September 16, 2012

It's Better To Reign In Hell!!!!

I was working out yesterday morning, listening to some System Of  A Down, and I just so happened to glance at a book in the bookshelf right in front of me. "It's Better to Reign In Hell, Inside the Raider Nation" by Jim Miller and Kelly Mayhew. I had this sudden feeling come over me reminding me of something. 

Fuck Your Team! Pardon the language, all of you who are squeemish and do not think it belongs in any type of journalism, but this is my blog and I will speak how I want. Thats right, I said it, Fuck Your Team! This is the Raider Nation baby. I would rather Reign In Hell as a die hard Raider fan than to bow down and be a bitch ass fan of your sorry ass team. It may hurt to lose and yes, it has been some time since we have been to the promise land, but tomorrow will come and to the next team up, I feel sorry for you. In this case, today for Miami.

So to the Raider Nation, I say, renew your oath...... Today wherever you are........ Represent with pride and poise. Represent knowing that today is our day..... Represent knowing that we have the pride of our team that Al Davis always talked about. Let these idiots in the media talk all of the shit they want. Let these fans who think their team is better than ours talk that crap. I would rather Reign in Hell in Silver and Black than to be in Heaven in Choker Blue and Gold. 

Let's go make some noise! It's time to roll! 



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