November 22, 2010

Who Do We Blame?

I am sure by now you've read the quotes from players and fans on the domination of our beloved Raiders yesterday at the hands of the Squeelers. Talk and rhetoric about how our team imploded and how they are not ready to be an elite team.Well, I am saying, not so fast.

I read a comment recently from a fan who said, "All teams are capable of winning on Sunday. They are professional organizations with top tear talent and can play with the best of them." I happen to believe that statement, regardless of which team it is.

Take the Rams for example. OK team of players and talent. Just lacking one key ingredient to be a competitor. You add the one missing piece in at QB, and now look at them. In one year, that team has pulled an about face. Good job to them. Bravo!

Well, I see the same thing here in Oakland. Yeah, they have had some of the pieces all along in Darren McFadden, Nnamdi, Bush and a few others, but we could never put a solid run together. Ladies and Gentlemen, we just won 3 games in a row. 3. Not 1. Not 2, but 3. That is not something that most teams can do. I am not ready to jump the waggon yet, so why are you?

Look, Sunday was a culmination of a number of things that together brought this team down. Remember something, the first 15 minutes, we were in the lead. We held off the Squeeler offense until the last drive of the 1st quarter, when they moved the ball with any consistency, and might I add, a few penalties that gave them easy conversions for first downs.

What were the breakdowns you ask? Easy.

The Offensive Line
The Defensive Secondary
Spotty Quarterback Play
Wide Receivers

Here is the breakdown.

The Offensive line did a piss poor job of giving either of the Quarterbacks any time to throw the ball. Call it skill, call it game planning. The Steelers consistently applied a 7 to 8 man front and most times dropped out into coverage and maybe brought 5-6. Our backs were confused and the lineman didn't know what to expect. A few times, I saw Langston Walker looking in towards the center while a man came free and clear on the right side and caused a tremendous amount of pressure on Campbell and Gradkowski.

When we decided to run the ball, they couldn't block and holes closed as quickly as they opened. Simply put, the Raiders' O-Line did not give this offense the chance to move the ball with the efficiency that we have had in the previous weeks. They fell out of their gaps, they couldn't block and they left the quarterback vulnerable on just about every snap, except for the play when Grads had all day to throw the ball and wound up throwing an incompletion to Murphy along the side lines.

Grade F-

Defensive Secondary

Oh Nnamdi, where for are you? Do you understand now how important this man is to this team? He singlehandedly owns whatever side of the field he is on and forces the plays to the check down man or to the opposite side of the field. Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson look like a bunch of HS hybrid players, just learning the position and playing for the first time. I mean come on CJ, aren't you supposed to look back for the ball when you see the WR anticipating the ball because his eyes turn the size of grapefruits? I could see if on TV, why couldn't you see it when he is running right next to you?

Even on the QB TD run, the entire left side of the field was vacated. Rolando McClain occupied the middle of the field and for some reason, he vacated the position to follow the man playing into his zone on a crossing route across the middle and CJ went with him too. Don't these guys practice what they are doing? Don't they practice these types of plays? 

Whatever it is, John Marshall and the rest of that staff needs to figure it out quick. This along with out O-line is killing us!

Grade F

Quarterback Play

 Look, I am not a Campbell fan, nor a Grads fan. I enjoy whoever is back there heaving the ball consistently. I don't care if you switch the guy out every few possessions to get the most out of them. I've played the QB position and understand what it takes. Quick progression reads, internal 3-4 second clock, anticipation of the route that comes with practice and timing drills and sometimes just the knack to know when to abandon the play and make something happen on your feet or throw it away.

Too many times yesterday I saw Campbell hanging onto the ball for more then 5 seconds. DUDE, YOU'RE GONNA GET KILLED. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BY NOW? Seriously, you have to know by now that with the size and speed of today's defensive lineman, you get a 3 to 4 second window and if you don't have the ball out by then, you had better be moving your ass trying to gain yards with your feet. This isn't New England where the opponents fear the pass so much that they play 6 in the secondary practically the whole game. They knew we were going to run the ball, or try to, and stacking 8 in the box consistently means you have to adjust and not take 20 step drops. Quick slants, screens, ANTICIPATION THROWS, you know the things that gets the ball out to your skill players quickly and timely? It can mean the difference between a QB playing another game in his career and someone who is going to get murdered on the football field.

Grade F-

Wide Receivers

Wow. Lets count 'em. 33 Missed passes. COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How in the hell are we supposed to win the game with 33 missed passes?  Yeah I know, some were high, some were low, but 33 passes? Murph? JLH? Miller? Anyone want to step to the podium of DUH and tell me how we can miss that many balls? Do they just not understand how much wind that takes out of a teams sails? CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!!!!!! This crew should be putting in OT on the Juggs machine this week. I hope the skin peels off of their hands before they stop catching balls! You were just as bad, if not worse then the O-Line.......Great job boys!

Grade - Z-

Is that possible?


This is the last talk out of me regarding this loss to the Squeelers. I refuse to write about how we got our asses handed to us, after being chewed up and spit out in front of National Media, watching in anticipation of a great competitive game between old rivals.

Looks like its us against the world again Nation. Back to the drawing board!!!!

What do you think was the main reason we got hammered yesterday? Leave me a comment.

As always, just a

Chaotic View


  1. i dont think you can blame anyone person. that being said the o-line played like crap,wr and te couldnt catch the 7 year itch if they had a 8 year headstart. D started out really good then seem to cave after the 1st Q . i also agree with campbell needs to get the ball out quick you have to know who your hot read is and get the ball to them. this o-line is not the one that The Snake played behind where he had time to smoke a cig and drink a beer before he threw the ball. ball has to come out quicker

  2. JaMarcus Campbell...I blame him. When the team won 3 in a row too many gave him the credit for the wins, so he has to get the blame for that loss. Bruce isn't the answer either, Neither is Vince Young (when/if he is released) Shocker..Raiders and QB problems

  3. Blame the Cornerbacks Coach !!

  4. we win and lose as a team. In previous wins it was ST, D, and running the ball with timed COMPLETED passes down field. They were flat,JC not efficient, D collapsed. Big Rich finally lost it with a smug word from Ben!! Pitts o-line(kemeato) was litterly wrestling him and TK to the ground but few holding calls-esp first quarter. I was afraid of this d composure without ASO in the line-up but it was right call that field would have re-injured that ankle--