December 8, 2010


VICTORY IS OURS !!!!!!!!!! 28-13 !!!!!!!

Sunday December 5th was a day that I will not soon forget. Our Raiders traveled with a sense of pride and poise into San Diego, to play the bully that has plagued the Raider Nation on the playground for the last 7 years. Week 5 was called a fluke, it was said that if it wasn't for special teams, we would not have beaten the Chokers. Well I ask you this Charger Fans, what do you call that ASS WHOOPIN you took Sunday? A Fluke? Injuries? Or did you just flat out get your asses handed to you in your house, before 68,183 fans, half Choker Fans, Half Raider Nation?

Think about this, the Chargers had won four straight coming into Sunday's game, while our Raiders didn't even show up in their last two against Pittsburgh and Miami. Huge momentum builder going into the final 4 as these guys were being called the hottest team in Football.

So how did we do it? We POUNDED THAT ROCK! Behind Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, the Raiders amassed 251 yards rushing on 52 carries. All Jason Campbell had to do was hand the ball off, limit his mistakes on the opportunities to throw and find the open man. 

No respect was given to the team, and was alluded to by Nnamdi after the game when he said, "We made a point after seeing all that stuff, everyone choosing the Chargers, we had to show them something". "And the fact that we were able to get the win with all that against us, no one believing in us, that's big for us."

Not only were we able to run the ball for 251 yards, but we controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, with the defense getting 4 sacks and over 16 hits on Philip "Cry me a" Rivers. "We hadn't played the type of ball we wanted to the last two weeks, and we knew we were better than what we put out on the field," Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour said. "Physically, we're capable and we have the talent to beat anybody, but we have to show that on Sundays week in and week out." We also dominated the time of possession 38:39 to 21:21, a testament to stopping the run and keeping the routes of the wide receivers in front of the secondary defender, so Rivers couldn't burn us deep.

Tom Cables press conference on Monday was upbeat and animated, as he discussed the teams big win against San Diego and the direction of the team. "This is what we're capable of when we do things the right way," coach Tom Cable said. "A tremendous football game by the Raiders. Getting back to our identity, getting back to what we do best, and that's play hard on defense, battle them in the kicking game and run the football."

This win set a few new milestones for new followers of the Silver and Black. It was the first time since 2002 that we broke the five-win barrier and are 4-0 in the division for the first time since 2001. This is the first season sweep of the Chargers since 2001 and, for good measure, this crushed San Diego's quest to set an NFL record with 19 consecutive victories in a month (December).

With the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Denver Broncos and Josh McDaniels subsequent 86'ing from the team, we have a semi-hard road to climb with games against Jacksonville, Indy, Denver and KC to make up the 2 game separation from us to 1st place in the West, but it is not impossible if we believe.

By The Way, This week I am a Chargers Fan!!!!!!! BEAT THE CHIEFS!!

  As always, Just a

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