September 11, 2012

The Morning After Pill..................

I am at a loss for words.

I found myself sitting through the pain of what I saw last night like someone waiting in front of a firing squad awaiting their death. It was slow, agonizing and terrifying to think this is what we have become.

But you know what, I am not going to give our competition the benefit of the doubt to think that we as the Raider Nation will not go out without getting in our punches. I am not going to lay down and go down without a fight. Its time to come out swinging. We know what we have to fix.

I am not sure if the majority of you saw what I saw, but in the 4th quarter, even when the entire stadium was deflated and our team was on the brink of utterly abandoning ship, there was one bright spot that stung me like that asshole bee did last summer in my arm, this Killer Defense we have. Did you know that Phylis Rivers only threw for one touchdown? And he may have had a good night in way of completions, throwing 24/33 for 231 yards, but it was not a career night. We also held their offense to 32 yards rushing. If that doesn't make you optimistic, I don't know what will.

Grant it, that big loaf Kelly gave them the touchdown, single handedly, by giving them two first downs on that TD drive, but as I told you guys on Chaotic View, the Raiders have some new fire power backing up that line of ours in Miles Burris and Philip Wheeler. These two combined with Rolando McClain for 15 Solo Tackles and 7 assisted tackles. I think we have become something to be reckoned with, and what was really exciting for me is that they didn't give up. All the way through the last snaps of the game, they kept the pressure on the Chokers and forced Phylis to throw the ball.

To the bad, I had a hunch before the game the something was going to happen top Jon Condo. I have been telling my inner circle for a while now that the guy plays with reckless abandon on all of the special team plays. He is normally the first Raider on the ball down field, and he likes to go low on the blockers to get through to attack the ball. Last night was something that you don't see happen too often, where he was hit in the head by a fellow team mate with the knee, but it goes to show that there are critical positions that need to be addressed every year and as a back up (Goethel) you have to be ready to come in and do your job, which he did not.

Now, I am not going to put it all on Goethel, because he was not completely responsible for the bullshit we saw on special teams. That unit sucks all together and I think that we need to light a fire under the ass of Steve Hoffman, the Special Teams Coach. It is not too early to send his ass packing if something doesn't happen and soon. 

Offensively, we did not throw any interceptions. That's a good thing. Streater had a good game, aside from the fumble he gave up trying to do too much. We moved the ball up and down the field, but missed passes and some missed routes were the glaring issue I saw that can be fixed with time.

Overall, we need some serious work with the trip into Miami. Having the chance to win the game with 54 seconds to go was a positive, as bad as we did play, but it still counts as a loss none the less.

My Game grades-

Offense - B
Defense - B+
Special Teams - F

Your thoughts?

Chaotic View


  1. I want to be optimistic, and say "We'll get em next time"! but i can't. Did the defense step up? yea they did, did we also shoot ourselves in the foot countless times? Yea we did, same old Raider crap. Big plays and solid defense negated by undisciplined stupidity.

    As for the offense, DMC hasn't played a full season yet, how do you expect him to carry the entire offense?? Knapp sucks, I knew since the day i heard he was back we were in trouble. There is being optimistic and being real, the reality is, were in trouble on offense.

    Offense C+
    Defense B
    Special Teams F
    Coaching/play calling F

  2. Special Teams is an F- (nothing personal Goethel)

  3. coaching F-

    for all the talk about 'responsibility' by Allen, HE was irresponsible since he CLEARLY had no plan B if goethel went down. Thats on HIM...not so much Goethel

  4. oops meant if CONDO went down...

  5. Once we get our receiving corps in there at full strength, I think we can be more effective. Have to stay on the field as an Offensive Unit to tell.

  6. I was way impressed with the defense and big Tommy Kelly will not be a repeate offender. We need our recievers to get healthy and utilize what we have right now. RIGHT NOW! We will be good. Im pissed that we lost but I did not see a crappy reaider team ( other than our special teams- and damn, Taiwan- Really? Two Fumbles!?! Really??) We will get better on offens and special teams. Dont believe the media hype. Also, VERY FEW PENALTIES!!!!!

  7. The worst part was we got physically dominated. Every play the lines got pushed back. It's hard to believe that the other team gets more fired up to play in our stadium than our own guys. sickening.

  8. The worst part was we got physically dominated. Every play the lines got pushed back. It's hard to believe that the other team gets more fired up to play in our stadium than our own guys. sickening.