November 21, 2010

Final Qtr. Oakland @ Squeelers


Well, another quarter opens up with another TD on Defense. Won't comment on that.

After some back and forth The Squeelers punt it away, and so did CBS for what they called a "More Competitive Game" LOL.

So first and 10, a 7 yard pickup by Rashard Mendenhall. 2nd down and no running room, as the Raiders are anticipating the run. 3rd and three, Rolando McClain had a chance on a big hit, and he whiffed. LOL. Whats the deal. Ben got a first down and didn't pay for it? Oh well. First down and a 4 yard gain and a time out by the Raiders. Rubbing it in, Ben throws the 38 yard hookup to Mike Wallace over Michael Huff. Kind of a message to Richard Seymour, you think? Pitch to Mendenhall and Tyvon Branch caused a fumble and Queinten Groves gets the ball! FIRST DOWN!!! Oh wait, doesn't mean anything. We're getting spanked.

First down and a whiff by Rolando McClain on the back, allows him to get back to the line of scrimmage. 2nd down and the obvious lack of interest in the game and a run for 18 yards and another first down. After a 6 yard gain, the 2 minute warning saves us from at least 5 minutes more of punishment. A 2 yard gain gets the Squeelers to the 17. 3rd down screen and a TD by Iisac Redman. Stevie Brown with a nice hit, kinda hooked him like George Atkinson used to do! 


Our first possession on Offense opens at the 20. Shotgun set and a productive screen for 6. 2nd down and a catchable ball to Zack Miller, which he should have caught. 3rd and 4 and a wheel route to Darren McFadden gets us the first down. First down to Nick Miller and a gain of 4. Quick passes are making the difference. Run lanes opening up and Bush getting through. Nice play on Zack, by Troy Palamalu. The ball was low, but Troy ripped it out of Millers hands, and forced the punt.

9:43 to go and we start on the 16. Quick pass to Murphy who threw down a nice blow and put the defender on his ass. 2nd down, Bush for 4 and a first down.Bruce Graskowski picks up 13 for the first down, on first down with a scamper to the right after the defense tightened up in the secondary. 1st down, shotgun and Grads held the ball and 7 rushed, with Bryant McFadden getting to him with a loss of 9. 2nd down and a delayed blitz forced the quick and low throw to Louis Murphy, for the incomplete. 3rd down and some miscommunication between Grads and Murphy, for what could have been a first down. That's just due to the change in QB and the anticipation needed between players to know where to run the route and where the other is going. Practice will fix that.

First down and an offsides on Harrison. Thanks for the 5 yard gimme. Appreciate that. First and 5, and almost completed to Fox of the Steelers. I think the guys have given up now.n2nd and 5, and a completion to Brandon Myers for 5 yards. First Down for the stats.First down and another completion to Brandon Myers who got 7 yards. 2nd down and a screen from the Umpire caused the incompletion. Quick slant to JLH on 3rd down, and he had a flashback to the San Diego Choker game where he got crushed over the middle and he just let the ball go. And on 4th down, turnover on downs on the incomplete to Brandon Myers.

Nice pickup on 1sty down by Bush, and after another sack, a quick pass to Nick Miller ended this route....

Oh the stories that will be coming from this game...

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