January 31, 2012

The Nation Polarized..... On Greg Knapp

Took an informal poll of the Raider Nation on the hiring of Greg Knapp and got some interesting feedback. I am seriously concerned of the polarization these choices have been making, some popular, some not so much. I think the unfortunate thing with Greg is that he was a part of the Jamarcus Russell era and that name has yet to rid itself from the mouth of the Nation.

Here is the feedback I received:


@MacRaider187 - well as long as we don't bring back Art Shell I guess I'm ok with it. Were a Run 1st team anyways. Knapp has that track record

@R8ers4Life - I hate it but I will support my Raiders no matter what.

@Raidermosesj - Retread--nuff' said...

@Caldwell_26 - hes a raider I now have faith.

@socalimex1 - last time he was fed J. Russell! Lets give the man a chance b4 we run him over with the bus. Russell was really that bad!

@ISmashedUrGirl - I wish they would've kept Al Saunders...if they hire a nobody DC..I'm watching Rugby next season...


Troy Tremaine - who?

Chaotic View

Christopher M. Dirks - He did alright in Houston. You can't judge him with J-Rus. That's not fair.
Freddie Flores - Weak! Knapp is a joke. Last time he was our OC, he got stripped of play calling
Raider Bill - I think he will be alright this time around since our coaches have full control over the team! Look what he did with the texans! Made the playoffs for the 1st time and with back up QBs!

Miguel Martinez - I guess time will tell...did a good job with cards he was delt with in Houston...we have a better roster then when he was with us the first time and it's a total different scenario with the coaching and front office situation. Utilize our weapons and we can be a force to recon with! 1 Nation Baby!!

Johnny Gardner - Im not the biggest Greg Knapp fan but hes never had very good talent to work with n Oaklands throw it deep offense is completely outdated.

Jeff Beekman  - I dont like the move I liked Al Saunders... damn.

Nicholas Chen - Greg Knapp didnt work out too well for the Raiders the first time I think it would be a big mistake brining him back I think The Raiders should keep Al Saunders as OC.

Jason Rasmussen - oh.......fudge....
Whether or not you want to admit it or not, the Raider Nation is becoming polarized. Torn between their love of the team and common sense, it's becoming harder and harder to sell everyone on the direction the team is going.
I look to see plenty of empty seats and Season Ticket Holders really making this a tough year in the O.co unless a big fish is landed in free agency to spark a better feeling.
What are your thoughts?

January 30, 2012

Post Conference Wrap Up.......... 10 Observations

First off, I wanted to say thank you to the members of Raider Nation that dropped by to leave me a question or comment in my inaugural chat. You guys made it fun and something I will not forget.

Back to business. What to think about Dennis Allen and the press conference that we all watched today.

Here are my 10 observations:

1. Reggie McKenzie took a lot of hits as a linebacker. You know how they all say that certain people have the smarts for certain jobs. Well, lets just say that I am glad that Reggie is in a football and talent position because if he worked in some other arena, I don't think he would survive. Not the sharpest knife in the bunch if you know what I am saying. Lets see how his head coach pick does for him.

2. Dennis Allen is obviously drinking the Raider Organization Kool Aide. I hate that as a fan, who supports this team, we ask a question of them as to specifics on coaches and other things and they give us a circle jerk. Always beating around the bush and never being up front and honest. What is it with these jokers? Are they holding secrets of National Security? We deserve the right as paying patrons of this team and their revenue flow to know what is happening with the team and how that may or may not impact us.

3. Mark Davis is resentful. Mike Silver recently posted an article talking about how Mark Davis is over his head. He does not know football, he was not ready to take on the team and he is not a leader. He is playing that part and is single-handily taking apart what his father put together. Could what Mike Silver said be accurate? That Al Davis asked Mark a few years back what he thought during the draft, he gave some stupid answer about needing a wide receiver and Al Davis basically called him stupid and a disgrace and kicked him out of the war room? I believe it and if what I am seeing is really what I am seeing, Mark Davis is finally getting the revenge he has been craving for a long time by making this "HIS TEAM" with "His General Manager" and His General Managers' "Coach with His Staff". All of these things clearly indicate that this current regime is leaving the past behind. Al should have hired a GM while he had the chance and left his legacy in good hands.

4. Hue Jackson was fired because what I said above in #3. He was Al Davis' guy and saw that Mark Davis didn't know anything about football and took the reigns of that aspect of the team at a critical time last year. After the year was over, I bet Hue tried to punk Mark and Mark woke up and said, yeah I am going to get rid of someone who challenges my choice. That was made clear by Hue when he did his press conference on NFL Network when he said Mark wanted him out. These two knew too much about one another and Mark saw Hue as a direct challenge to him as an owner. Too bad Hue. You were a casualty of Al passing.

5. Nothing has changed in Oakland. Its still the good ole' boys club. You are either on the inside or you don't exist. This picture says it all. I can just hear the mumbles under their breath.

6. Don't expect any major changes on the squad, except for the fact that I believe players will get the boot if they don't perform. That is the one bright spot. I hope to God these scholarship players.... cough cough Stanford Routt.... get their walking papers and we bring in players who really want to play for the sport and not because they are making a good paycheck.

7. Carson Palmer is our starting Quarterback. Even though they wont say it because they want competition, in the preseason workouts and through out camp, he is the starter. Thanks. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, this signing was too expensive for him not to be the starter. Turns out you can't get draft picks back. The Carson Palmer Era is upon us. Thanks Jason. Good Luck!

8. Al Saunders will not be back as Offensive Coordinator unless their arms get twisted. Based on the comments from Dennis Allen during his introductory press conference, he said they were still weighing their options at that spot. Not good for continuity.

9. Dennis Allen is going to be bringing in a staff of people he knows. They went after Todd Bowles, who flat out rejected their offer and went instead to Philly to become their defensive backfield coach. Says a lot about what the rest of the league thinks about a coaching position for the Raiders.

10. Our past will not define us. Sorry Raider Nation. This is not the Raiders you used to know. Could be good, could be bad. One thing is for sure, Al Davis is gone and a new regime is taking over.


Here are some highlights from the Press Conference.

Leave me some of your thoughts. What did you get out of the Press Conference?

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Introducing Dennis Allen... Chaotic Chat Style

Hey Raider Nation.....

I know there is the possibility that you may not get the feed live because they limit your bandwidth at work or maybe you are still on dial up..... LOL.... but either way, I am going to go live with my chat today here on Chaotic View. Interract with me live from Twitter using Hash Tag #Chaos to feed into the blog or join me on Chaotic View at http://www.facebook.com/ChaoticView#!/ChaoticView?sk=app_370205236326754

Of course, you could just come here and see the chat as well, but with the Social Media sites that I know you visit diring lunch, I figured I would make it easier on you to just visit there.

See you at Noon!

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January 26, 2012

Searching Through The Rumor Mill.......

Its been a slow week for news around the Raider Nation.... LOL.... Not.... but really, after the "signing" of Dennis Allen, mum is the word out of the Raiders Camp. That is.... Until now....

My insider has contacted me and told me that there is a candidate that Dennis Allen is looking at to run his defense and sorry Nation, its not Jack Del Rio. Since he has the ability to manage his own staff, I truly believe that this information is credible, looking at the potential candidate.

Drum Roll Please.................

Richard Smith.....

Who? What the? Huh?

Yeah..... Richard Smith. So who is he?

Well, he just so happens to currently be the linebackers coach for the Denver Donkeys. He has also served as the Defensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins (2005), Houston Texans (2006-2008) and the Linebackers Coach for the Carolina Panthers (2009-2010)

The information on him is still raw, but I did manage to pull up the rankings on those teams for the years indicated above.....

D- Coordinator
Miami Dolphins 2005 - 18th Overall 23rd against the pass and 17th against the rush.

D- Coordinator
Houston Texans 2006 - 24th Overall 22nd against the pass and 20th against the rush.
Houston Texans 2007 - 24th Overall 25th against the pass and 19th against the rush.
Houston Texans 2008 - 22nd Overall 17th against the pass and 23th against the rush.

Linebackers Coach
Carolina Panthers 2009 - 8th Overall 4th against the pass and 22nd against the rush.
Carolina Panthers 2010 - 18th Overall 11th against the pass and 23rd against the rush.

Linebackers Coach
Denver Donkeys 2011 - 18th Overall 20th against the pass and 22th against the rush.

Let me know your thoughts. I mean, maybe the guy was on a good staff in Carolina for the 2009 season, but other then that, I don't see any positive trends over the long haul.... but then again.... anything is better then Chuck Bresnahan. Makin Change!

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January 25, 2012

Common Sense......Time To Come Up...... Free Agency

After the hiring of Dennis Allen, I figured there is enough talk about who he is and what he has done so far in his coaching career and decided to stay away from telling you yet again the same Wiki information you have read about a hundred times already.

What I will do is talk to you all about what the Raiders need to do going into the next year to improve this team at the positions I feel we are the weakest at.

Here are the current Raider Free Agents:

UFA: Unrestricted free agent; a player who has completed four or more accrued seasons and whose contract has expired.
RFA: Restricted free agent; a player who has completed three accrued seasons and whose contract has expired.

  • Jason Campbell QB – UFA
  • Khalif Barnes T – UFA
  • Kyle Boller QB – UFA
  • Michael Bush RB – UFA
  • Rock Cartwright RB – UFA
  • Stephon Heyer OL – UFA
  • T.J. Houshmanzadeh WR – UFA
  • Marcel Reece FB — UFA
  • Samson Satele C – UFA
  • Chaz Schilens WR – UFA
  • Darryl Blackstock LB – UFA
  • Desmond Bryant DL – RFA
  • Tyvon Branch SS – UFA
  • Matt Giordano – UFA
  • Quentin Groves LB – UFA
  • Jarvis Moss DE – UFA
  • Trevor Scott DE – UFA
  • Lito Sheppard – UFA
  • Jon Condo LS – UFA
  • Bryan McCann – UFA

In previous blogs, here and here, I posted my comments on certain players and who balled out and who simply busted out. Well, because of the fact that the Raiders have a large amount of free agents and limited draft picks, I thought I would fill in the gaps on our glaring needs from the waiver/free agency wire.

Carl Nicks - Guard - Cooper Carslie is getting old and needs to be replaced. This guy is going to be a hot commodity this offseason. Hopefully courted by us.

Cortland Finnegan - CB - Standford Routt is not a top flight CB, but with the youth at that position, I would say we need to get rid of his 54 million contract and spend it on a guy who is tough and only commits penalties when he is punching someone in the face.

Calais Campbell - DE - Going to the 3-4...... we need some speed on the outside. Hybrid DE that can rush the end well. Has 21 career sacks at the age of 25.

Dwayne Bowe - WR - Chaz "Glass Chin" Schillins, and Louis "Cancer" Murphy are way beyond their time. We need those roster spots for people who actually want to play.

Brodrick Bunkley - DT - Going 3-4? Want a familiar face? Bring in one of your tools Allen.... No better place to start then your former team.

Reggie Wayne - WR - Wow, talk about a retread that could be had at a discount. I would love for this guy to provide a presence on this team that would help DHB and Jacoby Ford become a better squad. Paired with Dwayne Bowe, this may be too lethal of a team to have even your best day as a defensive backfield and not expect Carson Palmer to light it up.

Jon Condo - LS - Just sign him. He is a Raider for life.

Matt Giordiano - FS - Played well enough to earn and keep a starting job. He can only get better.

Tyvonn Branch - SS - Hard hitter, good blitzer and proven team member. Resign for sure.

Marcel Reece - FB - Need I say anymore? Just the name is synonymous with success. Pay him!

Michael Bush - RB - A quality backup to Darren McFadden who is often hurt. If we do not keep McFadden and trade him and make a run at Arian Foster (Who is a life long Raider Fan by the way)  in my opinion, we don't skip a beat in the backfield.

Rock Cartwright - RB - Perennial special teams player who is always around the ball and does what he needs to to finish his career with the Raiders. He is a fan favorite and one of the old goats that the team looks to for leadership!

It is yet to be seen as to whether or not Jason Campbell will stick it out with the team. Just him being in the locker room last year polarized the WR group into who their loyalty was finishing out the season. I think if he is going to stay, then Carson has to go, but if not, he can not be in the Raiders locker room next to Palmer and cause a huge separation through the rest of the offense. Guys pick their guy. Carson was Hue's guy and came in and played great ball for the limited time he was exposed to the offense. Our productivity increased and our average yards per game in the air increased. Like I said though, Jason Campbell was the QB who began the success and guys don't forget that. I would be surprised if he stayed with the team and didn't bicker about not being named the starter.

Speaking of the QB position, can we just release Kyle Boller now please? I heard TO was looking for a new QB. We should look for someone to play and compete with Terrell Pryor for the 2nd spot.

Anyhow, that's what I think we should do to get this team better. Some you may agree with, some you may not, but I would love to hear why...... Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

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January 24, 2012

Quick Blast on Dennis Allen....... From The Senior Bowl...

You wont get a lot from this interview, but this ladies and gentlemen is Dennis Allen, current Denver Bronco defensive coordinator is interviewing with the Raiders for the second time. Could he be the next man up? We should find out soon.

Video courtesy CSNBayArea via Paul Guttierez

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January 23, 2012

Diamond In The Rough.......

So it has been a quiet few weeks.... No real news to write about except that Paul Guttierez ran into Reggie McKenzie at the airport and asked him how everything was going. Mentioned a few names about possible coaching candidates and even got specific about Jon Gruden. Reggie just laughed and said there is a possibility that we could have our man by this next Saturday. I say, hold your horses..... There is someone that has not been named this year with any link to the coaching search and I believe it would be a mistake to not even look into the thought. His name...... Kevin Gilbride.....

You ask, who the hell is Kevin Gilbride? I say..... lets dive into it......

He went to Southern Connecticut State University, where he played both quarterback and tight end. He would later coach at his alma mater for five seasons starting in 1980 and compiled a 35-14-2 overall record. He was an assistant coach at American International College (AIC) in Springfield, Massachusetts.From 1985 to 1986 he served as an assistant with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League.

NFL Experience.... Gilbride served as the San Diego Chargers head coach from 1997-1998. Sure they didn't win a lot of games, but the Chargers roster sucked. Can't blame him.

Since 1990, Gilbride has served as an assistant with a number of NFL franchises, working as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. Those franchises include the Houston Oilers (1990–1994), Jacksonville Jaguars (1995–1996), Pittsburgh Steelers (1999–2000), Buffalo Bills (2002–2003), and currently is the offensive coordinator with the New York Giants, with whom he earned a Super Bowl ring.

Speaking of the Giants.... They are now in the Superbowl for the second time under Kevin's offensive tutelage. Pretty impressive that no one has approached him before.... Oh wait.... In 2008, the  Raiders received permission to interview Gilbride for their vacant head coach position. We ended up hiring Tom Cable. We see where that took us....

Here is who he worked under in the NFL...

Tom Coughlin - Ney York Giants and Jacksonville Jags.
Bill Cowher - Pittsburgh Steelers
Jack Pardee - Houston Oilers
Gregg Williams - Buffalo Bills

With the exception of Pardee, I would say not bad pedigree huh?
So you ask, why Gilbride? Look at the stats and schedule from this last year...

Wk 1 - Loss to Washington 28-14
Wk 2  - Win Vs. Rams  28-16
Wk 3 - Win Vs. Eagles 29-16
Wk 4 - Win Vs. Ari. 31-27
Wk 5 - Loss to Sea. 36-25
Wk 6 - Win Vs. Buff. 27-24
Wk 7 - Bye
Wk 8 - Win Vs. Miami 20-17
Wk 9 - Win Vs. Pats 24-20
Wk 10 - Loss to SF 27-20
Wk 11 - Loss to Eagles 17-10
Wk 12 - Loss to New Orleans 49-24
Wk 13 - Loss to GB 38-35
Wk 14 - Win Vs. Cowgirls 37-34
Wk 15 - Loss to Washington 23-10
Wk 16 - Win Vs. Jets 29-14

Post Season
Wild Card Win Vs. Atlanta 24-2
Division Round Win Vs. GB 37-20
NFC Championships Win Vs. Whiners 20-17



Overall Ranking (League Rank) 8th
Pts Per Game (24.6) 9th
Yards Per Game (385.1) 8th
Passing Yards Per Game (295.9) 5th
Rush Yards (89.2) 32nd

How did they stack up against Hue Jackson's Offense?

Overall Ranking (League Rank) 9th
Pts Per Game (22.4) 16th
Yards Per Game (379.5) 9th
Passing Yards Per Game (247.6) 11th
Rush Yards (131.9) 7th

I am thinking the rush yards is most likely a talent issue. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are good backs, but they are not Darren McFadden and Michael Bush. The receiving corps are identical. A bunch of no namers who are making a name for themselves. Personally, I see it as an even draw with talent with the exception that the Raiders have a better backs, only making Gilbrides job easier.

If Reggie McKenzie is serious about making us a contender, he needs to bring in a coach who can use the vast majority of the talent we have in place and a mindset of our offense putting its foot on the throat of our opponent and not letting up on the pressure. Its a must! Pedal to the Metal baby! We can still instill that mindset of building a bully that Hue started, this time with a new defensive coordinator to equal out the field and make us a power house.

Reggie and Tommy Boy, this is your man! Cause I said so! You get this guy, Al will be proud and so will the Raider Nation.

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January 17, 2012

Stanford Bermond Routt......... Let's Talk UPDATED!!! ROUTT RELEASED 2-8-2012

I don't normally do this, but I was instigated and perturbed too much by a recent Direct Message via Twitter from one Stanford Bermond Routt to let this go......

Let's talk Routt.

Remember something Stanford, your talk should be on the field. You call yourself one of the best in the league? Well, let me give you some stats of the best in the league:

Charles Woodson - 7 INT's 62 tackles
Eric Weddle - 7 INT's 70 tackles
Kyle Arrington - 7 INT's 66 tackles
Carlos Rodgers - 6 INT's 41 tackles
Corey Webster - 6 INT's 43 tackles
Brandon Browner - 6 INT's 51 tackles

Hell, even Matt Giordiano had 5 INT's and 55 tackles

You call yourself a leader? Let me give you the definition of a leader.... Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. What was your leadership trait? To win games for us this year or to give them to the other teams?

Oh yeah, here are YOUR "LEADERSHIP" stats for this year....

Week 1 - 1 tackle. MIA
Week 2 - 3 tackles and 1 Interception. You may have earned your paycheck.
Week 3 - 1 tackle MIA
Week 4 - 1 tackle MIA
Week 5 - 4 tackles, wow you showed up again.
Week 6 - 3 tackles. Mediocre
Week 7 - 10 tackles in a "ROUTT" by KC.
Week 8 - 3 tackles. MIA again.
Week 9 - 4 tackles.
Week 10 - 2 tackles and an INT. Against Minnesota? LOL. May have earned your paycheck.
Week 11 - 1 tackle 1 Int. Yeah, a backup fed you your paycheck this week.
Week 12 - 3 tackles. MIA
Week 13 - 2 tackles. MIA
Week 14 - 6 tackles and only because Detroit throws the ball a lot.
Week 15 - 1 tackle, 1 INT.
Week 16 -3 tackles.

WOW. You had a career year didn't you?  Oh wait, let us not forget one important stat.... YOU led the entire NFL with 17 penalties as an individual. In fact, YOUR 17 flags were one more than the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers ENTIRE defense. YOU had EIGHT penalties in the last two weeks. When the season was on the line, playoffs were at our reach, what were YOU doing? Committing PENALTIES!

So much talk about this "NO BURN STAT". Well, this stat can go to hell. That is one stat that is watched, but does not encompass YOUR  inability to play the game at the highest level, nor does is value the $54 million contract that you were given by a man who was on his way out of the door and not making smart decisions at the end of his life.
By the way... Mr. Leader.... here are the stats from the Defense YOU played on and have some level of responsibility for.....
6th team since merger to allow 4000+ yds passing, 2000+ yds rushing in season since merger
One of 4 teams ever to allow 30+ TD passes and 5+ ypc in season ('11 TB, 1950 Colts, 1952 Dallas Texans)
Franchise worsts in passing TDs (31), yds passing (4262), ypc (5.1) and third most points 433
If you need visual recapping....here you go....







So I figured, maybe you need a refresher on what a Penalty is.... I am thinking this could help....

Pass Interference (PI) is a penalty that occurs when a player interferes with an eligible receiver's ability to make a fair attempt to catch a forward pass. Pass interference may include tripping, pushing, pulling, or cutting in front of the receiver or pulling on the receiver's arms.

Holding is the illegal restraining of another player who is not in possession of the ball. Holding is banned in most football leagues because it does not allow fair play of the game and increases the risk for injury.

Illegal Contact is making significant contact with a receiver after the receiver has advanced five yards beyond the line of scrimmage. The illegal contact is called only if the quarterback is still in pocket and the ball is still in his hands.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Routt, why don't you just refer to Wiki for a list of penalties and what they are and how they affect the team. I have googled it for you. Just click the hyperlink.

The results speak for themselves. You are an overpaid hype. You are a liability on defense and untrustworthy. I hope that once Reggie McKenzie and the new coach get their hands on the tape of your PISS POOR PLAY, they make a decision to either cut you or trade you to Arizona or Minnesota so you can end your career in mediocrity where you belong.

There. That's my opinion Stanford. Whether you like it or not, the stats don't lie.

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January 12, 2012

Your Nightmare From The Dark! Spotlight On The Raider Nation......The Barbarian...

Do you ever have nightmares? What is the creature you see coming after you? Does he have big horns? Big feet? Long scary fangs? Well Raider Nation, if there is one Raider Superfan to have nightmares about..... it should be the Barbarian! I mean just look at this guy! He wants to eat your children.... Or does he? I'm kinda scared of this guy, so I am going to tread lightly (Just go with it for the stories purpose)........Lets find out about him......

Chaotic View: So...... Mr...... Barbarian...... Um......Who is The Man behind the skulls and ummmm make up and uhhhhh long hair? Or wait, is that really how you dress everyday? 
The Barbarian: I'm a husband and Father and have short hair. In the evenings I watch T. V. with the Wife or play Wii . We also like to play poker.
Chaotic View: Poker? As in Viking Poker or Some Odd Version Of Poker? Nevermind....sorry for rambling......How long have you been a Raider Fan? You are a Raider Fan right?
The Barbarian: Yeah Chaos, I am a Raider fan. Been so for 40 something years.........as long as I can remember...... What is this 20 Questions?
Chaotic View: That's a long time Barbarian. I am glad you are on our side. Sorry for all the questions... Promise I will let you go hunt boars again in like 5 minutes.... Anyhow speaking of sides, when you go to the games where do you sit in the stadium and tailgate?
The Barbarian: I sit all over. The Black Hole is my favorite. I tailgate all over the parking lots. Raider Nation is off the hook with generosity and blast to party with.
Chaotic View: I hope they don't feed you raw meat bro. What made you such a dedicated fan of the Raiders?
The Barbarian: The toughness and the players....  If you want, I will demonstrate the art of kicking ass on some sorry Donkey fan just outside the door here....
Chaotic View: No please. Save it for after the interview. We can kick some ass together. What are some of the most unforgettable memories as a fan?
The Barbarian: Marcus Allens Superbowl TD run and Bo Jackson running through Brian Bosworth and Seabass hitting the cross bars from 70 yds away.

Chaotic View: Those were all great moments. What does it mean to you having such a strong following of a fan base?
The Barbarian: I think it means everything to the players .They're guys doing a job that one play your great and another your booed (which I have never done) I don't think you should ever boo your players. It's not productive. I can understand a sigh, I've done that.
Chaotic View: Well, um, I would be glad not to boo a player in your presence....... So, moving on, what are some things you hear or questions people ask you when traveling to see a Raider Game away from Oakland?
The Barbarian: The #1 question is, "Do the Raiders pay me to attend the games?". I always say I wish!
Chaotic View: HAHAHAHA. Where would they get that from?
The Barbarian: Are you laughing at me?
Chaotic View: Uhhh No....... Ummmmm.....Where have you traveled to see games?
The Barbarian: New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Arizona ,Philly and Chicago..... Why? What's it to you?
Chaotic View: Uhhhh Just trying to keep everyone informed. Would you mind just a few more questions?
The Barbarian: Make it fast........ 
Chaotic View: I know you're a good guy under all of that garb......What do you do as an ambassador of the Raiders organization outside of the games? (I.E Charities, etc)
The Barbarian: I pretty much try to do anything asked for any charity but here are some. I've done Blood drives, made care packages for troops, food drives for the National Guard, toy drives for Toys for Tots & National Guard, Poverello house wrapping presents for homeless and food serving, Boys to Men , Childrens Miracle Network and that's just to name a few.
Chaotic View: That is awesome to hear. Thank you from the Raider Nation for doing so much for the community.....What are your thoughts on Al passing away?
The Barbarian: It saddens me that he didn't get to see his team play so much better and be in 1st place in December for the 1st time since 2002. The worst thing for me was that some people were happy about it and wished for his death. Those are people who know nothing about the Raiders. Without Al Davis, the Raiders would have never been.
Chaotic View: Yeah it was a sad time for a lot of the Raider Nation, so I am sure they will be able to relate to how you feel. I guess we can close this thing up now Barbarian. You've been great. One last question for you if you wouldn't mind..... What message do you have for the Raider Nation regarding the last season and the team moving forward?
The Barbarian: Be patient things are changing. Keep the passion positive. I know its hard when your team lets you down, but trust me its harder on them. Every player wants to win! Remember, THERE IS ONLY 1 NATION ! THE RAIDER NATION SO QUIT COPYING US AND GET YOUR OWN IDENTITY !WIN LOSE OR TIE I'M A RAIDER EVEN WHEN I DIE !

Spoken like a true fan! The Barbarian everyone!

Chaotic View

The Barbarian is a class guy and some of the responses used for this story were, well lets just say I manipulated them some to make him seem a little meaner then he is. Its all fun and games. And no, I am not scared of him..... Are you?

January 6, 2012

Reggie McKenzie..... The Man At The Top.....

Well, if you have not yet heard, the Raiders, who have not yet confirmed the hiring, are set to hire the first GM to the Raiders since Al Davis lost his mind and tool complete control of Player Personell. The report of the agreement was  reported by ESPN Thursday night by Adam Schefter, and subsequantly McKenzie confirmed the hiring through text message through ESPN Milwaukee.

So, who is McKenzie you ask..... Well here are some of his details:


With the Raiders: 
  • Chosen by Ron Wolf as a 10th-round pick from Tennessee in 1985, he enjoyed a seven-year playing career as a linebacker, suiting up for the then-Los Angeles Raiders
  • Became an immediate starter and won all-rookie honors.
  • Unfortunately, all records were not really kept as far as tackles were concerned, but he had 3 career sacks and 2 interception which he returned for 35 yards.

Inbetween Raiders/Packers:
  • Spent two injury-plagued seasons (1989-90) with the then-Phoenix Cardinals and one year (1992) with the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Prior to signing with the 49ers, he played with the World League’s Montreal Machine in the spring of 1992. While out of football in 1991, McKenzie spent a season as a defensive coach for Dorsey High School in south central Los Angeles.
  • In 1993, McKenzie returned to Tennessee and served as an assistant under head coach Philip Fulmer. That year, the Volunteers appeared in the Florida Citrus Bowl and landed one of the nation’s top recruiting classes, highlighted by QB Peyton Manning. While back in Knoxville, McKenzie also pursued a master’s degree in education administration

With The Packers:
  • First joined Packers in 1994 as a pro personnel assistant; promoted to director of pro personnel in 1997.
  • Finishing his 25th year in the NFL and had 18th season as a member of the Packers’ personnel department. Since he joined the team’s front office in 1994, Green Bay’s 170 regular-season wins over that period rank tied for third most with Indianapolis, trailing only Pittsburgh (172) and New England (180).
  • Oversees Green Bay’s scouting efforts of all professional football leagues, including the NFL, CFL and Arena Football League, as well as all other pro leagues and international players.
  • Played an integral role in judging the Packers’ current players and evaluating potential free agents across the league.
  • Was heavily involved in all of the team’s moves on a daily basis, including all tryouts and transactions. Provided advance scouting reports on upcoming opponents, working closely with Head Coach Mike McCarthy and his staff.
  • He also contributed to the scouting of college prospects, made school visits in both the fall and spring, and worked in conjunction with the General Manager of the Packers, Ted Thompson, in preparation for the annual draft.
  • Named director – football operations May 27, 2008.
  • During McKenzie’s tenure, the Packers have captured seven division titles, three conference championships and Super Bowls XXXI and XLV

The Personal Side:
  • President of the ‘McKenzie Foundation,’ a non-profit youth foundation in Knoxville.
  • A two-way star as a prep at Austin East High School in Knoxville, was valedictorian of his 1981 graduating class.
  • Born in Knoxville, Tenn., on Feb. 8, 1963, McKenzie earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in personnel management at Tennessee. 
  • McKenzie and his wife, June, a Green Bay attorney, have two daughters, Jasmin, 19, who attends Wheaton College in Illinois and Mahkayla, 17, who will enroll at Duke University in the fall. He also has two sons, Reginald Kahlil, 14, and Jalen Elijah, 12.
It is not yet clear whether McKenzie will take over immediately as he is still under contract with Green Bay. Because they are still in the playoffs, they will need to decide whether or not he is able to leave and at what time.
By the way, his Super Bowl ring was stolen on May 3, 2009. Sucks for him, but maybe with him at the helm for the Raiders, we can bring him a shiny new one for his finger.

What do you think of the hire? Leave me your comments.

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January 5, 2012

Bye John, You Loser & Tool!

Time to Clean House! Read all the way to the bottom! Classic Video!

Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera!

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"Yes, I am a Tool!" says Herrera

Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera!

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Yeah Tim is a loser too, but John is a douche!

Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera!

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Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! Fire John Herrera! 

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January 4, 2012

And The Rant Continues.....

Alright, now I am pissed. After reading yesterdays blog, I think I was being a little too easy on these guys. Man up! Play ball or get called out..... **** WARNING, YOU MAY NOT LIKE MY OPINIONS, BUT THEY'RE MY OPINIONS****

Here is my Monday Morning red laser, compliments of Hue Jackson.....

Offense Ballers and Busters!

Carson Palmer - The man stepped into the season 6 games in, and threw for 2753 yards and 13 Touchdowns. No off season, no downtime, barely knew the terminology and still balled out and gave us a chance at the playoffs. Yeah so he threw 16 picks, but you look at those interceptions and I can honestly attribute 75% of them on a wide out either running the wrong route or falling down.
Michael Bush - Bush IMO was the MVP of our year this year. Stepping in for the AGAIN injured Darren McFadden, Bush put up 977 yards on 256 carries. He was a beast and should be given a handsome contract for his efforts.
Rock Cartwright - What else can be said about Rock except for the fact that he was the Special Teams Co-MVP and filled in on plenty of offensive downs. He is a versatile player and an important leader of this team.
Jon Condo - Raider For Life and Co-MVP on Special Teams
DHB - 64 Rec for 965 yards. What else can you say except for he is finally proving Al Davis right. Next year with Carson running the team, look out for a league leader here. Still has to learn to not jump when he catches the ball.
Denarius Moore - Hue was right. Moore came out and shined, when not injured. This is what we expected from Chaz "Glass Chin" Shiliens. Moore deserves the roster spot and a chance to start every week.
Brandon Myers - I personally believe he played better then Kevin Boss.
Marcel Reece - Invaluable and the only true Full Back of the NFL. Reminds me of Moose Johnston, but on another level.
Manase Tonga - Filled in very well for Reece when he was injured. Needs to impose his will more when blocking, as I often saw him get blown up at the point of attack, but he balled for the most part and did a good job.
Stefen Wisniewski - What did you hear from him all year? Nothing. And for an offensive lineman in this league, if you dont hear anything from him or about him, he is doing his job.

On The Bubble-
Joseph Barksdale - Time to get off the pine and establish yourself.
Kevin Boss - Stop getting hurt and play so we can see if losing Zach Miller was really that critical to our team.
Bruce Campbell - Dude, when are you going to show up?
Jason Campbell - On the bubble by default. A great game manager and an awesome backup. Don't expect him back with so many teams needing a starting QB. Seattle? Minnesota?
Cooper Carlisle - Getting old. Great job for us, but too many times he was out of position and cost the offense yards.
Jacoby Ford - I wish I didn't have to do this, but when are you going to play a full 16 games and not get hurt? I need you to work harder at playing ball, and worry less about the cameras and show boating.
Stephon Heyer - Who?
Taiwan Jones - Don't know enough about him to tell. Hope he can play a full season so we can see that "explosion" he showed in preseason.
Darren McFadden - I know this is not going to be popular with the masses as I am sure a majority of you own his jersey and wear the number proud, but I am going to be honest here. For the investment we are making, is he really worth it? Having to fill in with Michael Bush, which was not a bad thing, but you rely heavily on your back making it through the season. After hearing that he could have played the last few weeks of the year but refusing to take pain injecting shots, it is obvious that Darren is more concerned with a future contract then he is about playing all out. I was watching the NFL network last week and they showed Emmit Smith playing through a torn Rotator Cuff and separated shoulder. Mid Foot Sprain? Really? I would love to trade him, get a first round pick back for this year and bring in another back via the draft or free agency. Let him be someone elses liability.
Terrelle Pryor - I saw him in pads once. Means Shane Lechler was the 3rd string all year. Huh? Really?
Jared Veldheer - Great player, Great Size, Stupid between the ears. Get your slow ass in position so you don't have to hold so damn much and RUIN drives in the red zone. Like I said about Wiz, I don't want to hear your name in the game. If we do, that means you did something retarded.

No Heart-
David Ausberry - Dude showed up for one game.
Richard Gordon - Maybe one or two good plays all year.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - What happened to this experiment?
Louis Murphy - Diva. Attitude. On Jason Campbells Nutts. Team Cancer. Not willing to go over the middle. Injured WAY TOO MUCH!
Samson Satele - Liability. Need I say more?
Chaz Schilens - Ahhhhhh. The Great Glass Shiliens. If it wasn't for the fact that one season ticket holder pays your salary each year, I would say you need to go away. But now that I think about it, you need to go away.

Khalif Barnes - Dude, its .......... "Set, Hut... Blue 84...... Blue 84 Hut Hike" or some shit like that. (Every QB is different). Then the Ball is snapped from the center to the QB. Once it moves from the ground to the QB's hands, then you move. Its called the snap. They teach it in Pee-Wee football. When you are like 5. Please tell me why you think it is ok to move before the ball is snapped. Like 5 times a game. Do you practice during the week? Do you have working ear drums? Are you just so fat that your body moves by itself? Whats the deal Barnes? You killed more drives for us this year then Chuck Bresnahan gave up Touch Downs. Bye Barnes. Good Bye!
Kyle Boller - I hear the Raiders need a ball boy......

Like I said up top, you may not like my opinions on some players, but they are my opinions and I am sticking with them. If you have one, leave it below in the comments section......

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