January 17, 2012

Stanford Bermond Routt......... Let's Talk UPDATED!!! ROUTT RELEASED 2-8-2012

I don't normally do this, but I was instigated and perturbed too much by a recent Direct Message via Twitter from one Stanford Bermond Routt to let this go......

Let's talk Routt.

Remember something Stanford, your talk should be on the field. You call yourself one of the best in the league? Well, let me give you some stats of the best in the league:

Charles Woodson - 7 INT's 62 tackles
Eric Weddle - 7 INT's 70 tackles
Kyle Arrington - 7 INT's 66 tackles
Carlos Rodgers - 6 INT's 41 tackles
Corey Webster - 6 INT's 43 tackles
Brandon Browner - 6 INT's 51 tackles

Hell, even Matt Giordiano had 5 INT's and 55 tackles

You call yourself a leader? Let me give you the definition of a leader.... Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. What was your leadership trait? To win games for us this year or to give them to the other teams?

Oh yeah, here are YOUR "LEADERSHIP" stats for this year....

Week 1 - 1 tackle. MIA
Week 2 - 3 tackles and 1 Interception. You may have earned your paycheck.
Week 3 - 1 tackle MIA
Week 4 - 1 tackle MIA
Week 5 - 4 tackles, wow you showed up again.
Week 6 - 3 tackles. Mediocre
Week 7 - 10 tackles in a "ROUTT" by KC.
Week 8 - 3 tackles. MIA again.
Week 9 - 4 tackles.
Week 10 - 2 tackles and an INT. Against Minnesota? LOL. May have earned your paycheck.
Week 11 - 1 tackle 1 Int. Yeah, a backup fed you your paycheck this week.
Week 12 - 3 tackles. MIA
Week 13 - 2 tackles. MIA
Week 14 - 6 tackles and only because Detroit throws the ball a lot.
Week 15 - 1 tackle, 1 INT.
Week 16 -3 tackles.

WOW. You had a career year didn't you?  Oh wait, let us not forget one important stat.... YOU led the entire NFL with 17 penalties as an individual. In fact, YOUR 17 flags were one more than the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers ENTIRE defense. YOU had EIGHT penalties in the last two weeks. When the season was on the line, playoffs were at our reach, what were YOU doing? Committing PENALTIES!

So much talk about this "NO BURN STAT". Well, this stat can go to hell. That is one stat that is watched, but does not encompass YOUR  inability to play the game at the highest level, nor does is value the $54 million contract that you were given by a man who was on his way out of the door and not making smart decisions at the end of his life.
By the way... Mr. Leader.... here are the stats from the Defense YOU played on and have some level of responsibility for.....
6th team since merger to allow 4000+ yds passing, 2000+ yds rushing in season since merger
One of 4 teams ever to allow 30+ TD passes and 5+ ypc in season ('11 TB, 1950 Colts, 1952 Dallas Texans)
Franchise worsts in passing TDs (31), yds passing (4262), ypc (5.1) and third most points 433
If you need visual recapping....here you go....







So I figured, maybe you need a refresher on what a Penalty is.... I am thinking this could help....

Pass Interference (PI) is a penalty that occurs when a player interferes with an eligible receiver's ability to make a fair attempt to catch a forward pass. Pass interference may include tripping, pushing, pulling, or cutting in front of the receiver or pulling on the receiver's arms.

Holding is the illegal restraining of another player who is not in possession of the ball. Holding is banned in most football leagues because it does not allow fair play of the game and increases the risk for injury.

Illegal Contact is making significant contact with a receiver after the receiver has advanced five yards beyond the line of scrimmage. The illegal contact is called only if the quarterback is still in pocket and the ball is still in his hands.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Routt, why don't you just refer to Wiki for a list of penalties and what they are and how they affect the team. I have googled it for you. Just click the hyperlink.

The results speak for themselves. You are an overpaid hype. You are a liability on defense and untrustworthy. I hope that once Reggie McKenzie and the new coach get their hands on the tape of your PISS POOR PLAY, they make a decision to either cut you or trade you to Arizona or Minnesota so you can end your career in mediocrity where you belong.

There. That's my opinion Stanford. Whether you like it or not, the stats don't lie.

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  1. routt is not worth the money, time or effort...his ass should be on the unemployment line with the other suckas who are on the squad just earning a paycheck. those with no heart and no will to succeed should be eliminated!!

    1. Routt 46-97 580 4 INT; Revis 36-89 581 4; Joseph 46-85 579 4; Woodson 38-75 451 7; Rogers 52-111 740 6; Tillman 63-117 926 3....you were sayin??

  2. Those are your best in the league...Routt had ummm 4 INT's correct so I guess he right behind the best in the league huh??

  3. 6a50ca3e-4145-11e1-b8c3-000bcdca4d7aJan 17, 2012 11:57 AM
    Those are your best in the league...Routt had ummm 4 INT's correct so I guess he right behind the best in the league huh??

    First of all, those were not "My Best", those were "The Best" based on stats from this year..... ane Yeah, he is behind them..... I count 14 better than him. So..... like I said, medicore

    1. Actually routt ws tied for 3RD in the NFL for INT'S this year (granted it was several with 4) so where you get 14 from?? And from what josh dubow just tweeted you a lil while ago his other stats are right on....yea he needs to get better with penalties but if he gets "burned" alot then you need to make the same article about revis cause didnt they give up the same amount of pass yards?? Maan that musta been some DM he sent you to be so heated...LOL

    2. Routt 46-97 580 4 INT; Revis 36-89 581 4; Joseph 46-85 579 4; Woodson 38-75 451 7; Rogers 52-111 740 6; Tillman 63-117 926 3.....we'll see you if "approve" of this reply to post it...LOL

    3. Why wouldn't I approve it? Those are stats I asked for. What is your point? You think his percentage is above average because the completions wern't higher. I am sure there is a lot that factors into that number...like penalties and incompletions. LOL. He sucks and you know it....Get over yourself.

  4. Routt, too many pass interference calls, too many blown coverages, too many missed tackles.

  5. Love this!!!! Routt is a piece of shit. Git em McKenzie! !

  6. He's also tied for 8th in pass defensed as well...he's not an All Pro but he sure as heck doesnt suck....#JusSayin

  7. You DEFINITELY HAVE TO ADD Calvin Johnson's stats under Detroit
    9 catches 214 yards 23.8 per reception 2 TD's WOW

  8. Is his replacement going to be better than him next year. Answer: no. Maybe in 2/3 years, but not next year. Further, now you need to get somebody that is an average corner to replace him which will mean you don't end up replacing a below average player at some other position.

    Next year is being thrown away so that some unknown future draft picks can hopefully mature. This is the same thing that 25 other teams do. It now all depends on getting lucky at QB for this team.