January 30, 2012

Post Conference Wrap Up.......... 10 Observations

First off, I wanted to say thank you to the members of Raider Nation that dropped by to leave me a question or comment in my inaugural chat. You guys made it fun and something I will not forget.

Back to business. What to think about Dennis Allen and the press conference that we all watched today.

Here are my 10 observations:

1. Reggie McKenzie took a lot of hits as a linebacker. You know how they all say that certain people have the smarts for certain jobs. Well, lets just say that I am glad that Reggie is in a football and talent position because if he worked in some other arena, I don't think he would survive. Not the sharpest knife in the bunch if you know what I am saying. Lets see how his head coach pick does for him.

2. Dennis Allen is obviously drinking the Raider Organization Kool Aide. I hate that as a fan, who supports this team, we ask a question of them as to specifics on coaches and other things and they give us a circle jerk. Always beating around the bush and never being up front and honest. What is it with these jokers? Are they holding secrets of National Security? We deserve the right as paying patrons of this team and their revenue flow to know what is happening with the team and how that may or may not impact us.

3. Mark Davis is resentful. Mike Silver recently posted an article talking about how Mark Davis is over his head. He does not know football, he was not ready to take on the team and he is not a leader. He is playing that part and is single-handily taking apart what his father put together. Could what Mike Silver said be accurate? That Al Davis asked Mark a few years back what he thought during the draft, he gave some stupid answer about needing a wide receiver and Al Davis basically called him stupid and a disgrace and kicked him out of the war room? I believe it and if what I am seeing is really what I am seeing, Mark Davis is finally getting the revenge he has been craving for a long time by making this "HIS TEAM" with "His General Manager" and His General Managers' "Coach with His Staff". All of these things clearly indicate that this current regime is leaving the past behind. Al should have hired a GM while he had the chance and left his legacy in good hands.

4. Hue Jackson was fired because what I said above in #3. He was Al Davis' guy and saw that Mark Davis didn't know anything about football and took the reigns of that aspect of the team at a critical time last year. After the year was over, I bet Hue tried to punk Mark and Mark woke up and said, yeah I am going to get rid of someone who challenges my choice. That was made clear by Hue when he did his press conference on NFL Network when he said Mark wanted him out. These two knew too much about one another and Mark saw Hue as a direct challenge to him as an owner. Too bad Hue. You were a casualty of Al passing.

5. Nothing has changed in Oakland. Its still the good ole' boys club. You are either on the inside or you don't exist. This picture says it all. I can just hear the mumbles under their breath.

6. Don't expect any major changes on the squad, except for the fact that I believe players will get the boot if they don't perform. That is the one bright spot. I hope to God these scholarship players.... cough cough Stanford Routt.... get their walking papers and we bring in players who really want to play for the sport and not because they are making a good paycheck.

7. Carson Palmer is our starting Quarterback. Even though they wont say it because they want competition, in the preseason workouts and through out camp, he is the starter. Thanks. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, this signing was too expensive for him not to be the starter. Turns out you can't get draft picks back. The Carson Palmer Era is upon us. Thanks Jason. Good Luck!

8. Al Saunders will not be back as Offensive Coordinator unless their arms get twisted. Based on the comments from Dennis Allen during his introductory press conference, he said they were still weighing their options at that spot. Not good for continuity.

9. Dennis Allen is going to be bringing in a staff of people he knows. They went after Todd Bowles, who flat out rejected their offer and went instead to Philly to become their defensive backfield coach. Says a lot about what the rest of the league thinks about a coaching position for the Raiders.

10. Our past will not define us. Sorry Raider Nation. This is not the Raiders you used to know. Could be good, could be bad. One thing is for sure, Al Davis is gone and a new regime is taking over.


Here are some highlights from the Press Conference.

Leave me some of your thoughts. What did you get out of the Press Conference?

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  1. We needed change, the Status Quo from the past few years was getting us absolutely nowhere. We needed to go in a different direction. I'm all about winning Championships and this is the way to go.