December 22, 2010

Do We Deserve The Playoffs?????

Its a fair question, don't you think? 

We lose by 3 to Arizona in the beginning of the season. A victory that would have given us the proverbial "2 Game Winning Streak" we were all so looking forward to and a game out of a tie for the Division lead right now at this moment.......

We Lose to the winless San Fran 40 Whiners, a team that was on the brink of winning yes, but were playing against the "Raiders", an up and coming team who claimed a win before the game was even played ...........

Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders fumbles the ball when he was hit by Taylor Mays #23 of the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on October 17, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Murphy recovered his own fumble on the play.

We get trampled against the Texans, Titans, Pittsburgh and Miami......

So again I ask you, what makes you think we deserve the playoffs?

Is it because Darren McFadden has won the Ground Player of the Week 3 times this year and has gone over 1,000 yards?

Is it because we are currently ranked 16th in the ESPN Power Rankings? Who cares right?

Is it because we are ranked 8th in the League in Total Offense, 2nd in Rushing Offense, or 11th in total defense? Those are just stats right?

It took Tom Cable at halftime, lighting what was said to be an immense fire under the ass of the team, for them to remember that our playoff lives were at stake. Tommy Kelly said this of the rant : “Get off your ass and play. Take advantage of what you got. You know this team. They’re going to give you an opportunity to put them away. Put them away. Step on their throat. He just kept saying it over and over again. Step on their throat.’’

Why? Why should a coach of professionals have to do this? If they really cared, why isn't this just the mentality every day, practice or a game? WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE TOLD THAT WE NEED TO WIN?????

What do you think would be the score at halftime if we were playing this way against the Colts? 17-17? With 3 turnovers? If you think that, you're a fool and you don't know football. We would be down between 21 and 24 points with no chance in the 2nd half. Not this team. We are built to play, but with a lead. We are a run first team and without a lead, we get pass happy and games take a turn for the worst.

Look Raider Nation, this is about more then just the colors. Its about the pride and becoming men amongst men. Its about carrying the message of the Raiders across the Nation and the world. Its about playing Raider f-ing football!!!!!!!!!

Al Davis once said, "We don't take what the defense gives us, we take what we want!" Well I will say this Raider Nation....... come Sunday, we had better take it and take it early and often. Peyton Manning is coming into town and the Colts are starting to get on a roll. We had better remember our identity and not roll over in the games like the ones I mentioned earlier, against the top tier teams.

AWM 2402211 Oakland Raiders Hard Hat Quantity of 1

Come with your lunch pail and hard hat, cause its gonna get ugly. Time to put in work!!!!

As always, just a
Chaotic View

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