November 7, 2010

3rd Quarter Chiefs @ Raiders In The Books.......

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Special Teams. Who would have knew? JACOBY FORD!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more. 94 yard return for a TD! This kid has some jets, doesn't he? This game just changed complexion in 10 seconds of the 2nd half.

Another special teams play on the very next kickoff. Huge hit to get the fumble by Hiram Eugene. Put the Raiders on the 35 yard line. After a 3 and out, the Raiders miss a field goal of 45 from Jano. Huge miss to get this game square. Points off turnovers are going to be a huge issue down the stretch if we don't get that cleaned up. 

Finally on defense, Chris Johnson lays some wood on Chris Chambers who held onto the ball. On 2nd down, an illegal hands to the face gives us 9 for the day, and a first down for the Chiefs. On the next set of downs, they go right back against Johnson who knocks the ball down out of Chambers hands. 2nd down and a bootleg gets a first down, but a 15 yard penalty for a horse collar gets the Chiefs to the 26. Penalty flag again on the Raiders gives the Chiefs a 1st and 5. What the hell is going on with this team? We are killing ourselves. Jamal Charles to the 5 on the left, tackled and hurt. Looks like the wind got knocked out of him. Should be back later in the game. 1st down and goal from the 6, a huge sack by Tommy Kelly! 2nd sack of the day, and Kelly absolutely dominated his blocker. Matt Shaunessy helped get that pressure on Cassel. Jamal Charles for 11 and he is hobbled walking off the field.  On 3rd and goal, another sack by Desmond Bryant sets up a 4th and goal of 25 yards and the Chiefs go ahead 13-7 with 9:41 to go.

The Chiefs second possession starts with a run for 6. Shaunessy gets Thomas Jones on the left side of the line for a short 2 yard gain on 2nd down. Third and 1 and the Chiefs try the play action with a deep out route to the TE, who was open, beat Mike Mitchell but the ball was over thrown and the Chiefs punt. Raiders ball on the 48 but a holding penalty on Thomas Howard takes us back to the 38 yard line.

Starting on the 18, the Chiefs get 6 by Terrence Copper gets them 2nd and 4. Another offside penalty gives the Chiefs a first down. That's 14 penalties today! Wow. I am just going to shut up about that now. 1st down and a quick pass to Jamal Charles for 7 down the left side line. 2nd down and Thomas Jones gets 6 for the first down. After a false start, the Chiefs get nearly 14 on 1st down to get to the 50. Thomas Jones gets to the 44 and that's the Quarter.


Our first offensive possession begins after a 26 yard return by Ford. A roll out by Campbell gets us to the 42, a 19 yard pickup to Jacoby Ford. Our first, first down since the 2nd quarter. Darren McFadden then runs wild and makes some defenders miss to pickup a good chunk of yards and open up that rushing defense. Raiders in the Red Zone, a quick pass to Johnnie Lee Higgins for 3 yards, gets him the 4th catch of his season. With new found momentum, the Raiders keep the drive going with an outlet pass to McFadden who runs over the Chiefs safety on the 2 and knocks him back into the end zone. What a power hit by Darren!!! 1st and goal, Michael Bush gets back to the line of scrimmage. 2nd and goal,  play action to the Tackle eligible and a TD to Kalif Barnes!!!! Raiders take the lead with the Jano extra point!

The Raiders open up with a great play action play for 13 to Brandon Meyers and are starting to move the ball with consistency! The next play and there was a huge hole that McFadden tried to get through, without any luck. 2nd down and 10, play action and Campbell held onto the ball too long and got sacked by Tamba Hali. 3rd and 15, and Campbell takes another sack of 2 yards. Can not believe Campbell didn't get rid of the ball after he got out of the tackle box. Campbell was hurt, but jogged off the field. The run game needs to be used more efficiently next possession.   

14-13 RAIDERS going into the 4th Quarter! Time to amp it up!!!

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