November 16, 2011

Nuggets for Raiders Vs. Vikings

These are just stats of things that could weigh into the game.....

The Raiders lead NFL with 54 plays of at least 20 yards. League average is 36. Big Play Vertical offense opens up so many different options, including check downs on screens and just audible into a run set.

Carson Palmer has 17 completions of at least 20 yards in 76 attempts. Jason Campbell had 17 in 165. Goes show that with Carson, Hue Jackson may trust him to send the ball more down the field and is not looking for a game manager. Could also be that the running game is forcing more one on one coverage on the edges and Carson is finding that mismatch. Our speed vs a one on one coverage..... I take our speed all day!

Palmer is 7-for-16 for 237 yds, 3 TDs and 1 INT for 104.2 rating on passes 21+ yards in air. I think Al Davis would be so in love if he was still around.

9 of Denarius Moore's 23 receptions have gone for at least 20 yards. Remember, he missed quite a few in the game against the Broncos, where he could have had the same type of game as he did against the Chokers. Says a lot for the confidence Carson has in him as well as his skill set. Being able to get separation an using his speed to get down the field in a hurry.
The Raiders offense is fourth in rushing yards per game, Vikings fifth. Vikings tied for second per carry (5.2), Raiders tied for fourth (5.0).
The Raiders have 17 runs of at least 20 yards this season, most in NFL and more than 2X league average of 7. This stat is important to note because we have not really had a healthy offensive line all year, not to mention that there was a lot of speculation going into the season of the rotation on O-Line. Hue Jackson told everyone that our O-Line was going to be good. I don't think anyone in the Raider Nation doubted that, but all of those on the outside thought otherwise. Losing Cable was not such a big loss after all.

The Vikings defense sixth against the run at an average of 93.9 yards per game. They are fifth in terms of per carry at an average of 3.7. I don't think this stat shows well, because they have played teams that are poor at the run. Teams like San Diego, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Detroit and Arizona have a league average of 26, 26, 27, 22 and 24 carries per game respectively. The Raiders present a whole different approach to the running game and I don't think they will be able to stop our run game. 

Darren McFadden is ninth in rushing (614 yards). Michael Bush is 29th (490). They are averaging 5 yards a pop.This says one of two things, either the Raiders have stuck to the Run first option of game play and that is our identity, or the rest of the league is so pass happy that our stats are blown up because of it. Look for things to change as McFadden sits and Bush gets more of the load. He will work his way up the ranks quickly. When McFadden comes back, we are going to be explosive and more runs like the one he had on the edge against the Jets will happen, especially because of Carson Palmer.

Michael Bush held to negative yards on 6.4% of rushes, lowest of any back with 100+ carries. Matt Forte highest at 15.7%. I think that this stat says a lot of Bush's running style. He runs North and South, not side to side. n between the tackles will keep this average low in comparison to someone lie Matt Forte and even Darren McFadden for that matter.


Kamerion Wimbley tied for 7th in league with 21 QB knockdowns/hurries to go with his 6 sacks. He is playing like a beast on the edge as a down linemen. His impact needs to be consistent though from the edge, to allow those interior linemen to clog up the running lanes, close the passing lanes and create more interior pressures leading to more INT's. Look for a big game against the Vikings, Miami and Kansas City with a more traditional pocket passing offense. 

Seymour 18 QB knockdowns, hurries and sacks, 1 behind Bears Henry Melton for most among DTs. Just goes to show that the edge rush can help these interior guys out. Not to mention that Seymour is just a beast.

The Raiders defense is 25th against the run at an average of 132.4 yards per game, tied for 31st (last) at an average of 5.2 yards per carry. Hopefully this trend can be contained better as I don't believe we have seen those types of teams that like to run the ball except for Denver. This stat is misleading, but our defense has been our Achilles heel this entire season and needs o get better for our playoff run.
Game 9 coverage stats: Routt 3-5 69 yards TD; Sheppard 3-7 28 yards. Against the Chokers, I would say that is pretty good. Vincent Jackson is averaging yards per game. If Stanford and DVD will learn to attack the ball when it is passed against them, that stat would be even better. The touchdown the Chokers threw against Stanford clearly showed that he used bad technique and didn't attack the ball, thus allowing the receiver to get the ball at the highest point and control it on the way down.
Overall, I think we are doing good in some spots and others need work. If we can play consistently and more players do their job and trust each other, I think the sky is the limit for this team going forward.

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