October 31, 2010

Second Quarter Observations

The Raiders start it out positively moving the ball on their resumption of the drive that started at the end of the first quarter.

McFadden mixing it up and some long out routes to DHB is starting to put Seattle's defense on its heels. The play action pass is really working well, with the Seattle Defense concerned about the run game and the Raiders 3rd ranked rush offense.

Darren seems to be running strongly behind his pads, applying the blows to his intended tacklers which could play a big part in wearing the defense down in the latter parts of the game.

Michael Bush made a showing and rushed for 9 yards when Seattle presented a nickle look, pounding the rock on the 2nd ranked rush defense.

How about Marcel Reese with the quick slant for a 30 yard TD. Great hands and concentration catching the ball in between 2 defenders. Amazing play by Jason Campbell to squeeze it in there. That drive went 12 plays 87 yards with 5:54 time of possession. Great way to get the offense rolling.

On the following drive, the Raiders moved the ball with some great energy. A penalty on Chris Clemons helped on what was to be a 4th down and punt, by getting a personal foul after going after Robert Gallery for what could have been a cheap shot on the side lines. Good job Gallery.

The Defense continues to control the line of scrimmage, closing the gaps for the run lanes and not allowing Seattle to get any momentum going. Their first five drives, 5 three and outs. The Seattle Seahawks can not stay with the pressure and energy of the Raiders Defensive line. The Seahawks finally got their first first down with 2:30 to play in the quarter on a TE post. The defense seemed to be loosening up as the quarter came to a close, with Seattle seeming to make some blocking scheme changes before the intermission period. On the final drive of the half, Seattle moved the ball quickly down the field early in the possession, but had to settle for a 51 yard attempt that went wide right, to the elation of the Raider Nation Brethren in the Black Hole. 

Controversy on the fair catch. Was it the motion or not? It looked so to me. Bad call will have to be explained more later by the NFL.

First Half Leaders-
Jason Campbell
12-15 115 yards 1 TD

Darren McFadden
12 - 29 yards

Marcel Reece
2 Rec 39 yards


Possible Injuries already piling up-

Jacoby Ford went down with a knee injury, which seemed to take place after his 8 yard slant pass for a first down, when the defender landed on his knee and turned it the wrong way. The Raiders can ill afford another injury in the Wide Receiver corps, with Louis Murphy still out with a lung bruise. Ford came back in with 5:00 to go with what was said to be a bruised knee and subsequently got a false start penalty.

Zach Miller limped off the field on the play action pass to McFadden. The injury happened on the opposite side of the ball from the play. No word yet on the injury, but I am hoping it is not serious because he is an integral part of the pass game. Could be because he waddles like a duck when he runs. Sorry Zach. Miller came back into the game later in the quarter.

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