October 21, 2010

Chaotic Views

Welcome to the home of the most upfront, in your face, realistic and honest feedback about my beloved Oakland Raiders you can get anywhere on the net.

This blog will be dedicated to all Raider Fans from around the world!

The Raiders. What more can you say about the name Raiders? Passionate fans (Look at my profile picture). The colors Silver and Black together say class and style. The mystique, Legendary. This team is the team of all teams. Sports Empires were built on the Raider way. Quick, fast talented athletes poised to infuse youth and vigor into the new year along with the witty and savvy veterans, back to prove they still have what it takes for another year.

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Ill begin my rants on our current administration. You have the hard nosed Tom Cable at the helm. Tough, gritty, offensive line coach used to duking it out in the trenches. His passion for the game is unquestioned, his ability to adjust to game tempo on the fly, immaculate! His ability to lead........Questionable. As of week 6 of the 2010 NFL Season, his record as a Professional NFL Head Coach, a whopping 10-21. The 2nd longest tenured coach since "Chucky", following the likes of Bill "The Dumbest Team" Callahan, Norv "Choker" Turner, Art "Bed in Breakfast" Shell, , and we all know Lane "Lance" Kiffin. Tom Cable, our leader, Al's punching bag.

Tom has made comments week in and week out such as, "We just didn't execute.", "Where are we at? I think we’re about three-quarters of the way there. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there.""We have the same feeling similar to what we had after the Arizona game, where you felt like you did a lot of things to win a game and didn’t do enough to get it over the hump to do it." "For us, it was just a play away, a play away, a play away. And you’re trying to get to the right play, and your team in position for the right play. But that’s not good enough.". Well damn it Tom, when are we going to execute? When are we going to get the play in? When are we going to get the quarterbacks to play at the level they are paid for? When are we going to get over the hump?

Personally, I am tired of sitting back waiting for the team to turn the corner. I am tired of getting my stomach in knots every Sunday hoping we have it in us to drive down the field in the 4th quarter and pull off a miracle. I want DOMINATION! I want a comfortable lead! I want to actually HIT SOMEONE IN THE MOUTH the entire game and make them fear playing this team. I want the Raiders to be the team people hate because we Dominate and Win!

Tom you're the head coach. You're responsible for the Offense, Defense and Special Teams. All parts and pieces. Every player out of position. Every "Missed Opportunity". Players not being conditioned for the rigors of the year. It all falls on your shoulders Tom. My opinion of this current team..........they play as they are coached, soft!
Chaotic View

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