November 28, 2010

3rd Qtr. Fish @ Raiders

Rest in Peace to an awesome writer and journalist, Patrick Patterson, who died of an apparent blood clot in his lung early Thanksgiving Day. He was just 38 years of age. Man could he write about all things Raiders! He was an inspiration to all Raider insiders! Thanks for the great thoughts from the Dark Side! Today's game blogs will be dedicated to him!


Opening kickoff belongs to the Fins, who get the ball out to the 28 on the return. 1st down Ronnie Brown hides behind his offensive line and gets 5 yards. 2nd down, Ronnie Brown again and he gained 7 yards between the guards.1st down, and the sun may have an effect on this quarter as Devon Bess missed an 8 yard pass looking into the sun. 2nd down and a completion to Cobbs who gets away from hand tackles and making a 2 yard gain. 3rd down and 7 and Miami seems slow coming in and out of their huddle and call another time out. After the time out, Walter McFadden allows Moore to catch a 57 yard hook pattern for a touchdown. This could be a costly mistake my Walter McFadden!!!

2nd possession after the punt and Ricky WIlliams gains 12 yards on the right side. 1st and 10, wildcat and the hand off to Williams after a pick up of 3 yards.2nd down and another wild cat play to Williams who goes for 1 yard. 3rd and 6, from the 29, and a false start gets Miami a 3rd and 11. With Tyler Thigpen in the game, a QB draw is called, but Mike Huff stops that one at the 25, to force the field goal attempt, which goes right down the middle.

Next possession, Thigpen makes his way into the game and Miami gets nothing on 1st down. 2nd down gets them the same result, with a loss of 2. 3rd down and 11, and another timeout by Miami. After the timeout, Miami lines up in the jumbo set, and run a 3 receiver route, with Walter McFadden getting a holding penalty and gives Miami a first down. First down, and Queinton Groves is talking some smack, lets see if he backs it up. Reverse to Moore gets Miami to the 5, but a holding flag brings the play back to the 34 yard line. 2nd down, handoff to the left on a 3 yard carry. 3rd and 15 from the 31, the crowd gets loud and the Raiders hold Miami to another field goal attempt with a miss on the 51 yard attempt.

Run defense sets the tone on 1st and 2nd down and on 3rd down a quick slant puts that hard work to bed. Walter McFadden allows the big catch to extend the drive. Someone needs a benching.

On the return, Jacoby gets 17 yards and fumbles at the last minute. Good thing it went out of bounds. 1st down and no gain to McFadden to the left. Impossible to control the clock if we have no running game. 2nd and 10 and Grads almost throws an interception when he should have thrown that ball away to the side lines. 3rd down and Grads over leads his receiver Jacoby Ford to the side lines for the incompletion.

1st and 10, Louis Murphy becomes the defender and avoids the hit at the same time. That would have been another pick. 2nd and 10, Darren McFadden gets hit behind the line of scrimmage for a 2 yard loss. 3rd and 12, a quick dump off to McFadden for 8 and another punt.

Raiders get a nice screen on 1st down. Great block down field by Gallery sprang that nice gain. McFadden gets 6 yards up the middle with a nice hold opening up. McFadden laying down the wood and picking up the first down on the hard run to the left. Possible momentum? Well, then the worst thing that could happen, happens.....Jacoby Ford was wide open and Gradkowski completely missed him. Completely.

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