December 10, 2011

Keys to Victory Against The Pack......

I know you have all heard the term, "Any Given Sunday" right?

If you have lived under a rock for a while, that means that any team can beat any team on Sunday when you are playing between the sidelines and end zones.

People, like myself, will always point to stats and other things that have happened in the past that can potentially lead us to the type of game plan that the Raiders can use to actually pull out a improbable win against an almost unbeatable team. But are they really unbeatable?

I think the Giants exposed them last week. So I will tell you what the Raiders are going to do that will contain these guys.

1. Contain Jordy Nelson. This guy is on par for a Pro Bowl year and he isn't slowing down. The objective with this guy is to let him know that if he thinks he is going to have easy receptions over the middle of the field, Rolando McClain, Aaron Curry and the rest of the defensive backfield is going to impose some punishment that will make him think twice the next time.

2. Control, not shut down Greg Jennings. He is the leading receiver this year with 65 receptions for 969 yards. Limit him in his touches and zone in on him when he does catch it. Everyone has to attack this guy when he gets the ball. That includes Defensive linemen hustling to make tackles down field. Play Championship defense!

3. GET PRESSURE ON AARON RODGERS! You have to remember, Rodgers was sacked 50 times in 2009, 31 times in 2010 and 29 in 2011 and didn't have nearly as much success as he is now. This will be key to defeating Green Bay this weekend. Hit him and hit him often. Wimbley, Seymour and Desmond Bryant should have big games

4. Re-Establish the Run. Bush needs to have a minimum of 100 yards and dominate the line of scrimmage. The problem I saw last week was that Miami had more corner speed and because McFadden and Jones are hurt, the defense knew that Bush was going to be running between the tackles. Green Bay is soft up the middle, so even if they stack the box, our line has to make room for Bush to get to the second level and smash these linebackers.

5. Use a minimum if 4 trick plays through the game. Whether it be a reverse, halfback option, fake punt or whatever. Jackson has to keep these guys on their toes and not allow the defense to key in on what we are doing. Lets get back to being unpredictable and score points. These plays will open it up for Bush to run and for Palmer to complete normally impossible throws.

6. CONVERT 3rd downs. We have sucked in 3rd down territory. This year, the Raiders are  54 for 153 or 35%. This has impacted our Offensive time of possession with an average of 29 minutes a game and also opens the flood gates for teams to rip apart our often exposed defense. We need to limit the Offensive opportunities of Green Bay via the time of possession.

7. CONTAIN GREEN BAYS SPECIAL TEAMS!!!!! We need to dominate field position in this game. Force deep 3 and outs and get our offense the ball back.

All in all, this is going to have to be the most flawless game we play. We can't get frustrated if they get up on us. We have to dig deep and stay in tune with the game and force the momentum back to our side of the ball. Whether that's scoring touchdowns on offense, getting turnovers on defense or just running the ball, find the momentum and maintain the game. No mistake football.


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Let me know what you think.... 

Chaotic View

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