November 9, 2010

This Team Believes!

Big wins don't come often in this league for the Raiders, as most times when we have been down over the past 7 years, we stay down and roll over as who ever the competition steam rolls us at the finish line. For longer then I care to remember, this has been the case. Well ladies and gentlemen, those days are long gone and we are riding the success of a 3 game winning streak, and it looks like those days of old have finally seen our backside and given us a kiss on our arse as we go on our way.

With 2 dominating statistical victories over the previous 2 weeks, an unstoppable Raiders offense, piling up 1,053 yards with ease and our defense allowing just 405 yards and 17 points, we started to take on the image of an immovable force that was to be reckoned with. Well, I think they lived up to the hype this week and showed that there are things in the works here that we as fans can't even really see. We did not back down to the over rated Chiefs when they came pounding on our doorstep right before the half. We didn't cower when the ref's made call after call that went against us when we all know if it was some other team, the call would have went their way. We did not back down from the league who said they wouldn't buy into the hype, like they did all week on the NFL Network in their show the Playbook, BSPN's Countdown, and all of the other Media Outlets who refuse to pay attention because of their hate for the Raiders.

Believe it now SUCKERS!!

Here are the catalysts to our success in the Chaotic View.


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Tom Cables message all year has been to cut it loose. Let it go and have fun. Well, that seems to be working and the backyard ball the Raiders are playing is breeding feelings of confidence this team has not had in years. And remember, this is a different energy because this team is now one of the youngest in the league, versus the 2002 team that was the oldest of that time. Look at these quotes from Tom Cable....

“We can’t sit around here and feel like, gosh, what a great effort, this and that, or execution and all that. It was a tremendous but it’s just not very clean. What did happen today, a new building block showed up today. And that is, no matter what, no matter how long it takes, we just keep grinding and find a way. And that’s what we did. The thing I’m so, so pleased about was to see us on the sideline and to just feel it, like nobody was backing down, nobody was giving in, and we were just going to keep finding a way. I kept seeing the offensive guys pull for the defensive guys, and vice versa. And it really mattered down there at the end.”

Tell me this isn't the mindset of a humble coach who has his hand on the true vibe of the players on the field. For a coach to notice that we are under performing, and yet still see that stuff going on is huge and shows that the pulse of the team is Tom Cable.

“A new building block showed up today,” Oakland coach Tom Cable said. “And that is, no matter what, no matter how long it takes, we just keep grinding and find a way. And that’s what we did. The thing I’m so, so pleased about was to see us on the sideline and to just feel it, like nobody was backing down, nobody was giving in, and we were just going to keep finding a way.”

The fighting ways of the Raiders are back. A scrappy bunch of misfits, who no one believes in from the outside world, but we will punch you in the face and knock you on your ass until you recognize us. Be ready world, we are not done yet.

Players Swagger

Who means more to the Raider Nation, then this 53 man roster and the boys on the practice squad? Their effort is evident. Their will to win is immaculate. Their no guts no glory approach is inspiring and their perception of each other is forming a cohesion, that like the wedge on a kickoff return, can prove to be impenetrable.

Photo B. Ward - SF Chronicle

Mike Mitchell-

“You see it. I don’t know what it was like a few years ago, but I can tell you last year we don’t win this game,” said Mitchell. " I can say that with 100 percent assurance. You can see the change. Guys, when we got down (last year), it was almost like, Here we go. It’s over, but this year, we don’t care. We’re going to play you until there’s no time on the clock. We’re going to play you, and we’re going to fight you as hard as we can, and that’s what coach Cable has us believing, that’s what we’re doing, and that’s the team we are.”

Trust is a big thing in this league. Trusting the man next to you is doing their job breeds confidence that you don't have to do too much. That is leading to better execution on both offense and defense as guys don't over pursue to make up the negligence of their teammate.

Marcel Reece-
"I commend our defense, because they play lights out night in and night out. One thing that we had to do was try and match their intensity, match their confidence, and match their execution."
Wow. So competition from the opposite side of the ball is taking shape. Remember last year when Jamarcus would go out and flop the game on the offensive side of the ball, and the entire defense was saying, "We just have to carry the team and allow the offense the chance to get the ball again and hope they score some points" Interesting their competing with one another during the game, which shows they are having fun. So important. 
Tommy Kelly-
Photo B. Ward - SF Chronicle
“The Raiders are back,” Kelly said. “Yep, the Raiders are back. We’ve won three in a row. We just had a come-from-behind win against a division leader. We’re back, man.”
Richard Seymour-
"Everybody is starting to see, when we play together the things that we can accomplish. It doesn't matter what the score is, we just continue to fight."
Photo B. Ward - SF Chronicle
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is coming from a Superbowl Champion of the current NFL Era. I think his words are quite evident that the team is moving in the right direction and progressing the way that the New England Cheatriots did when they started to believe and went on their recent run of superior play. They should have still lost the Tuck Rule game, so no props to them.
It was a damn fumble!
The Raider Nation
61,075 fans in the Hole!
Our first sellout in 12 games dating to the 2009 season opener against the San Diego Super Chokers.
Some quotes from an article on the SF Gate from the Nation....
"We're not back," the Gorilla Rilla said. "We never left." I would love if that were true. Some fair weathered fans are jumping on the band waggon, but that's OK, there is plenty of room.
"The fans were off the hook," Raiders coach Tom Cable said. "That's what it's about when a team connects back with its fan base. They're just going to get bigger from here on out."
"It feels like the Rich Gannon days," Dr. Death said. "You just feel the energy. The team has stepped up their game. It's time for us to step up our game."
"The Raider Nation is back", the Violator said. "Be very afraid, A sleeping dog has awakened."

Chaos and Rilla

Raider Nation and Fans of the NFL, The Raiders are relevant!
ATTENTION TO THE OTHER 31 NFL TEAMS , your notice has been SERVED!
As Always, just a
Chaotic View

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