November 28, 2011

Nuggets Raiders Over Bears.......

First of all, I wanted to say I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Family and friends make the Holidays and this year should be no exception. I am grateful to each and every one of the Raider Nation for your support not only to me but to the Raiders. We are having a tremendous year and I know it will continue as we close this year up and head into the playoffs.

Back to business..... Wanted to run down the game a little against the Bears and shine a little light on the pros and cons of the game with you as I saw it.....

The Good-

sebastian-janikowski-chicago-bears-VS-oakland-raiders.jpgSebastian Janokowski- How about 19 of the 25 Raiders points? He is showing a confidence that I have always hoped he would. He is no longer timid, he is no longer hesitant and he as well as the next person on my list are the only consistent members of this team right now.

Shane Lechler- Can you say first ballot Hall of Fame? For as much flack as the NFL Hall Of Fame voters have taken for Ray Guy not being inducted, they had better get ready for when Shane retires as there  is no way in hell that Lechler is not selected as first ballot inductee, hands down. His foot alone changed the entire game for us yesterday, as it has on many other occasions. He kept Hester in check and he just keeps breaking records. Specifically with his 80 yard punt, a new team record.

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Carson Palmer- Aside from one throw that I can tell you he wants back, Carson was able to accumulate 301 yards and only one pick against a very opportunistic Bears defense that has 16 interceptions this year. Although our woes continued in the red zone, a lot of that has to do with penalties and Carson not yet having the time to get his hands around the play book completely just yet. He can't audible in the red zone, other then to check to the run. Its very obvious and very telling in all of the red zone drives that have stalled since he has been here. Given some time though, this will change. 

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Defense-  People will most likely give the Bears a hall pass because of the loss of Jay Cutler, but this is the big boy league. It's next man up as far as we are concerned, so I don't give the Bears anything. We beat that team because of one over all stat that sticks out, that was Turnovers. 3 to be exact. Key interceptions allowed us to control the ball on Offense for 30 minutes in this game. The defense held Matt Forte to 52 yards rushing and Marion Barber didn't do hardly any better with 62 yards. In passing, we held the Bears to 254 yards in the air. All in all, the Defense showed up today!

Did I mention that Kamerion Wimbley and Aaron Curry played like beasts? Nice interception Wimbley!

The Bad-

Penalties- Yesterday was good as far as the penalties were concerned, but the biggest problem about the penalties we had yesterday were not in regards to quantity, but to the location they took place. 2 HUGE penalties took 14 points off the board alone. We were penalized in the 3rd Qtr on the 9 yard line for holding, resulting in a FG (Veldheer) and we were penalized on the 9 yard line in the 4th Qtr on a scoring play for holding by Wiz which resulted in a FG. Inopportune time took away from really good offensive playing by the entire team.

Time Management- On more than one occasion, the Raiders shot themselves in the foot when it came down to clock management. There was one play that stood out above all. It was a called completed catch for 18 yards that would have kept a critical drive alive. The ruling on the field was a a completed pass to DHB, and rather then the Raiders get on the ball, they called a time out and replay found a video angle that gave Lovie Smith enough evidence that the DHB had actually stepped out of bounds and after one play, we were forced to punt. Something has to be done to clean this up. Time outs are going to be critical in games in our future and this kind of poor clock management needs to stop.

The Raiders.........

Lost 10 of 12 since start of 05 when throwing for 300+ yards. Wins were Pitt 09 and Sea 10
Lechler's 49.2 net avg was 7th highest of his career. 53 vs Denver in 07 is highest.
Our 6 INTs last 2 games most in 2 game stretch since 06 when they had 2 vs Ari and 4 vs Pitt in their only wins.
Lost 14 of 16 games when avg under 3 yards per carry before win yesterday. Beat KC in 09 and Pitt in 06
12th in league with 18 INT's.
Tied for fewest dropped passes in league this season with 10. League average is 17.
Excel on 1st down defense. 11 sacks tied for league high; 8.59 avg yards to go on 2nd down is highest in league.

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