieces all along in Darren McFadden, Nnamdi, Bush and a few others, but we could never put a solid run together. Ladies and Gentlemen, we just won 3 games in a row. 3. Not 1. Not 2, but 3. That is not something that most teams can do. I am not ready to jump the waggon yet, so why are you?

Look, Sunday was a culmination of a number of things that together brought this team down. Remember something, the first 15 minutes, we were in the lead. We held off the Squeeler offense until the last drive of the 1st quarter, when they moved the ball with any consistency, and might I add, a few penalties that gave them easy conversions for first downs.

What were the breakdowns you ask? Easy.

The Offensive Line
The Defensive Secondary
Spotty Quarterback Play
Wide Receivers

Here is the breakdown.

The Offensive line did a piss poor job of giving either of the Quarterbacks any time to throw the ball. Call it skill, call it game planning. The Steelers consistently applied a 7 to 8 man front and most times dropped out into coverage and maybe brought 5-6. Our backs were confused and the lineman didn't know what to expect. A few times, I saw Langston Walker looking in towards the center while a man came free and clear on the right side and caused a tremendous amount of pressure on Campbell and Gradkowski.

When we decided to run the ball, they couldn't block and holes closed as quickly as they opened. Simply put, the Raiders' O-Line did not give this offense the chance to move the ball with the efficiency that we have had in the previous weeks. They fell out of their gaps, they couldn't block and they left the quarterback vulnerable on just about every snap, except for the play when Grads had all day to throw the ball and wound up throwing an incompletion to Murphy along the side lines.

Grade F-

Defensive Secondary

Oh Nnamdi, where for are you? Do you understand now how important this man is to this team? He singlehandedly owns whatever side of the field he is on and forces the plays to the check down man or to the opposite side of the field. Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson look like a bunch of HS hybrid players, just learning the position and playing for the first time. I mean come on CJ, aren't you supposed to look back for the ball when you see the WR anticipating the ball because his eyes turn the size of grapefruits? I could see if on TV, why couldn't you see it when he is running right next to you?

Even on the QB TD run, the entire left side of the field was vacated. Rolando McClain occupied the middle of the field and for some reason, he vacated the position to follow the man playing into his zone on a crossing route across the middle and CJ went with him too. Don't these guys practice what they are doing? Don't they practice these types of plays? 

Whatever it is, John Marshall and the rest of that staff needs to figure it out quick. This along with out O-line is killing us!

Grade F

Quarterback Play

 Look, I am not a Campbell fan, nor a Grads fan. I enjoy whoever is back there heaving the ball consistently. I don't care if you switch the guy out every few possessions to get the most out of them. I've played the QB position and understand what it takes. Quick progression reads, internal 3-4 second clock, anticipation of the route that comes with practice and timing drills and sometimes just the knack to know when to abandon the play and make something happen on your feet or throw it away.

Too many times yesterday I saw Campbell hanging onto the ball for more then 5 seconds. DUDE, YOU'RE GONNA GET KILLED. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BY NOW? Seriously, you have to know by now that with the size and speed of today's defensive lineman, you get a 3 to 4 second window and if you don't have the ball out by then, you had better be moving your ass trying to gain yards with your feet. This isn't New England where the opponents fear the pass so much that they play 6 in the secondary practically the whole game. They knew we were going to run the ball, or try to, and stacking 8 in the box consistently means you have to adjust and not take 20 step drops. Quick slants, screens, ANTICIPATION THROWS, you know the things that gets the ball out to your skill players quickly and timely? It can mean the difference between a QB playing another game in his career and someone who is going to get murdered on the football field.

Grade F-

Wide Receivers

Wow. Lets count 'em. 33 Missed passes. COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How in the hell are we supposed to win the game with 33 missed passes?  Yeah I know, some were high, some were low, but 33 passes? Murph? JLH? Miller? Anyone want to step to the podium of DUH and tell me how we can miss that many balls? Do they just not understand how much wind that takes out of a teams sails? CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!!!!!! This crew should be putting in OT on the Juggs machine this week. I hope the skin peels off of their hands before they stop catching balls! You were just as bad, if not worse then the O-Line.......Great job boys!

Grade - Z-

Is that possible?


This is the last talk out of me regarding this loss to the Squeelers. I refuse to write about how we got our asses handed to us, after being chewed up and spit out in front of National Media, watching in anticipation of a great competitive game between old rivals.

Looks like its us against the world again Nation. Back to the drawing board!!!!

What do you think was the main reason we got hammered yesterday? Leave me a comment.

As always, just a

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November 21, 2010

Post Game Wrap Videos.....Oakland @ Pittsburgh

Tom Cable

Jason Campbell


Bruce Almighty

Robert Gallery

Brandon Myers

All Videos compliments of CSNBayArea

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Sights and Stats From the Game....Oakland Vs. Pittsburgh


B. Gradkowski 13-24 98 Yds 1 INT
J. Campbell 7-19 70 Yrd 1 INT

M. Bush 4 Car 33 Yds. 
D. McFadden 10 Car. 14 Yds.

J. Higgins 4 Rec. 37 Yds.
B. Myers 3 Rec 28 Yds.
J. Ford 2 Rec 27 Yds.
L. Murphy 3 Rec. 25 Yds.

17 First Downs
3-14 Third downs 21%
Total Net Yards 182
7-55 on Penalties
27:13 TOP


B. Roethlisberger 18-29 275 Yds. 3 TD's

R. Mendenhall 23 Car. 59 Yds. 1 TD
B. Roeth....who gives a s*it 3 Car. 55 Yds. 1 TD
I. Redman 5 Car 27 Yds.

M. Wallace 3 Rec. 116 Yds.
E. Sanders 2 Rec. 35 Yds.
H. Ward. 3 Rec. 28 Yds

18 First Downs
7-14 Third downs 50%
Total Net Yards431
14-163 on Penalties
32:47 TOP

AP Photo G. Puskar
He is a Quarterback.....How did he get a rushing TD?????

AP Photo Keith Srakocic

Great fumble Murphy!!!!!

AP Photo Don Wright

 Hey Chris..The ball is already in his hands..........

AP Photo Keith Srakocic 

This is gonna hurt!

AP Photo Keith Srakocic 

So is this.........After the 24 step drop! 

AP Photo G. Puskar

Couldnt get the ball moving, huh Darren?

AP Photo Keith Srakocic 

The extra effort that got the win! 

AP Photo G. Puskar

Just like the game......we were on our heads the whole game!!! 

AP Photo Keith Srakocic

 Like criminal element........ Need a cop to escort him....

AP Photo Keith Srakocic

 You got knocked the F*ck out!!!!

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Final Qtr. Oakland @ Squeelers


Well, another quarter opens up with another TD on Defense. Won't comment on that.

After some back and forth The Squeelers punt it away, and so did CBS for what they called a "More Competitive Game" LOL.

So first and 10, a 7 yard pickup by Rashard Mendenhall. 2nd down and no running room, as the Raiders are anticipating the run. 3rd and three, Rolando McClain had a chance on a big hit, and he whiffed. LOL. Whats the deal. Ben got a first down and didn't pay for it? Oh well. First down and a 4 yard gain and a time out by the Raiders. Rubbing it in, Ben throws the 38 yard hookup to Mike Wallace over Michael Huff. Kind of a message to Richard Seymour, you think? Pitch to Mendenhall and Tyvon Branch caused a fumble and Queinten Groves gets the ball! FIRST DOWN!!! Oh wait, doesn't mean anything. We're getting spanked.

First down and a whiff by Rolando McClain on the back, allows him to get back to the line of scrimmage. 2nd down and the obvious lack of interest in the game and a run for 18 yards and another first down. After a 6 yard gain, the 2 minute warning saves us from at least 5 minutes more of punishment. A 2 yard gain gets the Squeelers to the 17. 3rd down screen and a TD by Iisac Redman. Stevie Brown with a nice hit, kinda hooked him like George Atkinson used to do! 


Our first possession on Offense opens at the 20. Shotgun set and a productive screen for 6. 2nd down and a catchable ball to Zack Miller, which he should have caught. 3rd and 4 and a wheel route to Darren McFadden gets us the first down. First down to Nick Miller and a gain of 4. Quick passes are making the difference. Run lanes opening up and Bush getting through. Nice play on Zack, by Troy Palamalu. The ball was low, but Troy ripped it out of Millers hands, and forced the punt.

9:43 to go and we start on the 16. Quick pass to Murphy who threw down a nice blow and put the defender on his ass. 2nd down, Bush for 4 and a first down.Bruce Graskowski picks up 13 for the first down, on first down with a scamper to the right after the defense tightened up in the secondary. 1st down, shotgun and Grads held the ball and 7 rushed, with Bryant McFadden getting to him with a loss of 9. 2nd down and a delayed blitz forced the quick and low throw to Louis Murphy, for the incomplete. 3rd down and some miscommunication between Grads and Murphy, for what could have been a first down. That's just due to the change in QB and the anticipation needed between players to know where to run the route and where the other is going. Practice will fix that.

First down and an offsides on Harrison. Thanks for the 5 yard gimme. Appreciate that. First and 5, and almost completed to Fox of the Steelers. I think the guys have given up now.n2nd and 5, and a completion to Brandon Myers for 5 yards. First Down for the stats.First down and another completion to Brandon Myers who got 7 yards. 2nd down and a screen from the Umpire caused the incompletion. Quick slant to JLH on 3rd down, and he had a flashback to the San Diego Choker game where he got crushed over the middle and he just let the ball go. And on 4th down, turnover on downs on the incomplete to Brandon Myers.

Nice pickup on 1sty down by Bush, and after another sack, a quick pass to Nick Miller ended this route....

Oh the stories that will be coming from this game...

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3rd Qtr. Raiders @ Squeelers


Offense leads the way after kicking the ball to open up the 2nd half. I see Gradkowski warming up, which could be a good thing, because we need that energy boost.

Opening up on the 26 yard line, here comes Campbell. He has been sacked 3 times and 6 hurries. Opening pass for 9 yards to JLH on a curl route. Picking up the first with Reece on a 3 yard pickup up the gut. Play action but leading Murphy too far to the outside and an incomplete pass. 2nd down pitch and Darren McFadden went down and didn't deliver the blow for some reason. What was that? Why was he scared? Campbell falls on his face and gives James Harrison a gimme sack. Great job!

The first attempt by Miller to get a return for once this game and Miller gets 5 on the return. Raiders start inside the 35.

Do I even need to write about this offense? A screen pass to Marcel Reece and an interception? What an idiot Campbell is for not being able to complete a 6 yard pass.

1st down and Darren McFadden gets the ball for 4 yards, pushing his average to 1.1 per carry. Wooo Hoooo. 2nd down and Campbell bounces the ball to him, 5 yards short of his hands. Cable looks at Campbell like, "What are you doing you idiot?" 3rd and 6 and a pick 6. Bullshit call on Harrison, Campbell officially sucks! False start moves us back 5 yards. so 1st and 15 from the 18 and James Farrior jumped across the line prior to the snap. That'll get us back the 5 we just lost. This game is getting out of hand. 1st and 10, and a holding call moves us back 10. This is like a ping pong game. So first and 20, and Troy Palamalu gets into the backfield and slows down McFadden, who gets back to the line of scrimmage. 2nd and 20, and Campbell overthrew Jacoby Ford by 10 feet and is driven into the ground. 3rd down and a dump off to McFadden is lost and almost threw another interception.

HERE COMES BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 20, the moves to avoid the sack and the pass gets the ball to JLH for a 6 yard pickup. Thats what we needed! A spark. 2nd down, quick pass to Bush gets a yard. Quick pass to Zack Miller gets the 1st DOWN!!!!!!!  Motion on 1st. Empty backfield and a false start. Need these boys to calm down. Grads is there now. Lets get this going. 1st and 15, offsides which will be declined. Brandon Myers for the first down going for 12. Nice play.  Another first down to Jacoby Ford. Moving the ball. 1st down and the rush opens up because of the pass. Bush gets 24 yards. Play action and Grads knew where to go with the ball. That was due to a lack of practice. Incpomplete but its ok. 2nd down and 10, all day to throw the ball, because of the run game now a threat and an incomplete. Great pocket awareness though. You can sense it. 3rd and 10, and a shotgun set, Grads made a anticipation throw and Jacoby Ford didn't look up to see the blitz coming.


Starting the half on the 28, the Squeelers get to play without the pressure of Big Rich Seymour. Hopefully being ejected was only for this game. If another comes, this could be a big loss for us.

So hand tackles and Mendenhall got a yard prior to the holding call. 1st and 20 isn't that big of a deal for the Squeelers thus far, but lets hope that changes. So on the screen attempt, incomplete. good pressure from Kelly. Mike Mitchell, a quiet day so far today made a great play to bring down the screen. Squeelers lose another O-linenman. 3rd and 26 and Mouldey Moore gets a nice gain, but another Squeeler O-lineman went down. They're falling like flies. Oakland refused the penalty for holding and will get the ball back.

Well, after the interception, The Squeelers get a nice run that gets called back after a holding. After the call, Lamar Houston gets a nice tackle for a short gain. He then comes up big on the next play and makes a big sack against Ben for a loss of 5. 3rd down and saw some nice stunts by the d line to get the O-lineman out of their sets. Ben bought some time and tried to get the ball to Mike Wallace, but he turned his head too early and forgot to catch the ball.

AP Photo

So the fights keep coming. Bodies flying everywhere and penalty flags being thrown all over the place. A nice pickup by the Tight End and a penalty for clearing up the pile on the Squeelers gets a referres suck chant from the crowd. Mike Huff stops that drive sequence with a catch and rip from the hands of the intended receiver in the end zone. Punt time!

Last play of the Qtr and a short game.

First Half Stats Oakland @ Squeelers


Campbell 6-13 61 Yards
Darren McFadden 7 Car. 8 Yds.
Mike Bush 1 Car. 3 Yds.
JLH 2 Rec. 23 Yds.
Louis Murphy 2 Rec. 16 Yds. 1 FMBL


Ben Roethlisberger 12-19 152 Yds. 1 TD passing 1 rushing
R. Mendinghall 15 Car. 42 Yds.
M. Wallace 1 Car. 19 Yds.
E. Sanders 2 Rec 35 Yds.
H. Ward 3 Rec. 28 Yds.
M. Wallace 1 Rec 26 Yds.

and 6 others. Disgusting!!!

2nd Qtr..... Raiders @ Squeelers


14 plays, 85 yards and 8 minutes on the field is not gonna do it. We have to show more resolve to control this offense, because we can not play from behind on these boys and think we are going to have a chance. We have to do a better job, settle down and get into the flow of the game. The adrenaline is gone now. Time to play based on what we practiced all week. The defense needs some rest. Lets see how the offense can help!

You can thrown out the return on special teams. If Hiram Eugene wasn't held, that return and would have been crushed as soon as he caught the ball. That hold was to protect the returner, no doubt.

So the Squeelers start the drive on the 23 and lose 2 on the stretch run play to the left. 2nd down and 12, and Ben really forced the ball into a small space, because he had time. We need to get people up the gut on him and get him out of the pocket. Where are you Seymour? Oh there you are. HAHAHAHA. The next play that went to Miller in the flat, Seymour put someone on their ass and the Squeelers got pissy. A little scrum broke out and the high energy Lamar Houston started pushing his weight around. Hope he can use that energy to get some sacks. How about that bro? Johnaton Scott is out, on a depleted O-line. 2st down and a 4 yd gain and they gave it back on 2nd down, with a nice tackle by Kameron Wimbley with that containment on the outside. Great play. 3rd down, and the Raiders had a great attempt for an interception by Chris Johnson, just out of his reach, but holding the Squeelers to a 4th down on the incomplete pass. 

Steelers begin at the 43 and on their opening play, Tommy Kelly finally gets push up the middle and bats down the ball. Great play. 2nd down and the double reverse play gets the Squeelers 19 yards. too much pursuit can hurt. An illegal block helped him too. We're starting to get out of rythem now, with Kelly jumping offsides. Lets get to Ben once and the flood gates will open up. So 1st and 5, holding on the Mendenhall rush will get the offense moving backwards and get us to a 1st and 15. HENDERSON with the big penetration on the screen attempt. That disrupted the play so much it forced Ben to throw the incompletion. 2nd down and Chris Johnson again playing blind to the receiver allowing a 20 yard completion play and a huge first down. 1st down, and way too much time for Ben, allowing him to throw to the endzone. We need to BLITZ THE BALL MORE!!!!!! 2nd down and a closing hole allowed 5 yards by Mendenhall. We need a stop here to give us a chance here before the end of the half. Huge mistake puts us down 14-3. This defense is tired and I'm sorry, but Jason Campbell needs to step it up here by the end of the half, or his head will be called for.

Bad spot to start on the 36 for this defense. 1st down, and a completion for 8. 2nd down and Mendenhall almost lst the ball, but Shaunassey tackled him and he went down after catching his fumble in mid air. After the 2 minute break, a 5 yard quick play to Hines Ward keeps the clock running and the drive moving too, as Huff gets the tackle. Ben to Sanders for the touchdown and Ben gets the crap knocked out of him. Had what he had coming to him, with his glass jaw. Seymour slapped the shit out of him, and I believe his fines will be paid for by the attorney's of those girls that Rotheslisberger molested.


So great return and the offense opens it up on the 25. Langston Walker forgot to do his job and we lose 9 yards deep on our end of the field. What was he looking at? 2nd down, were forced to rush the ball and Darren is met at the line for no gain, tackled by 6 Squeelers. Third down with a 4 man blitz and an attempt to get the ball to Zach Miller just out of his grasp. Time to punt, and not a good sign.

1st down on our 2nd possession of the qtr and Darren McFadden gets 1 yard on the left side. 2nd down, and couldn't get the ball into Ford. 3rd down, and no luck against this defense. Shane is getting a lot of work.

A few observations about this offense, seems to be the Raiders MO through this winning streak. We come in at Half and make some changes to the scheme and get some resurgence in the 3rd quarter, but we need to go in at half with some sense of offensive momentum. Cant rely on a big comeback against this team and need to start making some progress in moving the ball. We should have 1-2 more possessions of the ball this quarter, so we need to make them count.

Si illegal block in the back gets us the ball on the 10. Draw to Mike Bush gets us 3 on 1st down. Would like to see some quick slants. I said quick and what does Campbell do? He goes back on a 7 step drop and gets his hand slapped for the sack fumble. With 3:10 to go, and the Raiders reeling on Defense, the Squeelers call a time out. No sense of urgency on offense. Huge pass interference call on Ike Taylor may have been the answer we needed. An automatic first down will keep us moving, but we need to do it on the field by completing passes and running the damn ball. Huge fumble by Louis Murphy trying to do too much and lost the ball like an idiot on a strip. It would have been the catch we needed, with Campbell getting out of pressure and doing a great job moving his feet in the pocket, but Murphy not having the presence of mind to cover up the ball and trying to do too damn much exposed him to the fumble and a huge turnover. 

At this point, the next drive starts with a sack and Campbell is a wounded duck.

Grads time.

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