November 21, 2010

Sights and Stats From the Game....Oakland Vs. Pittsburgh


B. Gradkowski 13-24 98 Yds 1 INT
J. Campbell 7-19 70 Yrd 1 INT

M. Bush 4 Car 33 Yds. 
D. McFadden 10 Car. 14 Yds.

J. Higgins 4 Rec. 37 Yds.
B. Myers 3 Rec 28 Yds.
J. Ford 2 Rec 27 Yds.
L. Murphy 3 Rec. 25 Yds.

17 First Downs
3-14 Third downs 21%
Total Net Yards 182
7-55 on Penalties
27:13 TOP


B. Roethlisberger 18-29 275 Yds. 3 TD's

R. Mendenhall 23 Car. 59 Yds. 1 TD
B. Roeth....who gives a s*it 3 Car. 55 Yds. 1 TD
I. Redman 5 Car 27 Yds.

M. Wallace 3 Rec. 116 Yds.
E. Sanders 2 Rec. 35 Yds.
H. Ward. 3 Rec. 28 Yds

18 First Downs
7-14 Third downs 50%
Total Net Yards431
14-163 on Penalties
32:47 TOP

AP Photo G. Puskar
He is a Quarterback.....How did he get a rushing TD?????

AP Photo Keith Srakocic

Great fumble Murphy!!!!!

AP Photo Don Wright

 Hey Chris..The ball is already in his hands..........

AP Photo Keith Srakocic 

This is gonna hurt!

AP Photo Keith Srakocic 

So is this.........After the 24 step drop! 

AP Photo G. Puskar

Couldnt get the ball moving, huh Darren?

AP Photo Keith Srakocic 

The extra effort that got the win! 

AP Photo G. Puskar

Just like the game......we were on our heads the whole game!!! 

AP Photo Keith Srakocic

 Like criminal element........ Need a cop to escort him....

AP Photo Keith Srakocic

 You got knocked the F*ck out!!!!

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