November 19, 2010

Why You Gotta Bring Up Old Sh*t?

The Pittsburgh Steelers' rivalry with the Raiders was legendary during the 1970s, which unfortunately for me was before my time. The Steelers knocked the Raiders out of the playoffs in three of four consecutive seasons in the early 1970s, the first of them being the Immaculate Reception game. This should really piss you off........

That is until the Raiders finally beat the Steelers in the 1976 AFC Championship and went on to win Super Bowl XI.

During the 1975 AFC Championship game, Raiders strong safety George Atkinson delivered a hit on Pittsburgh wide receiver Lynn Swann that gave him a concussion.When the two teams met in the 1976 season opener, Atkinson hit Swann again and gave him another concussion. After the second incident, Steelers head coach Chuck Noll referred to Atkinson as part of the "criminal element" in the NFL. Atkinson subsequently filed a $2 million defamation lawsuit against Noll and the Steelers, which he lost.

Catch @1:42 and @2:25...... HAHAHAHAHA LYNN SWANN...... SOFT!!!!!!!

But that being the past, we now live in a different era of NFL Football. Last year, as most of you remember, the Raiders beat these girls 27-24 in Pittsburgh on December 6, 2009. Most will remember the fight in the team to drive down the field and win with 9 seconds remaining. Some will remember Mike Tomlin's comment "We are going to unleash hell." which was his battle cry after the Steelers lost three straight games to the Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens. Again, in the past but relevant.

Here is the recent warning from the Squeelers QB to our boy Nnamdi...."I would send this warning to him," Roethlisberger said Wednesday. "Be careful with our field, because it's terrible." So whats your point?

If I was you Mr. Roethlisberger........ I would be more concerned with your offensive line protecting your ass from Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly, then your field and Nnamdi. Turns out, its easier for the field crew to scrape your sorry ass off of the turf when its nice and soft, so we prefer it that way......

This is our opportunity to win our 4th straight, a feat not yet accomplished since 2002. Did you know that this is the first meeting between these two teams since 1995 with both having winning records? You think there is just a little riding on this game?

Well, just like all of the National Media,  Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network says we do not have a good enough quarterback to win the game. Even Rod Woodson says that we will not win the game because we can not run the ball against this Steeler Defense, who has not allowed a 100 Yard rusher in the last 43 games. Well, last I checked we have played some pretty damn good defenses this year and when Darren McFadden is in the game, I think we put up a Hundy-Burger on em. Bring on this Steeler Defense and Troy Palamalu. Meet Mr. Bush, McFadden and oh yeah on the goalline, that would be Mr. Lamar Houston running that fullback dive.

I am geeked to renew this supposed rivalry. Although after we beat these chumps, I will have to say the rivalry goes away because we would have beat them 2 straight. Turns out for it to be a rivalry, the other team needs to show up and win every now and then.

Just Sayin.....

As Always, Just A

Chaotic View


  1. Some Steeler fans actually believe that the yellow "TERRIBLE TOWEL" brings bad luck to their opponents. I wonder what they think about after their Steelers are beatdown on Sunday. At least they'll have something to cry in. Big Ben must be getting desperate with his warning about the "terrible" field. Must have been a little inside joke to himself. Big Ben is the only Steeler's quarterback, I know of, that has lost every single game he's played against the Raiders. Keep up the terrible play sucker. You are going down and you are going down hard!
    Here is an interesting fact. In the current playoff picture, the Raiders are listed as the #4 seed ahead of the Steelers at #6. It should look even better after Sunday. see

  2. Won't this be three in a row if we take the Squeelers down Sunday? We need to be unpredictable and use misdirection on offense as Palomalu guesses and cheats a lot. This is how the Patsies exposed him last week. The D will be fine, shutting down the run and getting after Bag Buns. Kick butt Silver and Black!

  3. This will be four, and could well have been more... lots more