January 3, 2012

I AM SORRY.........

Hello to all loyal Raider Fans and Members of the Raider Nation. I want to take a moment to say I am sorry. I am sorry on behalf of the sorry sap job our team did to make a statement in the final game of the year. I am sorry we lost to Miami which blew our playoff chances out of the water. I am sorry that Hue Jackson didn't have enough balls to fire Chuck Bresnahan earlier this year and allow someone else to fire up the team on defense. I am sorry that we led the league and set a new record for penalties in a season. I am sorry that a defensive "Leader" in Stanford Routt committed 17 of those 163 penalties alone. Sorry that you spent all of your hard earned money on tickets and sold out 8 games to have this team post a 3-5 record at home.

The List goes on and on, but this is something that Hue Jackson forgot to do in his season ending press conference. So now, the team and staff will fall off into oblivion for a few weeks while they wrap up this dismal season and prepare their minds for next years chance to make the playoffs and establish ourselves back on the map. I just thought it was fitting that someone from this organization say sorry, even if that means it comes from someone from the fan base.

So what really happened? In my opinion, Our Defense Sucked Ass!

We were not ready to play meaningful football. We were not ready to put ourselves amongst the Elite in the NFL.

So, I thought it would be important to point out what changes should happen next year...... to start, on defense.

Our defense players broken down was something like this......

Tyvone Branch - Hard hitting safety who was always around the ball. Needs to improve coverage skills against tight ends.
Matt Giordano - Ball hawk who found himself in a lot of key plays during this season. Must be accountable and play his position better as he was out of place and costed us many broken plays and tons of yards.
Richard Seymour - If Richard was healthy all year, he would have been a lot more productive, but being in on special teams and contributing to that end of our team as well as being a consistent leader on defense, he is a key part to any success we had.
Aaron Curry - Made some big hits and played well when lined up against the backs coming out of protection to run routes. Needs an off season and to practice a better scheme once we change defensive coordinators to become that leader we need in the LB Corps.
Kameron Wimbley - Played good again this year, although he fell off towards the end of the year. Needs to be moved from a LB to a pass rusher or change the scheme to a 3-4 and allow him in off the edge. Too big to cover anyone.
Matt Shaughnessy - If only he didn't get hurt. 

On The Bubble.....
Tommy Kelly - Big mouth, little to show for it. Right on the cusp of being on the no heart list.
Lito Sheppard - Came in late but played well enough to get another look. Not a shut down corner but played well on his end.
Michael Huff (when healthy) - Scholarship player who just seems to do enough. Can't stay healthy and it hurts this team.
Demarcus Van Dyke - One year under his belt and so far has shown flashes of brilliance. Shows some skills, but lost playing time to Lito Sheppard. Either start him and let him learn by fire or he will fade into the night.
Jerome Boyd - Played good enough to hold a roster spot after being let go earlier in the year. Need more from him though.
Desmond Bryant - Was a ghost this year.
Quentin Groves - If it was not for special teams, he should have been cut. Can not play linebacker and got burned way too much on the weak side.
Rod Woodson - Corner backs hurt this defense all year. Was it Woodson or was it Bresnahan?
Greg Biekert - Where were our linebackers this year? This falls on his shoulders.

No Heart.....
John Henderson - If you call this guy a run stopper or a hole clogger, the only run I saw him stop was during practice and the only clogging going on is in his arteries. Cut him and get a younger big man in the middle. 
Chris Johnson - One good year bought him 2 more. Cut your losses Hue.
Lamarr Houston - This dude was supposed to be huge coming out of college and I haven't seen any heart. He was supposed to be high motored and lots of energy and the only motor I see is in his mouth getting into a twitter war with Warren Sapp. Worry more about your play then words and let your work do your talking.
Mike Mitchell - Where the hell were you this year Mike? Tyvon deserved the playing time. I could care less if you were back next year.
Jarvis Moss - One good game. I can see why Denver let you go.
Trevor Scott - Dude, you were supposed to be better then your numbers. I don't know what happened, but I would hate to see you on another squad, but at the same time, you are a liability on ours.
Chimdi Chekwa - Learn how to stay healthy. Maybe then, you may show that you can play defensive back in the NFL.

Need to Go....
Stanford Routt - You are no shutdown corner, nor are you a corner back for that matter. On any other team, you would be a number 2 at best. Not a leader, not worth your contract. Go play in the CFL.
Rolando McClain - Distraction, Arm Tackler, Distraction, Jamarcus Russel work ethic, Distraction, Ghost, Distraction, Slow, Distraction, Not a leader, Distraction.... Should not be a starting linebacker for my team. Trade him and get some picks in the draft and pick up a vet.
Chuck Bresnahan - He just sucks! Period!

Oh dont worry Offense, you're next.

Chaotic View


  1. You are right on and I totally agree with you. Routt has to go!!!

  2. Our d needs a total overhaul.....still lacking that playmaking wr on offense!