October 31, 2010

Game Final- The Domination!


The Offense opened up the 4th Quarter failing to put the ball in the end zone, but extending the dominance on this side of the ball for the 2nd week in a row. Seabass split the uprights to extend the lead to 16-0.

After the Branch interception the Raiders did not look to kill the clock by running the ball. They came out to cut the Sea Chickens throats. DHB made a 69 yard catch and to pay dirt! 23-0! How about that?

Another blown call by the officials on the onside kick where Stevie Brown was ruled down by contact, would have led to another TD. The offense ran the ball on 1st and 2nd and were stopped on 3rd down. Sea Bass converted on the 49 yard knuckle ball that hooked left through the uprights. 26-3 Raiders.

The Raiders run run run behind Michael Bush and Marcel Reese, gashing this 2nd ranked running defense into submission leading to the Raiders scoring with Michael Bush on a 4 yard scamper. 


Seattle's opening possession started on the 20, after a touch back that went into the stands from Jano, who is obviously upset  for falling on his ass. The secondary stepped it up again and shut down the Sea Chickens until guess who commits the penalty. BENCH ROUTT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! The D-Line reestablished their opening game dominance with a sack of Hasselbeck putting them in a 3rd and 11 and guess what, another penalty to extend the drive on the tackle by Rolando McClain. Then, just as quick as the bad happens, Tyvon Branch plays the tip drill after Routt tipped a deep ball and gets the interception setting up the offense with great field position.

After Seattle gets the ball back, the Raiders allow just the first 3rd down conversion with 11:30 to go in the game. Lamar Houston got a strip sack, with Seattle recovering the ball. A huge potential injury to Nnamdi, on the long pass to his side where he came down awkwardly on the inside of his foot and rolled the ankle. He was down for quite some time, but got up and was unable to put any weight on his foot. Major blow to the defense going into Kansas City next week. Lets hope its just a slight sprain.

Immediately after Nnamdi's injury, they go to Mike Williams over Michael Huff. You can see the cover skills of Mike, who never turned around for the ball at all. Matt Shaunassey got into the act for the 7th sack of Hasselbeck. Kameron Wimbley and Seymore add onto the domination with the 8th sack of the game, forcing Seattle to attempt a 47 yard field goal, to close out the opportunity of a shut out.  

Junk time with 7 minutes to go, Leon Washington got a nice chunk of yards on a draw play. Seymore got to Hasselbeck for the 8th sack of the day forcing the punt giving the Raiders the ball on the 34 yard line.

My game balls-

545 YARDS!!!!

Marcel Reese
2-32 Rush yards
3-90 Rec. yards 1 TD

Darren McFadden

Jason Campbell
15-27 310 yards 2 TD's no TO's

The Entire Defense!
160 pass yards allowed
40 rush yards
8 sacks!

Great Win Raider Nation!


Happy Halloween!

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3rd Quarter Observations

Its all Defense, Defense, Defense.........

Seattle's opening possession ended with 4 plays. The secondary is playing tight, and Matt Hasselbeck is putting the ball where it needs to be, but his receivers are not getting the job done.

One concern that I see with the Raiders is their tight coverage. They seem to getting their hands all over the receivers close to the time the ball gets there, I just hope the penalty calls stay consistent. They seem to be calling the game fair.

Seattle's second possession gets going with a long pass to Golden Tate, who rolled his ankle. With the rush game non-existent, Seattle started to throw the ball down field and guess who shows up in a bad way, STANFORD ROUTT. God, I hate that dude! The Raiders are starting to bend, but they are not breaking. Holding Seattle to a 29 yard field goal attempt which went just left of the upright, and the Raider Nation went crazy in the stadium. 

With the ball on the 35 yard line, Seattle tried to go short routes to get some sort of rhythm going, but the defense was not having any of it. Stopping the run today has been key and the Sea Hawks cant move the ball what so ever on this line. With a high pass that floated over the anticipated receiver, the Seahawks had to punt. They are 0-10 on third down conversions thus far.


Stupid penalties are putting the Raiders in bad field position. The Raiders had the ball on the 12 yard line to start the 3rd quarter after the punt, until the illegal block in the back pushed them back to the 6 yard line. After a rush to the right, DHB made a nice route to get the ball on a hook route for the first down.

Darren McFadden, the game breaker, torched the defense with a 49 yard scamper putting him closer to the century mark for the afternoon, at this point of the game with 14 carries for 80 yards. Great blocking opened up a gaping hole on the left side of the line. 

 Jason Campbell laid the wood on a pursuing defender on the reverse to Jacoby Ford, which allowed for continuation of the drive and another first down. Showing his involvement in the offense is more then just throwing the ball. The Raiders get a 36 yard field goal by Sea Bass for a 13-0 lead with 9:12 to go.

The Raiders picked up where they left off with a 51 yard play action pass screen to Marcel Reese. Wonderful execution and great down field blocking really opened that play up and Reese put his foot on the accelerator making the big gain. Nick Miller had a ball hit him right in the face mask on the 2 yard line, which could have been a huge difference, with Sea Bass falling on his Keister on a 45 yard attempt. Not so pretty.

Talk about luck, wow, what a catch by Michael Bush on the deflection that put the Raiders on the 30 yard line of the Sea Chickens. I love the mis-direction for McFadden on the pitch putting the Raiders at first and goal on the 9. After a 4 yard pickup by Darren, the Raiders self destruct and get a holding call, but make up for it by passing it to Darren for the possible score to open up the 4th. This should get really good if the Raiders can pour it on and shut this team out! Lets make it happen boys! 

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Seahawks @ Raiders First Half Highlights

Marcel Reece with Greg Papa on the
Silver and Black Show
Aired 10-31-2010.

Marcel Reese Scores on 30 yard reception Vs. Seattle.

Click the link below......

Second Quarter Observations

The Raiders start it out positively moving the ball on their resumption of the drive that started at the end of the first quarter.

McFadden mixing it up and some long out routes to DHB is starting to put Seattle's defense on its heels. The play action pass is really working well, with the Seattle Defense concerned about the run game and the Raiders 3rd ranked rush offense.

Darren seems to be running strongly behind his pads, applying the blows to his intended tacklers which could play a big part in wearing the defense down in the latter parts of the game.

Michael Bush made a showing and rushed for 9 yards when Seattle presented a nickle look, pounding the rock on the 2nd ranked rush defense.

How about Marcel Reese with the quick slant for a 30 yard TD. Great hands and concentration catching the ball in between 2 defenders. Amazing play by Jason Campbell to squeeze it in there. That drive went 12 plays 87 yards with 5:54 time of possession. Great way to get the offense rolling.

On the following drive, the Raiders moved the ball with some great energy. A penalty on Chris Clemons helped on what was to be a 4th down and punt, by getting a personal foul after going after Robert Gallery for what could have been a cheap shot on the side lines. Good job Gallery.

The Defense continues to control the line of scrimmage, closing the gaps for the run lanes and not allowing Seattle to get any momentum going. Their first five drives, 5 three and outs. The Seattle Seahawks can not stay with the pressure and energy of the Raiders Defensive line. The Seahawks finally got their first first down with 2:30 to play in the quarter on a TE post. The defense seemed to be loosening up as the quarter came to a close, with Seattle seeming to make some blocking scheme changes before the intermission period. On the final drive of the half, Seattle moved the ball quickly down the field early in the possession, but had to settle for a 51 yard attempt that went wide right, to the elation of the Raider Nation Brethren in the Black Hole. 

Controversy on the fair catch. Was it the motion or not? It looked so to me. Bad call will have to be explained more later by the NFL.

First Half Leaders-
Jason Campbell
12-15 115 yards 1 TD

Darren McFadden
12 - 29 yards

Marcel Reece
2 Rec 39 yards


Possible Injuries already piling up-

Jacoby Ford went down with a knee injury, which seemed to take place after his 8 yard slant pass for a first down, when the defender landed on his knee and turned it the wrong way. The Raiders can ill afford another injury in the Wide Receiver corps, with Louis Murphy still out with a lung bruise. Ford came back in with 5:00 to go with what was said to be a bruised knee and subsequently got a false start penalty.

Zach Miller limped off the field on the play action pass to McFadden. The injury happened on the opposite side of the ball from the play. No word yet on the injury, but I am hoping it is not serious because he is an integral part of the pass game. Could be because he waddles like a duck when he runs. Sorry Zach. Miller came back into the game later in the quarter.

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First Quarter Observations

The Raiders are handing the Seattle Seahawks through the first quarter. Ownership of the line of scrimmage is the name of the game and the Raiders D-Line is swarming and getting hats to the ball. The Raiders have had a total of 3 sacks in the first quarter. One by Tommy Kelly, one by Seymore and one by Branch. I like the aggressive nature of this Defense against this Seattle pass protection.

On Seattles first 6 plays, the Seahawks were -6 total yards of offense.

Special teams were playing lights out, until Leon Washington made a 45 yard return that set up Seattle's possession before the quarters end at the 33 yard line.

One thing this team is not doing at this point, which they showed a lot of last week, is a healthy dose of the running game.

Seattle is mixing it up with a lot of defensive backs and confusing the Raiders protection schemes, and Hue Jackson for some reason isn't pounding the rock, giving the Seahawks equal split of the time of possession battle, which I said leading into this game was going to be key if the Raiders intended on winning the game.

Nice to see DHB getting involved early with the end around and some quick slants. DHB is running some good routes and I hope to see some stop and go routes as the game progresses.

First Quarter Score 3-0 Raiders!

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October 30, 2010

Just In Case You Forgot Already.........

This one will live in infamy for a long, long time. Thanks Josh McDaniels for the great expression @ 3:36. Your face says a thousand words.

Good win boys. Lets carry the MO into this week with the Sea Chickens coming to town.

Thanks to JT The Brick, Raiders Rewind Staff and Greg Papa for the great video.
Enjoy Raider Nation.


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Seeing is Believing - Special Teams

Read an interesting story yesterday about the love affair between Brien Schneider, the beloved special teams coach of the Oakland Raiders in 2 years under Lance Kiffin, and the now head coach of the Seattle Sea Chickens, Pete Carrol. Sounded like something out of a fairy tail book and went something like this.

One day, long long ago, in Raiderville, a visiting prince rode into town with his Trojan Army, riding a Stallion of Maroon and Gold, to observe the great practice before the hand to hand combat to come. This Prince was alone, and looking for some "Special Love", and found a maiden who was a team builder and had many followers. This Maiden's name was Brian Schneider. Fearless leader of a special team, who used bravado and his enthusiastic voice to win the hearts of many, and when Pete observed Brian in action, thus began the courtship of Pete Carrol who would stop at nothing to win his prize.

Back to the story some other time. Anyhow, the year good ole Lance was fired (we all know the story), Brian was left there floundering in the breeze. Pete saw his opportunity and brought him to the Land of Troy for an 8 month stint with the Trojans, and when Carrol went to Seattle, Brian followed in his footsteps.

This year, Seattle is proving on Special Teams why the courtship was so important. They are starting with an average field position of the opponents 32 yard line, and I believe we all saw the beat down Leon Washington single-handedly, gave to the San Diego Super Chokers, scoring 2 touchdowns in the game,  one 99 yards and the other 101 yards. They are 4th in the league with the opponents starting field position.

Now, our special teams isn't chopped liver, OK not all of it. We have 2 of the best kickers probably to play the game in terms of skill in Sea Bass, and with stats in Lechler.Our kickoff teams are also very good, but we are in the cellar with a 20.1 average starting field position, and this needs to change dramatically, starting this weekend.

You knew the stats were coming. These are our current leaders:

Kick Returns
Ranked 27th in the NFL
Jacoby Ford
Ret   Yds    Avg   TDs
17    360    21.2    0

Punt Returns
Nick Miller
Ret   Yds   Avg    TDs
11    118   10.7     0

Kicking - 
Ranked 3rd in the NFL for Kickoff Yards
Sebastian Janikowski
Att   Made   Pct   Long
20    15        75*  54

Ranked 15th in the NFL
Shane Lechler
Punts   Yds   Avg   IN20   IN20%
31      1520  49.0    13       41.9*


We once challenged Devon Hester and he did nothing to us. You think Leon Washington and a rookie, Golden Tate, out of USC are gonna scare this team? I'd say bring it on.

It could be this kind of day.

Stay in your lanes, pursue the ball as a team and get some damn helmets on the ball carrier. Field position will play a key role in our time of possession and our ability to stay out of long drives. Lets see what the Raiders and John Fassel have up their sleeves this weekend.

As always, just a

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October 29, 2010

Seeing Is Believing - Defense

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The achilies heel. The show stopper. One game they show up, the next they're no where to be seen. Its funny how the first week all 3 phases of the team put it together for a complete team win, was 7 weeks into the damn season. It's often said that the Defense is the quickest part of the team to gel when the season opens. Looks like someone forgot to tell the Raiders that.

Opening game against the Tennessee Titans, the Raiders were sent home with their tails tucked between their legs, allowing Chris Johnson to run for 142 yards and two touchdowns, and Vince Young to throw  for two scores in a 38-13 route. They had 205 yards rushing in that game and held the ball for 31 minutes.

Throwing out the Arizona game, which could have went our way, they lose miserably at home against a good Texans team who also gashed the Oakland rush defense for 249 yards and maintained the ball for 30 minutes.

And who can forget the debocle against the whiners where the Raiders allowed 158 rush yards and gave the whiners over 33 minutes of possession.

There is a trend here. Time of possession and controlling the run!

Here are our stats year to date:

26.3 points per game allowed
26th in the league

331.1 yards per game
16th in the league

192.3 Pass yards per game
5th in the league

138.9 rush yards per game
28th in the league

So, what's our fix to this mess?

His name is Richard Seymore and he has a few buddies that go by the name Tommy, Trevor, Mike Mitchell and Rolando Mclain.

Here are the keys:

Staying true to gap responsibilities. Wrap up tackles in space and gang tackling at the point of attack. OWN the line of scrimmage and do not, I say again Rolando, do not over-pursue the damn play!!!!!!

Stopping the Seattle run game won't be easy, but failing to do so will set up the play action pass and allow the Seahawks to get big plays and control the clock.

In the secondary, I wont even touch on Nnamdi, because that would'nt be fair to the opponent. He is absolutely a shut down corner, hands down. The big key to this game, as Nnamdi will pretty much shut down the resurgent Mike Williams, is Mike Mitchell. This guy has done a tremendous job on some of the best tight ends in the league. Vernon Davis of the 49ers caught only one ball . Antonio Gates caught only two. Being able to cover the tight end and also be aware of the run is key to this defenseive team gelling and performing their roles. Remember, it takes a team effort on defense. ( Oh yeah, I've been wanting to say this for a long time now......


The Seahawks will try to beat the Raiders in Oakland for the first time in nearly 13 years Sunday.Seattle is trying to end a five-game losing streak in Oakland dating to December 1997. Key words there, try and trying. Sorry to tell ya boys, but youre not winning this weekend.

Protecting Matt Hasselbeck, who was sacked five times last week, could also be an issue with rookie left tackle Russell Okung's status in question due to a left high ankle sprain.

Yes I know this is Charlie Whitehurst....and?

I'll say it here as I do when I am watching the game, GET HIS ASS!!!!!!!

PS.....There is only one Nation, The Raider Nation, so someone tell these clowns to stop biting our rhyme.


As always just a

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October 28, 2010

Seeing Is Believing - Offense

The yards are coming in chunks. The Oakland Raiders are finally doing what we have always expected they could, maintain possession of the ball on offense and gaining first downs. What do the stats mean? Let's take a deeper look.

Hue Jackson has implemented what I believe is the best formation packages we have seen since the Gruden era, where the Raiders had one of the top rated offenses in the league. After 7 weeks into the 2010 season, this team has mixed and matched players on the offensive line, at wide receiver, running back and everyone knows the quarterback situation. Even with all of that change, they have still managed to be ranked 14th overall in the league with 340 yards per game gained, 3rd in the NFL in rushing with 158.4 yards per game, 25th best in passing with 182 yards per game and 1274 yards gained this year and 5th overall with 25.6 points per game scored.

Well you ask, what difference does this all mean to us winning football games? I mean come on, San Diego Super Chokers have the number 1 offense in the league, yet their 2-5. Ahhhhh, the kicker, special teams.

No but really, the Raiders have one thing going for them that has put us in the win column 3 times this year so far, and its called Time of possession with the Raiders averaging 31:40 per game.

The long and short of it all is this, maintain possession, keep the defense off the field, that means the oppositions offense isn't on the field and guess what, they can't score points. Wow, what a concept that's equates to W's on the field.

Just Hang On To The Ball Baby!

Next Up, Seeing Is Believing - Defense.

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October 26, 2010

The Trap!

After a huge win against a Divisional team, what's the first thing our Raiders do? They take an extra day off. For many of the players, its a well needed break from the long season, even if it is just for a day. They can do the things that you and I do, live a normal life. Some make their way into the weight room, some seek out treatment, while others kick their feet up and watch a little TV and rest their bumps and bruises.

So I asked myself, what do champions do after a big victory? Well, just because I strive to be the best at everything I do I can say that there are no breaks if you want to compete on a high level. There are no breaks if you want to be champs.

So where is the trap in this mindset for our Raiders? Well simply put, they get too relaxed. They accept that they won and think its just going to happen next week the same way it did Sunday. Sorry to break it to you boys, but the Seattle Sea Chickens are coming to town carrying the NFC West Division lead (4-2) into our house and they're not going to just roll over and hand us a victory.

This week has to be the difference in this year if we expect to become a playoff contender. My challenge more so to this team is directed at these coaches. Tom Cable in particular. We haven't done anything yet Tom. I expect that you are going to slam these men for the mistakes we made during the last game. False starts, illegal motion, missed catches, miss alignments on defense and yards left on the field shows you there are things that can be fixed. But more importantly, I want you to pound their psyche. I want you grabbing their face masks during practice when they drop a ball. I want you having them working on fumble drills. I want you to put an emphasis on the Red Zone again this week. TD's not field goals! They should be so damn angry from practice that they come out and kick the crap out of the Sea Chickens. Here is an idea, before the game, show them the loss to the Niners. A full cut up of the disappointment. Show them the loss to Tennessee and how we allowed a team to pound on us. Show them the loss to the Texans and how they gashed our run defense over and over and over again. Then follow it up with the Victory over the Chokers. Show them the video from this last weekend against the Donkos. Show them how we kicked the crap out of them and then say this phrase to them:


These players can not be given a free pass to have an easy week of practice. Last time I looked at our record, we're still 3-4.

So I say to you Tom, if you expect the Nation to fill the stadium, prove what you say on the field. Prove that the team is moving forward and another let down isn't on the horizon. I love my team as do all Raider Fans, but I trust you further then I can throw Richard Seymore. Not far.

Ill take a quote from Field of Dreams, "If you win, they will come"

Just Win Baby!

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October 25, 2010


It was glorious. The kind of wins that go down in the record books for the ages to look back and see forever. A 59-14 domination of the helpless Denver Broncos. The Raiders rushed for 328 yards in the win — just 28 yards shy from the team record of 356 set in '87 against Seattle on the road. The quarterback play was calm and poised. The lineman held their blocks. The wide outs blocked down field and Nick Miller went up over the top on a 32 yard reception to haul in the pass. The defense held the Broncos to 75 yards rushing as a team. Talk about a total team effort! 

But my fellow Raider faithful, that’s where it needs to go and stay. In the books. Case closed, chapter ended, next story.

Far too often we focus on the wrong thing only to be set up for failure. The proverbial, lets go 2-0 and get this rolling. Man, that’s for high school athletes. How about, let’s go out there and kick the crap out of the Sea Chickens now? Who is next to take this wrath? 


This game against Denver was the kind of game we should play week in and week out. Can you imagine if the Raiders played this way every week? We should! 

I remember back to the period of time between '98-'02 seasons, we would go into every game saying, who is next to get a loss against us? We couldn't be stopped by anyone. Now all we say is damn, can we beat this team? Is our defense going to hold up? Is our offense going to get more then 10 first downs? Can we put 100 yards up on the ground?


To wrap this up, an important message from Tom Cable to the Raider Nation: "Raider Nation, hear me," Cable said. "We need you in those stands supporting us. We need to have a great 12th man from here on out because we're doing our part. It's coming together." Tom, you’re right. It is coming together. We beat a really good football team yesterday. Now do your job and coach these men to play next week with the same tenacity as they did on Sunday!


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October 24, 2010

Kyle Boller - A better choice?

3rd string Quarterback or starter under our offense?

Who is Kyle Boller and why isn't he under center today against Denver? Is he a better fit then Jason Campbell? I'm sure you all watched the same preseason games I did this year, and if my memory serves me right, Kyle moved the ball and made the throws. Well, lets look a bit closer and figure this out.

Kyle Boller was signed April 15, 2010 by the Raiders. Coming off a short stint of 1 year in St. Louis in 2009, Boller played 6 years (2003 -2008) for the Baltimore Ravens after being drafter 19th overall in the 2003 NFL Draft. Boller appeared in 2 of the Raiders' preseason games, going 12-of-21 for 148 yards and a touchdown against Dallas on Aug. 12 and 7-of-9 for 55 yards and a rushing score against Chicago.
The Raiders won both games.Sure it is preseason, and most likely against the 2nd and 3rd teamers, but football is football. Those 2's and 3's are on the field because they were better then the rest, which means they play ball.

Look at his career stats

Season Team
Passing Rushing Fumbles
Comp Att Pct  Yds Avg  TD  Int  Sck  SckY Rate Att Yds Avg  TD  FUM  Lost
2010 Oakland Raiders
- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.0 -- -- -- -- -- --
2009 St. Louis Rams
98 176 55.7  899 5.1 3 6 17 117 61.2 13 76 5.8 0 2 2
2007 Baltimore Ravens
168 275 61.1  1,743 6.3 9 10 24 159 75.2 19 89 4.7 0 5 4
2006 Baltimore Ravens

33 55 60.0  485 8.8 5 2 3 16 104.0 22 34 1.5 0 3 1
2005 Baltimore Ravens

171 293 58.4  1,799 6.1 11 12 23 146 71.8 23 66 2.9 1 8 2
2004 Baltimore Ravens 258 464 55.6  2,559 5.5 13 11 35 247 70.9 53 189 3.6 1 11 7
2003 Baltimore Ravens
116 224 51.8  1,260 5.6 7 9 17 92 62.4 30 62 2.1 0 9 5
TOTAL  844 1,487  56.8  8,745  5.9 48 50 119 777 70.6 160  516  3.2 2 38 21

So why not use him against the Broncos? My fear is that we start Jason Campbell and Cable tries to prove a point to Al Davis showing him that Campbell is not the next coming of Jim Plunkett, but maybe the next coming of Jawalrus, I mean Jamarcus Russell.

You remember this guy.

Look, you put an injured Quarterback out there against an injured , but experienced defense, there is even more of an opportunity for Campbell to injure himself further, either physically or mentally. Not to mention ruin the teams psyche even more. Please don't forget that Campbell was just 8-of-21 passing for 83 yards and two interceptions–good enough for passer rating of 10.7 against the Niners.

Look at some of these quotes from the Raiders players after the heartbreaking loss to San Francisco:

“After that San Diego win, it was like, let’s get this ball rolling, let’s get the momentum going. And then to lose like this . . . I mean, we were in the game the whole time . . . it really hurts,’’ Asomugha said.

“The game really comes down to opportunity. We had a ton of opportunity, offensively to score,” head coach Tom Cable said. “We did not score, we’re not very good in the red zone. We let them hang around. We really played decent run defense and then gave up two runs just like that. I’m very disappointed, too many opportunities to win a game and we didn’t get it done.”

“I don’t know. I’ve got to see the film,’’ Murphy said. “The game was just going so fast, I don’t really know what was going on. I felt I was getting open against their coverages.’’

“There goes the story of the Raiders,’’ said Kelly, who acknowledged he had a shot at the tackle. “Play good, play good . . . Boom. There goes something.’’

 Thank you Tommy. My sentiments exactly. This is the last damn thing we need to hear from players on the team. Makes it seem as if nothing has changed.

As always, just a Chaotic View

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October 22, 2010

Strength and Conditioning

One of the key factors in any athletes capabilities to perform at a high professional level...........strength and conditioning. From off season workouts, to nutrition, to in season workouts, if you're not strong, eating healthy and conditioned properly, you're doomed to fail with both injuries and long recovery times.

I'd like to introduce to you, your Oakland Raiders Strength and Conditioning coach, Brad Roll.

Image Courtesy LIFE Magazine

Mr. Roll comes with an extensive coaching background, dating back to 1981-86, where Roll served as the first full-time strength and conditioning coach at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.
His professional stints : 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the '93-'96 ( 5-11, 6-10, 7-9 )
Miami Dolphins from '96-'03 ( 8-8, 9-7, 10-6, 9-7, 11-5, 11-5, 9-7, 10-6 )
Buffalo Bills from '03-06 ( 6-10, 9-7, 5-11 )
St. Louis Rams from '06-'07 ( 8-8, 3-13 )
before joining the Raiders in 2008, having shown that his experience with athletes in the professional ranks should be as good as it gets. I mean come on, 17 years now, this guy should make the players as prepared as they can get, right? 

Well, lets look at our injuries over the last 2.5 years with Mr. Roll as our Strength and Conditioning coach........


JaMarcus Russell - knee injury during Oakland's 17-6 loss to the Carolina Panthers.
Darren McFadden - turf toe injury that ruined his rookie season that seemed so promising after a 164-yard rushing performance against the Kansas City Chiefs in his second NFL game.
Derrick Burgess - triceps injury that costed the Raiders their biggest pass-rushing threat and the leader of their defensive line.
Justin Fargas - sidelined by a noncontact injury from a simple pass route and a strained groin, sustained in a victory over Kansas City.
Kwame Harris - knee injury.
Javon Walker - hamstring.
Chaz Schilens - Everything
John Bowie (IR)
Tyvon Branch (IR)
Drew Carter (IR)
Justin Griffith (IR)
Paul McQuistan (IR)
Oren O'Neal (IR)
Arman Shields (IR)
Mark Wilson (IR)


Darren McFadden - knee
Johnnie Lee Higgins - shoulder
Justin Fargas - hamstring
Derrick Gray - IR
Lorenzo Neal - IR
Jason Horton - IR
Rashad Baker - IR
John Wade - IR
Mike Hawkins - IR
John Bowie - IR
Oren O’Neal - IR
Ricky Brown - IR
Jon Alston - IR
Robert Gallery - IR
Slade Norris - IR
Chaz Schilens - IR


Bruce Gradkowski -Shoulder
Johnnie Lee Higgins - Knee
Quentin Groves - Hamstring
Chaz Schilens - Knee
Thomas Howard - Knee
Travis Goethel - Back
Michael Bennett - Groin
Jeremy Ware - Ankle
John Henderson - Foot
Robert Gallery - Hamstring
Daniel Loper - Ankle
Chris Johnson - Ankle
Zach Miller - Hip
Michael Bennett - Hamstring
Ricky Brown - Hamstring
Walter McFadden - Hamstring
Hiram Eugene - Hamstring
Langston Walker - Elbow
Cooper Carlisle - Knee
Richard Seymour - Hamstring
Darrius Heyward -Bey - Groin
Louis Murphy - Collarbone
Marcel Reece - Neck
Chris Johnson - Neck, ankle
Nnamdi Asomugha - Groin
Desmond Bryant - Elbow
Joey Thomas  Injured-Reserved - Concussion
Alex Daniels  Injured-Reserved - Undisclosed
Jay Richardson  Injured-Reserved - Knee
Jonathan Holland  Injured-Reserved - Ankle

Do you see a trend? I see a lot of fatigued muscles, poor hydration and over weight football players. Where is the accountability Mr. Roll? Tom Cable?
Looks like the Raiders may need to take a look at the core of our issues and start making some changes to what we do, how we eat and how we prepare. It just may get us "over the hump" as Tom Cable puts it.
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