December 5, 2011

Well............There Goes Our Control.........

What the hell just happened? How does a playoff contender, Division leader and the winner of 3 straight games against The Chargers, Vikings and  Bears come up short to a 3-8 team? This was not playoff caliber football!

Well, to be quite honest, there was a lot that played into our inability to be competitive in the game yesterday but I will say this, we lost the game yesterday because of POOR Offensive line play. The inconsistency and undisciplined play from players like Kahlif Barnes, who was called for penalties of holding and false start, cost this team momentum and points. To be quite honest, I was pissed that Hue Jackson didn't pull this idiot and put in someone else who maybe would be more conscious of his actions and how it impacts the team. He was out of position on the holding plays and had bad technique the entire game, forcing bad throws and tons of incompletions.

I don't know if you noticed it, but Carson Palmer didn't look comfortable yesterday what so ever. The typical time Palmer has had over the last few weeks seemed to go away. Palmer ended the day with 273 yards on 20 completions. In addition, what happened to the running lanes for Bush? He ended his day with 18 yards on 10 carries. There were even a few plays down field that the Offensive Line had blocking responsibilities on (The Screen to Reece and a few to Bush) where they just didn't get into the second level and hit someone. At the end of the play, they were standing there wondering what just happened. As you can see in the image to the left, Bush had a hard time picking up the blitz too, which led to a real bad day for Carson.

Our poor Defense led by Chuck Bresnahan has been gashed over and over and over and over again. When are we going to learn with this guy that he is not a good defensive coach? Isn't Jack Del Rio available? Something needs to happen and happen quick. Richard Seymour was kicked out of the game yesterday because his frustration got the best of him, but it just goes to show that he isn't just unhappy with the play on the field, he is unhappy with the scheme as well. We are not in position, guys are wide open and the run fits just are not happening and again a team puts over 150 yards rushing on us.

Overall yesterday, I was disappointed that we only held the ball for 21:40 of a 60 minute game. That is a piss poor showing on Offense and the only other team I have ever seen do that and win a game are the Oregon Ducks. Turns out we are not an option team and we don't run the hurry up offense, so what gives?

I have these messages for Hue..... Talk is Cheap! Make it happen, or our chances of doing anything goes down the toilet real quick. Handle the McClain issue quickly! Get this damn defense turned around, even if it means removing Bresnahan. Tell Al Saunders to get the damn ball to Marcel Reece. Get Kahlif Barnes' ass off the field and get Barksdale or Campbell in there in his place. You have the Nations attention. You have the teams attention. If we don't compete in the next two weeks against Green Bay and Detroit, you will lose both and people become very unforgiving. Just ask Jamarcus Russel. 

We have now lost control of the AFC West, with the Donkeys holding the Tie Break advantage over us because of the scoring difference in our two games. Based on strength of schedule, I do not think there is very much difference so we have no choice but to win the West outright. If they continue their winning ways with TeBlow, it is going to be a long offseason.

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  1. Very good analysis. The defense is a jekyll-hyde, hit-miss unit that has not won a game for us all season. I blame the late al davis for that - I don't think it's necessary to explain my reasonning. We all know why Bresh is the def coor. Offensively, the o-l has hit a wall, which is a shame considering how well they have played throughout a tumultuous season. Injuries injuries injuries. At the end of the day, this is what will keep us out of the playoffs. And it really sucks, because we could have been a contender.