October 29, 2010

Seeing Is Believing - Defense

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The achilies heel. The show stopper. One game they show up, the next they're no where to be seen. Its funny how the first week all 3 phases of the team put it together for a complete team win, was 7 weeks into the damn season. It's often said that the Defense is the quickest part of the team to gel when the season opens. Looks like someone forgot to tell the Raiders that.

Opening game against the Tennessee Titans, the Raiders were sent home with their tails tucked between their legs, allowing Chris Johnson to run for 142 yards and two touchdowns, and Vince Young to throw  for two scores in a 38-13 route. They had 205 yards rushing in that game and held the ball for 31 minutes.

Throwing out the Arizona game, which could have went our way, they lose miserably at home against a good Texans team who also gashed the Oakland rush defense for 249 yards and maintained the ball for 30 minutes.

And who can forget the debocle against the whiners where the Raiders allowed 158 rush yards and gave the whiners over 33 minutes of possession.

There is a trend here. Time of possession and controlling the run!

Here are our stats year to date:

26.3 points per game allowed
26th in the league

331.1 yards per game
16th in the league

192.3 Pass yards per game
5th in the league

138.9 rush yards per game
28th in the league

So, what's our fix to this mess?

His name is Richard Seymore and he has a few buddies that go by the name Tommy, Trevor, Mike Mitchell and Rolando Mclain.

Here are the keys:

Staying true to gap responsibilities. Wrap up tackles in space and gang tackling at the point of attack. OWN the line of scrimmage and do not, I say again Rolando, do not over-pursue the damn play!!!!!!

Stopping the Seattle run game won't be easy, but failing to do so will set up the play action pass and allow the Seahawks to get big plays and control the clock.

In the secondary, I wont even touch on Nnamdi, because that would'nt be fair to the opponent. He is absolutely a shut down corner, hands down. The big key to this game, as Nnamdi will pretty much shut down the resurgent Mike Williams, is Mike Mitchell. This guy has done a tremendous job on some of the best tight ends in the league. Vernon Davis of the 49ers caught only one ball . Antonio Gates caught only two. Being able to cover the tight end and also be aware of the run is key to this defenseive team gelling and performing their roles. Remember, it takes a team effort on defense. ( Oh yeah, I've been wanting to say this for a long time now......


The Seahawks will try to beat the Raiders in Oakland for the first time in nearly 13 years Sunday.Seattle is trying to end a five-game losing streak in Oakland dating to December 1997. Key words there, try and trying. Sorry to tell ya boys, but youre not winning this weekend.

Protecting Matt Hasselbeck, who was sacked five times last week, could also be an issue with rookie left tackle Russell Okung's status in question due to a left high ankle sprain.

Yes I know this is Charlie Whitehurst....and?

I'll say it here as I do when I am watching the game, GET HIS ASS!!!!!!!

PS.....There is only one Nation, The Raider Nation, so someone tell these clowns to stop biting our rhyme.


As always just a

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