November 7, 2010

First Half Of Football Done. Did they live up to the Hype? Chiefs @ Raiders


Second quarter begins on the 6 yard line. A hard slant catch ruled a TD is challenged by Tom Cable which shows the receiver was down by contact. GREAT CALL TOM!!!! That put KC at the 1 yard line and they get a holding call which puts them down to the 11 yard line. The Refs are really screwing the pooch in this game, making 2 ridiculous calls, one on the PI and the second on the 1st down by KC on the 1.

Anyhow, back to game play, 1st and goal on the 11 after the holding. Wouldn't you know it, a practice squad receiver beats Chris Johnson on a fade route. What happened to his starting potential? He held down the opposite side of the field with Nnamdi last year, now he seems to be wearing the crown of thorns that Stanford Routt has carried for the last few years.

Lookie here, another challenge, another over turned call. The receivers left foot came down and his body went out of bounds before a second foot or body part came down, but again a screwed up call by the zebras. What a ridiculous call. He was clearly down. Time for this damn offense to get something moving! Whats the deal??? 

Wow, fumble picked up by Seymour and he fumbled again back to the Chiefs. GET ON THE BALL!!!!!!!! After a 2nd and 17, the Chiefs throw a quick pass for 2 yards. On 3rd down, the Raiders step it up and hold KC to just 6 yards on a run, giving the Chiefs a field goal attempt of 43 putting the Chiefs up 10-0. Great job defense holding them, but Seymour could have had the ball back for us!

More on the defense, as the Chiefs get the ball back on the 35 yard line. Good old Stanford Routt plays off of Dwayne Bowe for 7 yards. 2nd down, and Seymour absolutely demolishes Thomas Jones. Huge stop on 3rd down and the Chiefs go three and out. Lets see what the offense can do getting a present  of another possession.

Seems like the Chiefs have had the ball thew whole game leading up to now. KC gets the ball back on the 20 yard line, with a deflected pass by Matt Shaunassey, but it doesn't mean anything because the Raiders were lined up offside. Just stupid penalties.So on first and 5, another marker against the Raiders for offside. We just gave the Chiefs a first down for free! 10 yards without them doing anything! On first and 10, a clear holding on Kameron Wimbley gave Jamal Charles the corner, but doesn't matter. Its coming back. 1st and 20, and a run to the right gets 3. Great movement by the line to the ball. 2nd down, and a 28 yard gain by the TE. First down they get one and whats this on 2nd down? A Blitz? Wow, what a concept. Great pressure forces a 3rd down. Just like the team, guess who, Chris Johnson allows 19 yards for a first down on the 34.  Short gain by Thomas Jones. Literally inches. Bowe gains 9 on the first play after the 2 minute break, to guess who's side? After a for sure first down, missed by the TE, the Chiefs attempt a 41 yard field goal and just get it inside the right upright. The 2nd attempt of 51 was a fake and a pooch punt that goes into the end zone for a touch back. Raiders at the 20.

The last possession for KC ended the half after some great play and some not so great play by Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson who gave the Chiefs the ball inside the 5, to then have the ball intercepted by Jeremy Ware, who could be the hero of the game, keeping the score at halftime at 10-0.
 Michael Huff also came up with a huge sack.


Offense starts out with a quick out route by the FB, Marcel Reese. We seem so stagnant so far. Another run by McFadden and a holding call speak to the way this team is playing. 4 freakin penalties so far. Just undisciplined play! On 2nd and 19, the ball spits loose out of McFaddens hands and the Chiefs get the ball on the 25 yard line. WOW!!!!!

After getting the ball on the 29, the Flea Flicker was wide open but Campbell under threw the ball. Jacoby Ford has got to get back to the ball. Jesus Christ. Now Bush with a first down and then some, we get a bulls*it penalty calling that run back! Illegal shift by the center? Another fumble and the boos are starting to rain down like the weather. The Raiders are sitting on their hands this game so far. What a huge disappointment so far for this sell out crowd.

Starting it out on 1st down, the Chiefs contain the rush to the right, with Darren getting 3. Deep throw by Campbell was absolutely dropped by Jacoby Ford. Right in his hands. Any other receiver would have made that play and we needed that one. Just let the air out of the drive and after a short screen try, time to punt again! Someone needs to step up! Cough Cough!!!

First down and an pick.

Here are the first half stats....

Jason Campbell
4 of 10 18 yards 1 INT.

Darren McFadden
7 for 28

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