January 23, 2012

Diamond In The Rough.......

So it has been a quiet few weeks.... No real news to write about except that Paul Guttierez ran into Reggie McKenzie at the airport and asked him how everything was going. Mentioned a few names about possible coaching candidates and even got specific about Jon Gruden. Reggie just laughed and said there is a possibility that we could have our man by this next Saturday. I say, hold your horses..... There is someone that has not been named this year with any link to the coaching search and I believe it would be a mistake to not even look into the thought. His name...... Kevin Gilbride.....

You ask, who the hell is Kevin Gilbride? I say..... lets dive into it......

He went to Southern Connecticut State University, where he played both quarterback and tight end. He would later coach at his alma mater for five seasons starting in 1980 and compiled a 35-14-2 overall record. He was an assistant coach at American International College (AIC) in Springfield, Massachusetts.From 1985 to 1986 he served as an assistant with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League.

NFL Experience.... Gilbride served as the San Diego Chargers head coach from 1997-1998. Sure they didn't win a lot of games, but the Chargers roster sucked. Can't blame him.

Since 1990, Gilbride has served as an assistant with a number of NFL franchises, working as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. Those franchises include the Houston Oilers (1990–1994), Jacksonville Jaguars (1995–1996), Pittsburgh Steelers (1999–2000), Buffalo Bills (2002–2003), and currently is the offensive coordinator with the New York Giants, with whom he earned a Super Bowl ring.

Speaking of the Giants.... They are now in the Superbowl for the second time under Kevin's offensive tutelage. Pretty impressive that no one has approached him before.... Oh wait.... In 2008, the  Raiders received permission to interview Gilbride for their vacant head coach position. We ended up hiring Tom Cable. We see where that took us....

Here is who he worked under in the NFL...

Tom Coughlin - Ney York Giants and Jacksonville Jags.
Bill Cowher - Pittsburgh Steelers
Jack Pardee - Houston Oilers
Gregg Williams - Buffalo Bills

With the exception of Pardee, I would say not bad pedigree huh?
So you ask, why Gilbride? Look at the stats and schedule from this last year...

Wk 1 - Loss to Washington 28-14
Wk 2  - Win Vs. Rams  28-16
Wk 3 - Win Vs. Eagles 29-16
Wk 4 - Win Vs. Ari. 31-27
Wk 5 - Loss to Sea. 36-25
Wk 6 - Win Vs. Buff. 27-24
Wk 7 - Bye
Wk 8 - Win Vs. Miami 20-17
Wk 9 - Win Vs. Pats 24-20
Wk 10 - Loss to SF 27-20
Wk 11 - Loss to Eagles 17-10
Wk 12 - Loss to New Orleans 49-24
Wk 13 - Loss to GB 38-35
Wk 14 - Win Vs. Cowgirls 37-34
Wk 15 - Loss to Washington 23-10
Wk 16 - Win Vs. Jets 29-14

Post Season
Wild Card Win Vs. Atlanta 24-2
Division Round Win Vs. GB 37-20
NFC Championships Win Vs. Whiners 20-17



Overall Ranking (League Rank) 8th
Pts Per Game (24.6) 9th
Yards Per Game (385.1) 8th
Passing Yards Per Game (295.9) 5th
Rush Yards (89.2) 32nd

How did they stack up against Hue Jackson's Offense?

Overall Ranking (League Rank) 9th
Pts Per Game (22.4) 16th
Yards Per Game (379.5) 9th
Passing Yards Per Game (247.6) 11th
Rush Yards (131.9) 7th

I am thinking the rush yards is most likely a talent issue. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are good backs, but they are not Darren McFadden and Michael Bush. The receiving corps are identical. A bunch of no namers who are making a name for themselves. Personally, I see it as an even draw with talent with the exception that the Raiders have a better backs, only making Gilbrides job easier.

If Reggie McKenzie is serious about making us a contender, he needs to bring in a coach who can use the vast majority of the talent we have in place and a mindset of our offense putting its foot on the throat of our opponent and not letting up on the pressure. Its a must! Pedal to the Metal baby! We can still instill that mindset of building a bully that Hue started, this time with a new defensive coordinator to equal out the field and make us a power house.

Reggie and Tommy Boy, this is your man! Cause I said so! You get this guy, Al will be proud and so will the Raider Nation.

Chaotic View


  1. like your Post. Die Hard Raiders Fan and my wife is a die hard Giants fan.Living in CT we see all the Giants games while I watch the Raiders feed online. The Rushing number is a little off because Bradshaw was hurt for a few games making Jacobs the lead back.Bradshaw is actually a very good back. He's like a poor mans McFadden. I like Gilbride to be honest. He's always had good offenses with the Giants.

  2. Personally I'd rather get a defensive-minded coach. Al Saunders can still be off. coord. but unlike last year he can call plays.