November 28, 2010

1st Qtr. Fish @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Todays game blogs will be dedicated to him!

How about an opening play TD by Jacoby Ford for the 101 yard kickoff return? Great blocks and awesome jukes and jives to escape 4 tacklers and Jacoby Ford takes it to the house!


Screw up by the officials on the first play by the Raiders special team. The ball went inside the pylon, but Miami got the ball on the 40.

After an opening play completion against Nnamdi, Miami finds out they will have a hard time running the ball today, with a gain of 1 yard by Ronnie Brown. Wild Cat on 2nd gets nothing! Raiders were all over it. 3rd down and an incompletion with Stanford Routt on the tight coverage. Miami converts on the 49 yard field goal.

An 8 yard game on the wild cat call for first down, with Ricky Williams to the left. Tackle by Nnamdi. 2nd down and a gain of 3 by Brown, tackle by Huff, who came up and stuffed that running lane. Miami is challenging Nnamdi today with the 2nd pass completion against him to Devon Bess. Ricky Williams is going to find it hard to run today, especially on the Wild cat against this line. Limited gain on 1st. 2nd down and a screen pass to Williams with a 3 yard gain. Tackle by a closing McClain. From the 37, great pressure on Henne, but the pass got away quick to Fasano who was hit hard by Mike Mitchell. Dolphins to go on 4th. Goal line defense and Miami picked up 2 on the 2nd effort. Great play action froze the defense with Mike Huff getting burned for the TD of 30 yards.

On the 12, Ronnie Brown for 3 yards. 2nd down and a nice strip on Williams by Shaunassey. Miami recovers, but the ball was on the floor forever. Missed opportunity. 3rd down and a big conversion with he Raiders blitzing, and Stanford Routt on the loose coverage. 1st down, big tackle by Seymour for a loss of 1 on Ronnie Brown. 2nd down delayed draw and Williams gets 8. Heavy rush with the Raiders expecting pass allowed him to move untouched for 5 yards. 3rd down and Ronnie Brown gets another 8 yards and the first down.

Leaders -


6-7 100 Yards


R. Williams 3-16 yds
Brown 7-15 yds

Bess 2 for 36 yds.
Hobbs 1 for 29


On the opening possession, quick pass to Reece gets 2 to the left flat. No one accounts for Cameron Wake on 2nd down and McFadden never had a chance to do anything. False start on Jacoby Ford gets us backed up to 3rd and 13. 3rd down gets us to the 20 yard line and a punt back to Miami.

After a nice return from Ford, Murphy has a nice pickup of 29 to get the Raiders offense moving in the right direction! Field looks sloppy with Grads slipping on his drop back. 1st down and McFadden loses 3, with the Raiders trying to push the run to the outside, with the Dolphins not giving ground. 2nd down and another run to the outside with no room again. The Raiders need to pound the ball up the middle. 3rd and 16, and good coverage on a screen attempt gets nothing. Time to punt.

Leaders -
B. Gradkowski
3-4 37 yds
D Mc Fadden 3 for -8 yds
Murphy 1 for 29 yds.

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