October 31, 2010

Game Final- The Domination!


The Offense opened up the 4th Quarter failing to put the ball in the end zone, but extending the dominance on this side of the ball for the 2nd week in a row. Seabass split the uprights to extend the lead to 16-0.

After the Branch interception the Raiders did not look to kill the clock by running the ball. They came out to cut the Sea Chickens throats. DHB made a 69 yard catch and to pay dirt! 23-0! How about that?

Another blown call by the officials on the onside kick where Stevie Brown was ruled down by contact, would have led to another TD. The offense ran the ball on 1st and 2nd and were stopped on 3rd down. Sea Bass converted on the 49 yard knuckle ball that hooked left through the uprights. 26-3 Raiders.

The Raiders run run run behind Michael Bush and Marcel Reese, gashing this 2nd ranked running defense into submission leading to the Raiders scoring with Michael Bush on a 4 yard scamper. 


Seattle's opening possession started on the 20, after a touch back that went into the stands from Jano, who is obviously upset  for falling on his ass. The secondary stepped it up again and shut down the Sea Chickens until guess who commits the penalty. BENCH ROUTT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! The D-Line reestablished their opening game dominance with a sack of Hasselbeck putting them in a 3rd and 11 and guess what, another penalty to extend the drive on the tackle by Rolando McClain. Then, just as quick as the bad happens, Tyvon Branch plays the tip drill after Routt tipped a deep ball and gets the interception setting up the offense with great field position.

After Seattle gets the ball back, the Raiders allow just the first 3rd down conversion with 11:30 to go in the game. Lamar Houston got a strip sack, with Seattle recovering the ball. A huge potential injury to Nnamdi, on the long pass to his side where he came down awkwardly on the inside of his foot and rolled the ankle. He was down for quite some time, but got up and was unable to put any weight on his foot. Major blow to the defense going into Kansas City next week. Lets hope its just a slight sprain.

Immediately after Nnamdi's injury, they go to Mike Williams over Michael Huff. You can see the cover skills of Mike, who never turned around for the ball at all. Matt Shaunassey got into the act for the 7th sack of Hasselbeck. Kameron Wimbley and Seymore add onto the domination with the 8th sack of the game, forcing Seattle to attempt a 47 yard field goal, to close out the opportunity of a shut out.  

Junk time with 7 minutes to go, Leon Washington got a nice chunk of yards on a draw play. Seymore got to Hasselbeck for the 8th sack of the day forcing the punt giving the Raiders the ball on the 34 yard line.

My game balls-

545 YARDS!!!!

Marcel Reese
2-32 Rush yards
3-90 Rec. yards 1 TD

Darren McFadden

Jason Campbell
15-27 310 yards 2 TD's no TO's

The Entire Defense!
160 pass yards allowed
40 rush yards
8 sacks!

Great Win Raider Nation!


Happy Halloween!

Chaotic View

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