November 2, 2010

What Does It All Mean.....To The Outside World ***Update to Power Rankings***

Outside of the Raider Nation, everything is black. From the outside looking in, I always hear the same stuff...."Hey great game this week" "You guys are really looking good"......or a great one I heard this morning "Yeah you guys look good, but the Chargers are still going to win the Division" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

You look around on BSPN, The NFL Network and all of the media around the world outside of the Raider Nations grips, and we still have no respect. Sure, we're being mentioned here and there, but on the NFL Network last night, do you realize they showed Brett Farve highlights of him getting 10 stitches more times then they said the word Raiders. I think I had the chance to pick one side of my nose and the highlights of our game was already over. Why does the media love to hate the Raiders? Ughhhhhh!


Here is the prime example:

Week 8 Power Rankings

BSPN- Rank 23
After 59-point outburst in Denver, the Raiders should be feeling quite good as they prepare to host Seattle. (Kuharsky)

FOX Sports - Rank 23
Wow, what an impressive win at Denver last week, but can Oakland keep it going forward? The good thing for the Raiders is that they are playing in the AFC's worst division, so they could stay the hunt all season if they can keep playing well. RB Darren McFadden should get some consideration as the NFL's most improved offensive player. He's finally making unblocked defenders miss, something he didn't do much in his first few seasons.

CBS Sports - Rank 23
That was impressive at Denver, which could be a hint of what this team could really be. The playoffs aren't out of the question.

USA Today - Rank 22

SI Sports - Rank 22

***NEW WEEK 9 Power Rankings Updated***

Rank 16 from 23
Remember the last time Raiders-Chiefs meant something big? Me neither. (Kuharsky)

FOX Sports
Rank 21 from 30?
Don't look now but the Raiders are actually playing very good football -- something we haven't seen at this point of the season in several years. It might come as a surprise to some, but they have the NFL's No. 1 ranked rushing attack, and an even bigger surprise is that despite missing two games, Darren McFadden is third in the AFC with 668 yards. His improvement from last season has been amazing.

No Update.

USA Today
No Update.

SI Sports
No Update.

Bleacher Report
Rank 18 from 25
The Raiders have scored 92 points in the past two weeks.

Fanhouse Rank
Rank 15 from 20
Who are you, and what have you done with the Oakland Raiders? A week after recording their best point total in franchise history, the Raiders decimated the NFC West-leading Seahawks. Oakland is now 92-17 over their last eight quarters. Is any team hotter?

I'm thinking if the Raiders can rush for 328 yards and five touchdowns every game, it really won't matter who starts at quarterback in Oakland. Darren McFadden is averaging 111.4 yards rushing per game, and already has topped his career-best season with 557 yards.

We are not a middle of the road team and even with all we have done, we still get No Respect!

Well, the numbers speak for themselves. Over 1000 yards in offense in 2 games. 92-17 point differential in the last 2 games. Darren McFadden is 2nd in the AFC in rushing, even after missing 2 games because of a hamstring.

Here is how the Raiders stack up to the league after the win to Seattle

Offense -

8th in Yards per Game with a 366 yard average
2nd in Total scoring with 212 Points
4th in Points per game with 26.5
7th in Time of Possession with 32:14
10th in first downs per game with 20.1

Defense -
9th in total points allowed with 168
An abysmal 25.2 points per game allowed. Must have been the Houston and Tennessee games that gave us that.
9th with 310 yards per game allowed
34% Conversion rate on 3rd down
3rd in the league with Time of Possession at 27:46
6th with 8 take aways

Beyond all of these records Raider Nation, we have the Kansas City
"Chefs" coming to town. An important note to make about this little schindig this Sunday, The Raiders have not beaten them at home in the last 7 tries. What you ask? Take a look....








This little streak has to be on the forefront of everyones mind. If we want this, we need to take it.

Don't talk about it, Be about it!

Sell Out the damn game!

My good buddy the Violator - Wayne Mabry 

Win Lose or Tie, Raiders till I die!

Chaotic View

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