January 12, 2012

Your Nightmare From The Dark! Spotlight On The Raider Nation......The Barbarian...

Do you ever have nightmares? What is the creature you see coming after you? Does he have big horns? Big feet? Long scary fangs? Well Raider Nation, if there is one Raider Superfan to have nightmares about..... it should be the Barbarian! I mean just look at this guy! He wants to eat your children.... Or does he? I'm kinda scared of this guy, so I am going to tread lightly (Just go with it for the stories purpose)........Lets find out about him......

Chaotic View: So...... Mr...... Barbarian...... Um......Who is The Man behind the skulls and ummmm make up and uhhhhh long hair? Or wait, is that really how you dress everyday? 
The Barbarian: I'm a husband and Father and have short hair. In the evenings I watch T. V. with the Wife or play Wii . We also like to play poker.
Chaotic View: Poker? As in Viking Poker or Some Odd Version Of Poker? Nevermind....sorry for rambling......How long have you been a Raider Fan? You are a Raider Fan right?
The Barbarian: Yeah Chaos, I am a Raider fan. Been so for 40 something years.........as long as I can remember...... What is this 20 Questions?
Chaotic View: That's a long time Barbarian. I am glad you are on our side. Sorry for all the questions... Promise I will let you go hunt boars again in like 5 minutes.... Anyhow speaking of sides, when you go to the games where do you sit in the stadium and tailgate?
The Barbarian: I sit all over. The Black Hole is my favorite. I tailgate all over the parking lots. Raider Nation is off the hook with generosity and blast to party with.
Chaotic View: I hope they don't feed you raw meat bro. What made you such a dedicated fan of the Raiders?
The Barbarian: The toughness and the players....  If you want, I will demonstrate the art of kicking ass on some sorry Donkey fan just outside the door here....
Chaotic View: No please. Save it for after the interview. We can kick some ass together. What are some of the most unforgettable memories as a fan?
The Barbarian: Marcus Allens Superbowl TD run and Bo Jackson running through Brian Bosworth and Seabass hitting the cross bars from 70 yds away.

Chaotic View: Those were all great moments. What does it mean to you having such a strong following of a fan base?
The Barbarian: I think it means everything to the players .They're guys doing a job that one play your great and another your booed (which I have never done) I don't think you should ever boo your players. It's not productive. I can understand a sigh, I've done that.
Chaotic View: Well, um, I would be glad not to boo a player in your presence....... So, moving on, what are some things you hear or questions people ask you when traveling to see a Raider Game away from Oakland?
The Barbarian: The #1 question is, "Do the Raiders pay me to attend the games?". I always say I wish!
Chaotic View: HAHAHAHA. Where would they get that from?
The Barbarian: Are you laughing at me?
Chaotic View: Uhhh No....... Ummmmm.....Where have you traveled to see games?
The Barbarian: New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Arizona ,Philly and Chicago..... Why? What's it to you?
Chaotic View: Uhhhh Just trying to keep everyone informed. Would you mind just a few more questions?
The Barbarian: Make it fast........ 
Chaotic View: I know you're a good guy under all of that garb......What do you do as an ambassador of the Raiders organization outside of the games? (I.E Charities, etc)
The Barbarian: I pretty much try to do anything asked for any charity but here are some. I've done Blood drives, made care packages for troops, food drives for the National Guard, toy drives for Toys for Tots & National Guard, Poverello house wrapping presents for homeless and food serving, Boys to Men , Childrens Miracle Network and that's just to name a few.
Chaotic View: That is awesome to hear. Thank you from the Raider Nation for doing so much for the community.....What are your thoughts on Al passing away?
The Barbarian: It saddens me that he didn't get to see his team play so much better and be in 1st place in December for the 1st time since 2002. The worst thing for me was that some people were happy about it and wished for his death. Those are people who know nothing about the Raiders. Without Al Davis, the Raiders would have never been.
Chaotic View: Yeah it was a sad time for a lot of the Raider Nation, so I am sure they will be able to relate to how you feel. I guess we can close this thing up now Barbarian. You've been great. One last question for you if you wouldn't mind..... What message do you have for the Raider Nation regarding the last season and the team moving forward?
The Barbarian: Be patient things are changing. Keep the passion positive. I know its hard when your team lets you down, but trust me its harder on them. Every player wants to win! Remember, THERE IS ONLY 1 NATION ! THE RAIDER NATION SO QUIT COPYING US AND GET YOUR OWN IDENTITY !WIN LOSE OR TIE I'M A RAIDER EVEN WHEN I DIE !

Spoken like a true fan! The Barbarian everyone!

Chaotic View

The Barbarian is a class guy and some of the responses used for this story were, well lets just say I manipulated them some to make him seem a little meaner then he is. Its all fun and games. And no, I am not scared of him..... Are you?

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