November 7, 2010

Final in Oakland, Chieft @ Raiders........ First Place Belongs To......... THE RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!

Opening up the 4th quarter with a 1st and 10, the Chiefs throw incomplete to Jamal Charles. On 2nd down, the Chiefs tried a screen, but the Raiders diagnosed it perfectly. 3rd down, the Raiders show a nickel set and force a delay of game penalty. After the penalty,  the Raiders hold the Chiefs on a 3rd and 15 forcing the Chiefs to punt. Great secondary coverage operating in zone held them in place and gives the Raiders a first down on the 20 yard line following a touchback.
The ensuing kickoff gets the Chiefs going at the 45 yard line, that was until a penalty flag on the 29 yard line for a low block by Copper, which put the Chiefs back to the 15 yard line and into the teeth of the black hole!

First down for no gain with a nice tackle by Seymour on Thomas Jones. 2nd down had a deep ball going to Dwayne Bowe but way overshot. Routt argued with the officials claiming offensive pass interference. 3rd down and the ball sails out of the field of play and the Chiefs turn it over on downs. Raiders are going to get great field position! After another bulls*it call for a fumble on the return the Chiefs get the ball back on the 31 yard line. No challenge available to the Raiders, so we lose the ball. Horses*it! What the hell is Nick Miller doing trying to gain extra yards. Go down and take what you got and leave it at that. What a horrendous play!!!

A quick pass to the TE and a rush, gets the Chiefs a first down. The defense digs in deep and stops the Chiefs to a 2nd and 7. Michael Huff gets into the backfield on the run for 2nd down and gets a 4 yard loss. Great play. 3rd and 11 and the Raiders give up a touchdown to Dwayne Bowe on a deep slant giving the Chiefs a 20-17 lead with 6 minutes to go in the 4th.

After the TD, the Chiefs get the ball at the 45. Knowing they are going to try to control the clock, the run game gets going with a 7 yard pickup on 1st down. 2nd down Raiders defense allows Thomas Jones to gain 4 for the first down. Something needs to happen here, or we will lose this game. Timeout by Cassel. First and 10 and its getting ugly after a 5 yard gain. A holding call gets the Chiefs a 1st and 20. Jamal Charles gets 13 on that 1st down, with the Raiders secondary looking confused. Time out Raiders. Great play by Seymour on 2nd down who made a tackle for a 6 yard loss on Jamal Charles. 3rd and 12 and the Raiders hold for a punt with a missed pass by Bowe.

This is for the Marbles now Offense.   This is what you dream about. The ball with 2:06 to go on the 25 yard line. Lets see what we have.


Our first drive of the fourth quarter starts with McFadden getting 11 with some great moves to get would be tacklers to miss. The very next play, they go to McFadden on the left for another 7 yards and gets him closer to the Century mark. On 2nd down, McFadden to the 42 yard line and keeps the clock moving and picks up the first down. Grinding it out between the tackles is playing huge right now. 1st and 10 and a possible screen pass to Marcel Reese went into the ground. Smart decision by Campbell who did not have any chance to make any positive yards on that play. 2nd and 10 and Campbell hits Johnnie Lee Higgins for 12 yards and a first down. What a dart on the numbers and a great catch for the first. Next play and Michael Bush gets 1 yard, keeping the clock running. The offensive line is starting to move the d line back on their heels. 2nd down, the ball goes through Jacoby Ford’s hands. Would have been a great play, but Ford made his break and the ball was already there. On third and 8, Campbell improvises and got the ball down to Jacoby Ford on the 7 yard line. What a catch by Ford while falling down and coming back to the under thrown ball all while fighting off a defender. He should have done that earlier in the gamer, but when it counts he comes up big. Great play Ford, my player of the game so far!!!

1st and goal, Darren McFadden gets 2 to the 5. The offense lines up for 2nd and goal and Campbell just misses DHB with the ball skipping off of his hands in the end zone. 3rd down and goal, and what looked to be a pass interference on Johnnie Lee Higgins right at the end zone line forces a field goal attempt. Sea Bass puts in the 23 yard try and the Raiders go up 17-13.

On the third possession, after a 16 yard return, the Raiders get the ball moving inside the 20 yard line. First down for 12 to Jacoby Ford on the right side line. Aggressive play calling by Hue Jackson. The next play as a pump and go to Marcel Reese, gets a pass interference call which is negated by a holding call by Robert Gallery. That would have been a 30 yard pickup. 1st down and McFadden gets tackled for a 1 yard loss. 2nd and 11 and Campbell just missed DHB who was wide open and could have gone up field for an  easy 40 yards. 3rd down and a sack with a loss of 5. Punt again… Chiefs get the ball on the 45 yard line.

Starting on the 25, the ball goes to McFadden for a loss of a yard and the 2 minute warning. The play calling is not as aggressive with the TE completely missing down the middle of the field. The Chiefs are going to give it to us, exploit it. We have Sea Bass who can make a 61 yarder. Hit the middle of the field. There is plenty of time to go. I can’t believe we are checking down. 2nd and 11 and Campbell throws way too high for DHB, who was wide open on the play. Jason Campbell just isn’t making the throws. 3rd and 11 and Johnnie Lee Higgins gets 12. No time outs lets go! 1st down to Myers and he gets 5 inbounds. Clock is ticking and the Raiders get another quick out to Myers for 2 who got out of bounds. 3rd and 3 from the 43, with 101 to go. Myers on the 12 yard out and gets a holding call and an automatic first down. Raiders on the 48. 1st and 10 and a draw and the Raiders get 4. An injury to a Chiefs player forces the Chiefs to use a timeout. 41 seconds to go, 2nd  and 6 Campbell gets the ball to Jacoby ford for 7. After a spike, the ball sits on the 41 yard line with 30 seconds to go. A big play to the 22 to Jacoby Ford but a holding call negates what could have been the changing play of the quarter. Veldheer. Idiot! Rookie. SO 1st and 20 and Campbell rips the ball off from the defender who had a sure interception and a spike on the field with 7 seconds to go. This rookie gets my game ball! Here is Sea Bass……..and the tie!!!! The crowd goes nutts!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Overtime Period

Chiefs win the coin toss with Seymour trying his best to get the flip to happen again. Good try my friend. Great try. Raiders get to hold the Chiefs first. This is where the defense makes their money. After the short bouncing kick that was mishandled, the Chiefs get the ball to start on their 10 yard line. A run gets them to the 16, with the Raiders punishing Jamal Charles. He earned every yard. 2nd down and that play action out to the TE didn’t work this time, where Quienten Groves stayed home and forced a 3rd. INCOMPLETE on 3rd down and a 3 and out, the Raiders get the ball back! Great blind defense on Kameron Wimbley. A false start gets the Chiefs punting from their end zone line.

Raiders offense gets the ball on the 38 yard line. First down and an AMAZING THROW TO JACOBY FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a catch! To the 12!!!!!!!! After a first down run by Darren McFadden to get the ball in the middle of the field, SEA BASS pins the ball down the middle of the uprights for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EARNING THAT MONEY SEA BASS!!!!

Raiders 23 - Chiefs 20!!!!

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