November 7, 2010

First Quarter Recap Chiefs @ Raiders


Just like CBS to show no respect and show the game on time. Raiders opened up the game lethargic on offense, unable to really move the ball, and early penalties is hurting any chance of gaining consistency. You can tell the offensive line is going to get great push today in the run game, as the first McFadden run went for only 5, but if he would have avoided the hit,m he could have had a long one. Pass protection looked a little shaky with the pass rush getting to Campbell.

Second possession starts with a smart slat pass to Marcel Reese. The shifty Raiders run their version of the wildhog with McFadden to Bush to get a nice first down.getting us to the 50. Chiefs have great pursuit so far ands seem to be containing McFadden with 3 hats to the ball at a time. . I love the fact that the Raiders are keeping up the pressure up on the defense with the run game though, pounding the ball and wearing them down, just not to leave a third and long scenario.  Inconsistency in the WR depth will hamper us today and we need DHB to step it up!

Ok, wildhog to start out the next drive and I don't know who McFadden was throwing it to, but there were 3 defenders covering DHB. Not a good choice. Again, more issues with the pass protection, with the Chiefs getting pressure at will. Raiders need to shore this up quickly. After a dumpoff to Darren, the Raiders gave Kansas City a taste of their own medicine with a fake to Rock Cartwright for a gain of 1. This limiting of our time of possession is going to be big should this horrible play on offense continue, which as was discussed earlier this week, was a huge key to the game.


After 2 quick possession of 3 and out, the Chiefs punt to the Raiders, the defense is looking like a strong surprise on the game. Play action didn't fool the defensive line, but Cassel made a smart lob throw with no one picking up the FB out of the backfield for an easy first down.  Lets hope penalties are kept to a minimum. Kansas City seems to be picking up momentum on this possession, moving the ball for chunks of yards on the run, not taking a chance against the pass defense for a possible interception. The Raiders need to stop over pursuing the ball so much and make the play, after allowing Cassel a 9 yard run, with 6 tacklers missing him. With great push into the backfield, the Raiders were able to stop Thomas Jones short of the first. On 4th down, the defense steps it up and forces Kansas City to false Start. Great job Nation making some noise. The Chiefs actually had the nerve to go for it on 4th down and 6, practically at midfield, running their version of the Wildcat, getting held short by one yard! Turnover on downs!
After putting the defense in a disadvantage, the secondary steps up and forces Cassel to take another blow from Shaunassey. Penalty on the PI? I say bulls*it. Hand fighting is not pass interference if they are both going for the ball. . Defense steps up on 1st and 2nd down to push the action to the 2nd Quarter with the Chiefs threatening.

We need a stop!!!!! Come on Nation, maker some noise!!!!!

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