December 7, 2011

Ho Ho Ho...... Santa Claus Is Coming To ......... The Black Hole?

Well what do you know Raider Nation? Looks like one of our favorite personalities in life has made the change from the Red and White to the Silver and Black...... Its Raider Claus!

Apparently I caught him at a down time in production of the toys for our little ones and was able to ask him some questions about what he does here in Southern California in his "off time" from the Mrs. Check this interview out..... Remember, he is watching you so you better read it all and Tweet it on Twitter to your friends and Share the story on Face Book!

Chaotic View: "So Santa, I mean Raider Claus.... What are you doing here in Southern California when you should be up making gifts for all of the millions of rug rats around the world?"
Raider Claus: "Every year I come to Southern California to work with a variety of charitable organizations. With the support of Oakland Raiders Booster Clubs and fans I’m able to brighten a child’s Christmas with a gift to open on Christmas morning. I’m a strong believer of giving back to the community and showing the positive images of what we as fans do. I believe the youth of today need strong role models so when not as Raider Claus I also serve as a mentor and do public speaking." 
Chaotic View: "That's awesome Sant.... I mean Raider Claus. Its crazy to think that you have actually picked a side in the NFL to root for. I would have thought that you would be neutral. What makes you like the Raiders so much?"
Raider Claus: "Well son, My first Raiders game was on November 13, 1983. Raiders 22, Denver 20 when the Raiders played in Los Angeles. That year the Raiders won the AFC and went to Super Bowl XVIII and won 38-9 to the Redskins! Do you remember that year?"
Chaotic View: "Yes Mr. Claus. That was the year I first became a fan of the team. I lived 3 blocks from the Coliseum and parked cars on our yard for profit and would get extra tickets for being so good to people. We went to all home games in LA. On top of that, they won that Super Bowl on my Birthday, January 22. But enough about me, tell me more about what you think of the Raider Nation."
Raider Claus: "Ho Ho Ho Ho....... I have a secret for you..... I am such a die hard fan of the Raiders and you know why? Ho Ho Ho Ho..... Rudolph is the only other person who knows this, but I guess I am so die hard because I love to be hated! No, like I said. My first game was back in 83 and during the game I just knew I was going to be a Raiders Fan for Life. It was just amazing the energy of the Raiders Fans back then and how strong the Raider Family was and how strong our Raider Nation is today. That’s the difference between us and them, we are a true family and it’s not just being a fan it’s a life style...."

Chaotic View: "That's hilarious Raider Claus...... Too funny. Tell me about your game time experience. Where do you sit? How often do you get to come down south to check out a game?"
Raider Claus: "OOOOOOhhhhhhh Ho Ho ...... My seats are in Sec: 107. I only go down to Oakland for Division games and once a year as Raider Claus. I try to blend in as much as possible without being noticed by everyone...... Park the Sleigh in the RV Section. You know, where the Rowdy Fans get down....Oh and I have been to San Diego and Arizona to watch our mighty Raiders before too. Too hot in Arizona and well, San Diego is San Diego.... Ho Ho Ho......"

Chaotic View: "I know the RV area well. Where the Grill Iron Gang enjoys a feast every pre-game?"
Raider Claus: "That's the place....."
Chaotic View: "So what are the 3 most memorable experiences as a Raider fan?"
Raider Claus: "The first was meeting Mr. Al Davis at the Memorial Coliseum in 1984. The second was meeting Mr. Alzado. The third was meeting Howie Long."
Chaotic View: "I bet those 3 were not on your good list every year?"
Raider Claus: "Ho Ho Ho, Santa will not discuss the naughty list in a public forum. You bad boys and girls know who you are......"
Chaotic View: "What are your thoughts on Al passing away?"

Raider Claus: "Mr. Davis was not just our owner but a pioneer to the game which he loved. He was a man that when he talked everyone stopped and listened to. You may have not loved him but you respected him and I was glad to have had the honor to shake his hand, which he was not to big on doing. "

Chaotic View: "That's Awesome Santa.... I mean Raider Claus.... I'll get that name issue fixed soon.... Still can't believe that you are such a die hard Raider Fan...... SO back to the team, what do you think of us this year?"

Raider Claus: "I really believe in Coach Jackson and the energy that he brings to our Raiders. I truly believe that were heading down the right path even though it’s s a rocky path right now,  were going to post season.... (I have a bet with the Grinch... Wink WInk) "

Chaotic View: "Hey Mr. Claus, I have always wanted to ask, do you have a day job.... You know, outside of the North Pole?"
 Raider Claus: "OH Ho Ho Ho..... Actually I do.... I’m a Federal Firefighter & Law Enforcement Officer for a Government Agency and also serve on a Federal Type 1 Incident Management Team and travel across the United States. "
Chaotic View: "A What? That's not a typical job that Santa should have. What do you do on a regular day?"
Raider Claus: "In my line of work there is no such thing as a regular day. One minute I can be called to save a life or protect property and the next minute I can be asking someone to press hard four copies please.  Every day is a different day and I can go to work and not come home for weeks at a time. I love my job that’s why I’ve been doing it for seventeen years. "
Chaotic View: "So I presume that your off time is very valuable for family and friends, since you don't get very much of it huh?"
Raider Claus: "Yeah....I am a guy that’s very close to my family and friends. I enjoy the time I get to spend with them and the memories we share together. I especially like it at home where I am very kicked backed and relaxed. At night I enjoy going out into the back yard, turning on the pool lights, lighting the tiki torches, turning on the outdoor speakers, smoking a nice cigar with a tall Capt.  & Coke while visiting with my lovely wife, Mrs. Claus."
Chaotic View: "Maybe I shouldn't ask, but I will...... Any kids?" 
Raider Claus: "Ho Ho Ho Ho........ Not at this time but we enjoy working at it."
(Insert Boogie Nights Song Here ....... Bow Chicka Wow Wow)
Chaotic View: "HAHAHAHA..... Alright Santa, I know you need to get going.... Tell me something that you want me to pass along to the Raider Nation."
Raider Claus: "We’re ONE NATION, THE RAIDER NATION, THE ONLY NATION and others just wish they were like us. I hate when others call themselves “A Nation” yet, they have no idea.  Our fan base is worldwide, we are known for being Die Hard Fans and we live the life style. No others can say that. Also, don’t believe everything you hear or read by the Haters in the media. Our Super Fans, Booster Clubs and Fans support each other in a variety of charitable ways. I invite you to join in and really see what the Raider Nation is truly about."

Chaotic View: "Great message Raider Claus.....You are truly an inspiration. For obvious reasons, but for the not so obvious also.... Thanks for the gifts you always give to everyone.... I am sure you love getting them too...."
Raider Claus: "You know, The greatest gift that one can give is the gift of giving.  It doesn’t have to be monetary or gift it can be volunteering your time, helping someone in need, even just taking the time to listen to someone who needs to talk or even being a mentor or role model. Just taking the time to do something for another person can go a long way because one day you never know when you might need someone’s help."
Chaotic View: "Well with that I think I see Rudolph over there trying to hump Prancers leg. You think its time to go?"
Raider Claus: "Yeah but one last thing.... Tell the Raider Nation to Please visit for updated information on upcoming events. If you would like to make a Toy Donation you can send them to P.O. Box 809 Beaumont, Ca. 92223....."

Great Interview Raider Claus. Thank You for the time to show the Nation who you are and what you do.

As always, just a

Chaotic View

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