October 26, 2010

The Trap!

After a huge win against a Divisional team, what's the first thing our Raiders do? They take an extra day off. For many of the players, its a well needed break from the long season, even if it is just for a day. They can do the things that you and I do, live a normal life. Some make their way into the weight room, some seek out treatment, while others kick their feet up and watch a little TV and rest their bumps and bruises.

So I asked myself, what do champions do after a big victory? Well, just because I strive to be the best at everything I do I can say that there are no breaks if you want to compete on a high level. There are no breaks if you want to be champs.

So where is the trap in this mindset for our Raiders? Well simply put, they get too relaxed. They accept that they won and think its just going to happen next week the same way it did Sunday. Sorry to break it to you boys, but the Seattle Sea Chickens are coming to town carrying the NFC West Division lead (4-2) into our house and they're not going to just roll over and hand us a victory.

This week has to be the difference in this year if we expect to become a playoff contender. My challenge more so to this team is directed at these coaches. Tom Cable in particular. We haven't done anything yet Tom. I expect that you are going to slam these men for the mistakes we made during the last game. False starts, illegal motion, missed catches, miss alignments on defense and yards left on the field shows you there are things that can be fixed. But more importantly, I want you to pound their psyche. I want you grabbing their face masks during practice when they drop a ball. I want you having them working on fumble drills. I want you to put an emphasis on the Red Zone again this week. TD's not field goals! They should be so damn angry from practice that they come out and kick the crap out of the Sea Chickens. Here is an idea, before the game, show them the loss to the Niners. A full cut up of the disappointment. Show them the loss to Tennessee and how we allowed a team to pound on us. Show them the loss to the Texans and how they gashed our run defense over and over and over again. Then follow it up with the Victory over the Chokers. Show them the video from this last weekend against the Donkos. Show them how we kicked the crap out of them and then say this phrase to them:


These players can not be given a free pass to have an easy week of practice. Last time I looked at our record, we're still 3-4.

So I say to you Tom, if you expect the Nation to fill the stadium, prove what you say on the field. Prove that the team is moving forward and another let down isn't on the horizon. I love my team as do all Raider Fans, but I trust you further then I can throw Richard Seymore. Not far.

Ill take a quote from Field of Dreams, "If you win, they will come"

Just Win Baby!

Chaotic View


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