November 30, 2011

Time To Get Violated!!!!!! Spotlight On The Raider Nation Superfan THE VIOLATOR

Raider Nation, I want to take this time to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction. He is considered one of the super fans of super fans of the Raider Nation. His face, unforgettable. His voice booms through crowds. His eyes will scare your great grand parents in their grave. He is Wayne Mabry, AKA The Violator. 

I had the chance to sit down recently with Wayne and talk a little bit about his life, the Raiders and some of the things that Wayne holds near and dear to him. Check this out.

Chaotic View: "Who is The Violator?"

Violator: "I am a DIE-HARD Raider Fan and have been supporting the team for 40 yrs. You can typically find me roaming the South Parking lot near the RV Parking before and after the game as well as in Section 117 where I sits front row to catch all of the action. "

Chaotic View: "Do you travel with the team and show your support around the Nation?"

Violator: "I love to travel to other stadiums and represent for the Raider Nation and I have done so for all of the years of my fan hood. I bleed Silver and Black. "COME GET SOME ON YOU""

"Come Get Some On You!"
Chaotic View: "What is COME GET SOME ON YOU? Is that a phrase you have?"

Violator: "That is my most infamous message to the world "COME GET SOME ON YOU", which means spend some time with US in the RAIDER NATION and truly see our HEARTS."

(Note, if you ever meet Wayne in person and take a picture with him, you will hear this phrase as he points that Receivers Glove at the camera and opens those eyes nice and wide)

Chaotic View: "Do you have any others?"

Violator: "Yeah. The second would be to BELIEVE in yourself and share your LIGHT with others that you MAY enhance someones life."

Powerful words coming from what some around the NFL would consider to be a Menace huh?

Chaotic View: "So Wayne, what are some of the common questions you get from Fans in other stadiums or even from the Raider Nation?"

Violator: "The most common questions? Does the organization pay for my tickets? Am I on payroll to do what I do? How long it takes to put on my gear?"

Well, to set the record straight, Wayne drives at 3 AM Game Day Sunday to attend the Home Games and will drive the 7 hours home that night after the game is over, He is a Season Ticket Holder and purchases them himself and it takes him approx. 1.5 hours to transform himself into The Violator.

The Violator, Unmasked

Chaotic View: "So Who is The man behind the Mask? Who is Wayne Mabry?"

Violator: "I am a family man. I have 5 children. I am a humble, God fearing man and earn my living as a hard working union carpenter. Eventually, I would like to sell the Carpenter tool bags that I have been using since 1978, retire at the end of 2012, buy a luxury RV and travel to all the Raider games across the country like John Madden."

Chaotic View: "That's an awesome goal. Tell me about your most memorable memories as a Raider Fan."

Violator: "My most unforgettable memories as a fan are going to my FIRST Raiders game, painting up for the first time, purchasing 4 front row seats in the PIRATES pavilion, my first TV interview, getting voted into the HALL OF FAME IN 2000, getting to meet so many of the old players I watched as a kid, and now just watching the RAIDER NATION grow worldwide!!!!!!!!"

Chaotic View: "Really? The Hall Of Fame? Wow. How did that happen?"

Violator: "VISA contacted me because I didn't enter the contest the previous year,and sent me the paperwork for the following year's contest. I got inducted in 2000 and man was that great!!!!! Being inducted into the HALL OF FAME is the most incredible high for any football player and or fan, so I'm truly honored to say that for my dedication to my beloved RAIDERS, it's a blessing that I could never have imagined happening."

Chaotic View: "What does the Violator do around the community?"

Violator: "As an Ambassador of the Raiders, I attend a few charity events per year and just meet and greet fans, take photos, and give gifts on occasion."

Chaotic View: "So Wayne, What do you think of the Raider Nation? The Loyalty of the Fan Base? The Mystique of the Raiders?"

Violator: "Having a strong fan base to me is testimony to carrying one's self in a manner that let's people see that you're down to earth. I feel that one way to prove your loyalty is to go ALL OUT so you can see the results of that."

Chaotic View: "That's a great message. Is there anything you would like to say to the Raider Nation as we enter what seems to be the first Playoff Run we have had since 2002?"

Violator: "The message I would give to the RAIDER NATION is to keep believing in our DESTINY and let's give the team all of our ENERGY so no MOUNTAIN will be too high to climb!"
Chaotic View: "Any last words for the Raider Nation?"

Violator: "Yeah actually, there is. I want everyone to know that my website is my true passion. It is a full site featuring sports apparel. You can see the beginning of what I intend to share with the world. I hope to do business with all of you soon.GOD BLESS!"

(Click The Image Below to Go to MODO-Sports)

Wayne proves that Raider Fans come from all walks of life. Whether they be Doctors, Lawyers, Operations Managers, Carpenters, Owners of their own businesses or whatever other profession there is, I am sure we are represented in it. Just so happens that some of us like to play Halloween everyday of the year, and from one Super Fan to another, that's alright with me!

Make sure you guys visit Wayne on his site, support him on his Social Media endeavours on Facebook by clicking the picture below:

 and also on his newly established Twitter Account @Violator57.


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  5. ive been a season tix holder since 95....and i love seeing all my great die hard fans there..we truly do bleed silver and black !!!!!