December 13, 2011

A Come To Jesus............

Dear Hue Jackson,

I am sure I speak for a majority of the Raider Nation when I tell you that we are very disappointed with the level of play that our team has been exhibiting over the past few weeks. I for one have been quite upset at the play of our defense and feel that it is time for a change.

All year long, we have been gashed for yards in the air, we have been in the cellar of the league at stopping the run, we give the opposition free yards via penalties and quite frankly we are out of position on a majority of our defensive calls and the schemes do not work.

As a former football player, one thing that I do not understand from a leadership standpoint is how you can pull out a red laser and point out the faults of your players in the recap meetings of the previous week, how you can go out and search for new players because a player isn't doing his job, yet I have yet to see you bring in a defensive coach to scout him to put Bresnahan on notice. I don't think he feels the heat like the players do and personally, there is no accountability on his shoulders. All year long, the one thing you say is that you put players in a position to win their match ups. You try to put their talents to good use. CHUCK BRESNAHAN DOES NOT FOLLOW THIS M.O.

Please remember something Hue, this Nation believes in you. Whether it be your energy, your coaching style, your system or the fact that Al entrusted you in managing our team, BUT........... there is something you have forgotten about and that is that the Nation is one who is devoted to the TEAM, not the individuals. EVERYONE is on a short leash.

That being said, this Sunday, look into the stands. Look at all of the faces that pack the house as we have done all year long with sell out after sell out. Hard working White and Blue collar folks who PAY their earnings to watch a PROFESSIONAL Football team COMPETE. Hey, Win Lose or Tie, Raiders till we Die, but you need to get the point across to this team that they are not only killing themselves, but they are killing the fan base as well and if they don't get their shit together as a team, those faces will find something else to spend their money on.

Please allow me to let you know how this hurts us each week financially:

$50 Average Pair of tickets
$150 Average Spend to Tailgate
$40 Average Gas
$30 Concessions
$20 Parking

That is an average of $300 per pair of fans (As a family). Obviously, larger groups spend more. But that is a prime example of what I am talking about.

We expect to be in the playoffs this year Hue. We expect to be a CONTENDER THIS YEAR! We have the players to make it happen. We have the talent. We have the energy and the WILL TO WIN, and it has been proven by the amount of wins the team has gotten thus far, but mediocrity will not be tolerated. Telling us that you are going to get it fixed at some point this year is not good enough 14 weeks into the season. Saying that we are doing everything to get this turned around is not good enough anymore. MAKE IT HAPPEN! SIT PLAYERS AND RELIEVE COACHES WHO DO NOT PERFORM!

You have us one game behind the Division leader Donkeys, after leading this thing by 2 games. We have 3 games remaining to prove something.

The time is now Hue.


Chaotic View

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