November 5, 2010

For All Of The Marbles!

Remaining 3-0 in the AFC West is not going to be a walk in the park for this weekends game. We are facing a resurgent Chiefs team, who also has something to prove. Records always go out of the window when it comes to a Rival Game, let alone a game with major playoff implications riding on it, even this early into the season.

The Raiders, riding a 2 game win streak and playing at home with a record of 3-1 in the Black Hole, will be facing a Chiefs team who is going to be playing 3 out of 7 on the road and are looking to get their 2 game mini road trip going on the right foot. Could all of those consecutive home games be a reason for their early success?

Well, I think it has to factor into it. I believe another major reason why the Chiefs are doing so well is strength of schedule, with games thus far against the Browns, 49ers, Jags, San Diego and Buffalo, who combined have a 11-27 record. So much for their 5-2 record. 


Leading the Chiefs, Todd Hailey has an overall record of  9-14 as a 2nd year head coach, but prior to his stint in KC, he was the Offensive coordinator for the Arizona Team that went to the Superbowl in '08 ranked 5th in Offense. In addition to Todd, the addition of Romeo Crennell and Charlie Weiss this last offseason, added a wealth of Superbowl coaching experience obtained during their time in New England.

OK. Enough about the competition. What are the keys to this weeks game and Oakland pulling to within a 1/2 game of the lead for the AFC West?

To start, the intangible that no one really will admit, a Packed, Sold Out House! With the Raider Nation there in All Black, this is going to show the players that their efforts are not being taken in vain and provide the X Factor the Raiders will need to beat this team.

The Raider Nation has heard the call Rolando McClain and have answered it loudly. That 12th man has to be a factor.

Secondly, a healthy dose of Run DMC and Mike Bush. We have to control that line of scrimmage. The Chiefs employ a 3-4 Defense with quick moving linebackers. After watching some film on them, I found that they are good at pursuing the ball and fill their gaps well. Our stretch play will only work with good play action play calls up the middle which will suck in the ends and hard nosed running by both McFadden and Bush to wear down the line and pour it on in the 2nd half.

Third, smart, consistent and quick reads by Jason Campbell. He has to protect the ball and keep that Chiefs offense off the field, who has 19 scores in the red zone, 11 of them being Touchdowns. Jason has to be smart and look off the defenders and make sound accurate throws against this secondary of Kansas City, who have shown to be porous against the pass giving up a whopping 236.3 yards per game.

Here is how we stack up on all key stats against them-

Offensive  Comparison 
Total Yards Per Game
Raiders 366.0
Chiefs 354.9
Passing Yards Per Game
Raiders 197.5
Chiefs 164.4
Rush Yards Per Game
Raiders 168.5
Chiefs 190.4
Points Per Game
Raiders 26.5
Chiefs 23.3
Third Down Conversion %
Raiders 34.7
Chiefs 35.9
Time of Possession
Raiders 32:13
Chiefs 31:10

Defensive Comparison

Total Yards Per Game Allowed
Raiders 310.2
Chiefs 332.7
Passing Yards Per Game Allowed
Raiders 182.9
Chiefs 236.3
Rush Yards Per Game Allowed
Raiders 127.4
Chiefs 96.4
Points Per Game Allowed
Raiders 21.0
Chiefs 17.4
Third Down Conversion % Allowed
Raiders 33.6
Chiefs 37.1

Bottom line, we can win this game easily. Play to our strength. Believe in one another. Go out there and give it everything we've got. It gets harder from here, so we may as well put it all out there now and build on that!
Don't forget to leave a comment. What do you think will be the key factor to our victory?

Chaotic View


  1. Stop the Chiefs run and the game is ours, even limiting the chiefs run to mediocre stats and the game is ours, jump out early and score force them to pass and the game is ours, if we fall behind early, light up their 26th ranked pass D and the game is ours, I think the crowd will be the x-factor in this game, a winnable one for sure if we execute...go Raiders!!

  2. Key factor Jason campbell protecting the football and making quick reads. Darren Mcfadden will have his best game sunday. He wiil kill them on screens and get outside on sweeps. Also set up the play action for jason. Defense will have to step up like last week and sack the quarterback create turnovers. rolondo will be pumped up after calling out the fans and them responding. Now its time to play Raider football blood sweat and tears baby. Raiders are going to punish the Chiefs and then the NFL will know were back back......Just win baby this ones for AL

  3. I dont want to win, I want to CRUSH the Chiefs SOUL! LETS GO RAIDERS!

  4. We need to put a lot of pressure on the QB and try to stop any big runs. Campbell just needs to protect the ball and the big plays will come. Its great that the Raider Nation will be in full force, let's show these chiefs how loud and proud the Nation is. We need this one big time. Let's go RAIDERS!!!!

  5. raiders win with nasty denfense and home field on a close one !

  6. wow this is really sad! Chiefs are easily the better team! Charles and jones kill your d, Cable and Camsmell choke chiefs win the division!

  7. don't be letting that 26th ranked pass D fool you lol, pretty much ALL of those yards are coming from the 4th quarter when their in the prevent D. Flowers > Nmamdi Berry> Branch DJ>Mcclain


  9. Anybody who says this game is gonna be easy has been smoking some of Timmy Lincecum's shit. Both teams are gonna grid it out with the rush. Who is more successful at it... will win the game. Chiefs rush D is top 10. Raiders middle of the pack.

  10. The defense has to strong and stop the run and leave it up to Cassell to try and win the game. he won't! The Chiefs will weaken under the powe of the DARK SIDE!!!