October 31, 2010

First Quarter Observations

The Raiders are handing the Seattle Seahawks through the first quarter. Ownership of the line of scrimmage is the name of the game and the Raiders D-Line is swarming and getting hats to the ball. The Raiders have had a total of 3 sacks in the first quarter. One by Tommy Kelly, one by Seymore and one by Branch. I like the aggressive nature of this Defense against this Seattle pass protection.

On Seattles first 6 plays, the Seahawks were -6 total yards of offense.

Special teams were playing lights out, until Leon Washington made a 45 yard return that set up Seattle's possession before the quarters end at the 33 yard line.

One thing this team is not doing at this point, which they showed a lot of last week, is a healthy dose of the running game.

Seattle is mixing it up with a lot of defensive backs and confusing the Raiders protection schemes, and Hue Jackson for some reason isn't pounding the rock, giving the Seahawks equal split of the time of possession battle, which I said leading into this game was going to be key if the Raiders intended on winning the game.

Nice to see DHB getting involved early with the end around and some quick slants. DHB is running some good routes and I hope to see some stop and go routes as the game progresses.

First Quarter Score 3-0 Raiders!

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